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by havana9 (#47269987) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

You are looking at this from the wrong point of view. The way you should be looking at is, if you ALSO had the option of calling up Ford or GM or whoever your car maker was directly, and asking THEM if they could beat the dealer's price

If you want a Fiat and are in Turin the number to call is 011-004-2000. The price they make are a bit lower in respect of other car dealer, especially on cars in the park lot, but they're not the market killers you could think: i suppose that the mak up goes in the Fiat shareholders pockets instead of the car dealers pocket.

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And where exactly do you live that you are buying your VCR directly from Sony or Toshiba

I actually bought Philips TV sets, VCR, lamps, fridges, dishwashes and hairdryers directly from Philips. I only had to drive to their facory outlet near thei warehouse. The price were lower than the special offer in supermarket, and sometimes you could buy refurbished products at very low prices. Unfortunately they closed the warehouse and the outled a couple of year ago.

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Does the electric company get to decide which devices will be shut down first? Can they shut down your devices before they shut down your neighbor's, because ?

Actually yes. For industrial uses there are there are different categories of avaliability: high availability, standard and interruptible. An interruprible contract means that the electic company could disconnect the transformer serving your factory if the power demand is too high. Conversely high availability contracts will be disconnected last: normally they have also ne transformaer in stand by in the case the main one fails. By the way if yuo have a 100 kW contract you'll get more power than a 10 kW contract...

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by havana9 (#46947467) Attached to: Average American Cable Subscriber Gets 189 Channels and Views 17
I think that some content provider will goo in a free to air mode. This in obvious on terrestrial television and also on satellite TV: if you're getting money from advertising being FTA will make tour channel more interesting for advertisers than ona in a pay tv bundle because more people will watch it. Maybe for CATV the dynamics are different, or the fact that in USA there's not TV licensing is limiting the number of FTA or FTV channels.
Italy,France, Austria have a choice of free to view/free to air channels, not to mention UK and Germany that transmit a lot o free to air channels on satellites.

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You could buy a watch that doesn't require a battery for less than £ 50 with a design made in the '60s. The main advantage of a watch is that the power compsumtion is very low compared to a smartwatch, the functions are limited to keep the time and there's non need to have connectivity or software updates.

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I don't know why the jars have to be thrown away in a landfill and not recycled. You could transform it in soap, for instance, and glass or iron jars could be easily recycled. Or if the transformation in soap isn't feasible you could also do the old fashioned way: mix it with manure, or throw in a sewer processing facilty. Actually is the same thing, because the organic sewer waste on some plant is dried and sold as fertilizer.

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Running a bus one-way from a neighborhood to a single employer is not going to be a profitable public transit line. Even if Google paid SamTrans what they pay for their private bus, it wouldn't cover SamTrans' costs. Public transit is more expensive than private transit.

I don't understand. Here in Italy, public bus companies (city owned) can also offer charter bus routes for special events and are making special bus routes for factories, that is, they are running only in entrance and exit hours, and sometimes, you must begin or end the travel at the factory terminus.
There are also privately-owned bus companies that make the same arrangments, and have also a public transportation license, so they also run normal public transportation coaches.

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