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Comment: Not about spying, it's about control (Score 0) 853

by hawkd_sf (#29235939) Attached to: Emergency Government Control of the Internet?
Ever since the revelation of the "spying switchrooms" at AT&T facilities, I've been saying that the much more serious issue than spying (and I'm not belittling that issue at ALL) is that, if they can scan all traffic in that room, they can just as easily STOP all traffic in that room without any authorization or ongoing assistance from AT&T. The fact that the Obama adminstration has not seen fit to prosecute these (types of) crimes, as well as the numerous war crimes of the Bush administration just shows them to be MORE OF THE SAME. "Change we can believe in."? I don't think so.

Comment: Yes, Good Idea (Score 0) 275

by hawkd_sf (#28389805) Attached to: <em>New Super Mario Bros. Wii</em> To Include Official "Cheat"
I have a 19 year-old son with a disability. He has always enjoyed video games but quite simply, lacks the eye-hand fine motor skills to play a lot of them. I've often thought while watching him struggle with this that it would be great if games could be "adjusted" to be "doable" by others than those with the time, skill and inclination to invest incredibly long hours in a game. Don't worry "gamers", I don't think he'll ever try to claim your title or take you on in a game. He's just a kid who has had way more than his share of (real) challenges in life and wants to have just a tiny bit of the same kind of fun that the "T-D's" (typically developing) have. CTFO.

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