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Comment Re:20 years seems excessive (Score 1) 73

Google should receive a more-lenient settlement than 20 years.

You must be joking / shilling!

From the summary: 'The 20-year settlement bars Google from misrepresenting how it handles user information and requires the company to follow policies that protect consumer data in new products.' .

You might also want to RTFA:

They're talking specifically about 'misrepresenting' user information and 'protect[ing] consumer data' ... by one of the most powerful companies on the planet FFS!



Submission + - Microsoft invests $300 million in Barnes and Noble Nook e-readers->

NGTechnoRobot writes: In a turn for the books the BBC reports that Microsoft's have invested £300 million in Barnes and Nobles Nook e-reader. The new Nook reader will integrate with Microsoft's yet to be released Windows 8 operating system. Guess the lawsuits over folks.
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Submission + - Why Linux is a desktop flop ->

alphadogg writes: It's free, easier to use than ever, IT staffers know it and love it, and it has fewer viruses and Trojans than Windows. So, why hasn't Linux on the desktop taken off? When it comes to desktop Linux, the cost savings turn out to be problematic, there are management issues, and compatibility remains an issue. ""We get a lot more questions about switching to Macs than switching to Linux at this point, even though Macs are more expensive," one Gartner analyst says.
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