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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 418

In Sicily there's the mafia, the real one that kills people, cops and judges. To communicate with each orter, especially the fugitives are the pizzini, small handwritten or typewritten letters exchanged using dead letter boxes.
This make difficult to know even if a communication is taking place and who are the sender and the recipient, especially if the mailbox is in in the countryside, where is difficult to conceal a CCTV system.

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

It's not necessarily that you're a bad risk, it could be that you have low profit potential because you'll probably pay it off in time, not roll it over, etc.

I had both a debit card (for ATM and POS) and a Visa that was a charge card only, ie. I had to repay in full every month, and if no money was present on the associated then the card debt was repayed going overdraft.
I have also a securities account with the bank, so they know i have some of their and other corportation bonds, so I suppose they know I could stay easily out of debt.
A day I lost the old credit card, so I asked for a new one. The old credit card was of course disabled so a new card was given to me because the older card offer was withdrawn. That new card is different because has a contactless chip and because was a charge card that could easily modified to be a revolving credit card.

Comment Analog baby monitors or CB? (Score 1) 109

Analogue baby monitors transmit and receives on CB frequencies or nearby. So everyone with a short wave radio or a CB rig could listen, an if the propagation is strong, signals from hundreds of kilometers away could be received by the baby monitor, and every trucker nearby could eavesdrop in your home.
Nobody cares less about this problems and buys these, because are cheap, ruggend and consumes low power.

Comment Mesh networking (Score 5, Informative) 141

When a disaster happen, that disrupts communications, the amatueur radio operators give help even in 2015 when cellphones are ubiquitous. This runs down on some peculiar aspect of the hobby:
  • amateur radio operators are traind and know how they gear works so they can repairo or adapt the system to work, for instance a spool of wire, a fishrod and and some coax cable could be use to make a temporary antenna
  • old, proven, patent free analogue and digital transmission modes: old tube radios could interoperate with new and shiny software defined radios
  • reliability: some ham radios are built like a tank, because were designed to be used in a tank
  • almost standardized power suppy permits to power the radio with flexibility even with a bunch of D cells or a lead-acid battery
  • mesh networking: no central control system: all communications are set up freely an could reconfigure on the fly

Comment Re:Don't... (Score 1) 315

When I was 7 years old, I was wandering through the woods, looking under rocks for creepy crawlies, playing hide-and-seek, and playing baseball with my brother and cousins. Not only did it *not* set me back in anyway, but it is some of my fondest memories of being a child.

Let kids be kids for goodness sake.

When I was 7 years oold the only computer I've seen were the ones on books or on sci-fi tv serials, that I watched on a black-and-white televison, with only two programmes that started at 5 pm. I wandered in the woods or went to the library to read. I remember that when I was a niner I visited a fair, there was a Commodore dealer. I stayed all the afternoon watching these machines and typing on the keyboards. Not that changed by child attitude. By the way I think that a Raspberry PI with mouse and keyboard could be a nice test to see if a kid is interested on programming.

Comment Re:There are limits to everything. (Score 1) 292

Ok, if I don'actually own a car i have now some legal ways to rent a car. I could use an operative leasing and at the end of the leasing period refuse to pay the release fee and leave the old car at the leasing company. Or I could go to car rental services like Avis or Hetz. Or I could use newer rental services like Car2Go. Finally I could decide to use a Taxi. I suppose that self driving cars will be almost rented in a taxi like service or with a long time rent because of civili liabilities. Actually I take every workday a sef driving metro train.

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