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Comment: Re:Big Bang is not against the Bible (Score 1) 1113

by hasdikarlsam (#41713837) Attached to: US House Science Committee Member: Evolution Is a Lie From Hell

Aha, someone is wrong! Even if they died a while ago. Let me correct that.

The big bang theory suggests there's a finite amount of past, but that doesn't mean the universe "was created a finite time ago". Time itself is part of the universe; it's a dimension, which only differs from the other three in how you calculate distances in space-time. (It's r^2 = x^2 + y^2 + z^2 - t^2, not plus as you might expect)

This is literally the only difference between time and space.

At this point you may be asking where causality comes from. Ah, but that's a different question, you see. If you're very curious, I would suggest reading The Clockwork Rocket (fiction, *very* well made, set in a universe where it's plus instead of minus..), or visiting if you'd rather hear directly about this universe.

tl;dr: People tend to conflate time (causality) and time (the dimension). This works well enough for normal life, but not well enough for border conditions such as, oh, the big bang. Or some laboratory experiments. The universe is bounded in time, but that doesn't mean it was created anymore than the existence of a north pole lets you ask what is north of the north pole. "Why does the universe exist" is a valid question, but not one that can be solved by adding a creator, and one that would apply just as well to an eternal universe.

Comment: Re:Wait for dual core (Score 1) 396

by hasdikarlsam (#34813734) Attached to: When Should I Buy an Android Tablet?

That's silly. There's nothing in Honeycomb that would require a dual-core CPU.

It may be that it'd run faster on a dual-core (doh?), but I'm not sure how you would even go about making an open-source OS that would genuinely fail to run on single-core machines. Not to forget that it's actually running Linux, which definitely has no such restrictions..

Comment: Re:Antivirus? (Score 1) 318

by hasdikarlsam (#34425520) Attached to: AVG 2011 Update Causes Widespread Problems For 64-Bit Windows

By that logic there's no difference to swimming in shark-infested and jellyfish-infested waters - you could die in either one, so who cares that the sharks are roughly a thousand times less likely to attack you?

(I wanted to make an analogy with some kind of *safe* waters, but.. um... today's internet. Shark-infested it is.)

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