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Comment Re: File a Complaint (Score 1) 53

Unfortunately telemarketers started to call on cellphones too. In Italy at least people started to ditch landlines in favour of prepaid cellphones plans, because cellphone to cellphone calls are cheaper than landline to cellphone, and because the free caller ID option. So ditching the landline doesn't work, but luckily cellphones are smater than landline phones, having a blacklist function for unwanted numbers and could be switched easily off anyway.

Comment Re:Apple (Score 3, Interesting) 174

You know, I don't know why Apple or some other tech company with vast amounts of idle cash doesn't just buy Comcast. I think that customers would be thrilled.

Maybe it's because they know well that there are too many nails in the coffin to make Comcast a good and profitable company. If Google prefers to put a new fiber network I think it's because it's far cheaper to start from scratch on a new technology than to have to deal with legacy thechnology that will have to be mantained for existing users and the new technology that has to be deployed.

Comment Re:Stupid headline (Score 1) 425

That approach generally works, but it can be hard to maintain a healthy balance if you treat 100 Calories of Coke the same as 100 Calories of steak.

Exactly, this is because in my experience asking and advice to an expert is useful.
A dietician will make a customized diet to mantain an healthy balance, and give you advices.
If someone likes say pizza or risotto, hone has to know that are high calories food and mustn't eaten everyday. If someone likes grilled fennel, way to go, but be aware of dressings, because are low calories food and so on.

Even wine and beer could be a part of an healty diet...

The other important thin is that the bare calories counting isn't useful due the variance on food composition. The calorie consumption is also a very rough estimate and depends on the daily chores. Add to this that the human body react differently on changes of calories intake, so a feedback loop is mandatory. If someone sees the weight going up, one should limit the food intake, otherwise one should increase. Unfortunately the daily body weight has a lot of noise, so one has to mahe at least a weekly mobile mean to extract the trend

Comment Go to the dietician and ask him. (Score 3, Insightful) 425

I was 85 kg in June, now I'm 69 kg. How I've lost weight? Fiers of all i've gone to my general practitioner and him made a me a request for a visit to a dietician at the hospital. I paid a ticket €40 fort the visit, the doctor visited me, printed a personalized diet after having asked me my food preferences, advise me to make some exercise everyday. I started to walk at work instead of using the car, making 4 km every day. I followed the diet at the letter (except xmas, of course).

Following the diet at the letter was meaning weigh as much I could all the food I was eating and estimate when I couldn't, say wen I was eating outside, and having one and only one meal per week where I eated a bit more, like pizza or sushi, but without overeating.

Of course some foods were banned, like carbonated dink with sugar or industrial snacks. The doctor said to me that if I wanted to eat say some chocolate, having to eat less was way better to eat the high quality one.

When last week I meet him for the control visit, he complimented me with the result and gave me the maintenance diet, that was similar to the one I was following for loss weight but with some more daily food to eat.

I think that self made diets or read on newspapers aren't going to work. Ask an expert..

Comment Re:Packet Ham Radio (Score 2) 90

Back in the nineies Amateur Packet Radio Network was doing something similar, sometimes with ethernet-speed links. Unfortunately having to build the logic with LSI circuits and PCBS made the radiomodem big and costly, but the system worked well. Using modified wi-fi radio with ASICS is more cost effective.

Comment New Apple products (Score 2) 43

The first product that will be developed in Naples, especially for the USA market will be the iPizza. Based of the long experience of Pizzeria Da Michele" a minimalist design will be sold.

Only the models "Margherita" having toppings tomato sauce, olive oil, basil and buffalo mozzarella and "Marinara" with tomato sauce, olive oil, oregano and garlic will be available.

After the iPizza an Annurca Apple will be available to ent the dinner and an optional glass of Greco di Tufo or Fiano di Avellino.

Comment Re:Everyone should know some chemistry and psychol (Score 1) 317

Exactly this. A long time ago, in a country fair away I followed a State Technical Enginnering School in Italy (ITIS), was a school for analysts and programmers. There were courses of literature, history, math, as you could expect. But we have had steel workshop lessons, technicald drawing lesson, with pencil and paper, chemistry labs, biology, electronics workshop and so on. The basic idea is that a programmer shoud also know what sodium is and how a lathe works to be useful in an industrial complex, and lerarning to solder a DIL chip is useful. Is supposed that a programmer is als ono a chemist, because there's a technical engineering school for chemists and there the basics of programmig are taught.

Comment Re:Sell to CBS AND the French TV network (Score 1) 249

It's legacy code. It made perfect sense until a few years ago, but it now needs to be refactored. Suppose you produce a show and CBS (USA) buys the rights to air it. Obviously CBS doesn't want their competitors, such as NBC, to have the same show. So you give CBS an -exclusive- contract.

So your show is on CBS and then the TV station in France wants to air it. CBS isn't competing in France, so they don't much care if the station in France has the same show. CBS only really cares that they have it exclusive in the United States. So that's the way contracts are written, TV networks buy exclusive rights in their country. That goes along fine for 90 years.

Except in older times didn't work like this. Let's say you sell a show at the French television, and you sell a show at the Italian television. Beacuse UHF waves don't follow national borders, you were able to pick a French TV show in Tuscany and some part of Northern Italy and the opposite happened in France. Dual standard colour TV were easily available on both countries. There were also repeaters in Italy for the French TV, and Tele Monte Carlo had both a French speaking and an Italian speaking channel, and repeaters covering both countries. Beaucoup d'Italiens parlent français e molti francesi parlano italiano, so the language barriesers weren't a big stop factor, and anyway if you were watching a football match wasn't a problem. I could also remember the use of low VHF television channels on west Germany and Italy to broadcast to eastern bloc countries, and now the Genrmay's state TV transmits unencrypted via satellite on all Europe. Something happenerd in the nineties that make the content provider greedier and asked for exclusive deals....

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 418

In Sicily there's the mafia, the real one that kills people, cops and judges. To communicate with each orter, especially the fugitives are the pizzini, small handwritten or typewritten letters exchanged using dead letter boxes.
This make difficult to know even if a communication is taking place and who are the sender and the recipient, especially if the mailbox is in in the countryside, where is difficult to conceal a CCTV system.

Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

It's not necessarily that you're a bad risk, it could be that you have low profit potential because you'll probably pay it off in time, not roll it over, etc.

I had both a debit card (for ATM and POS) and a Visa that was a charge card only, ie. I had to repay in full every month, and if no money was present on the associated then the card debt was repayed going overdraft.
I have also a securities account with the bank, so they know i have some of their and other corportation bonds, so I suppose they know I could stay easily out of debt.
A day I lost the old credit card, so I asked for a new one. The old credit card was of course disabled so a new card was given to me because the older card offer was withdrawn. That new card is different because has a contactless chip and because was a charge card that could easily modified to be a revolving credit card.

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