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Comment: Re:Flip Argument (Score 1) 1085

by haruchai (#48458077) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

I don't support mob rule but I also don't support giving anyone a walk after killing someone. You take a life, you face trial, officer or citizen.

Before making spurious comments about the mob, keep in mind that there have been bigger, more destructive riots after SPORTS EVENTS.

Also, when has any of these mobs actually lynched anyone? Do you even have the foggiest clue as to what white supremacists lynch mobs have actually done?
Do you have info on a raucous minority mob dragging an American police officer behind a car to his death, then cutting off his fingers, extracting his teeth and castrating him for souvenirs. Because that was the sort of things that lynch mobs did to African-Americans.

There are still many people living today who remember what happened to 14-yr old Emmett Till, murdered for allegedly wolf-whistling at a white girl.
Two men did face trial but were quickly acquitted - and not lynched by a raging black mob. Imagine that.

It's been over 100 days since Mike Brown died in the street in Ferguson and yet Officer Darren Wilson has faced no credible threat to his life - a lynch mob worthy of the KKK would have long since meted out their idea of justice.


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by haruchai (#48454043) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

The Russians have plenty and the Obama administration secured quite a few decaying nukes for our Glorious Comrades and used the fuel to provide nuclear power.
I understand that the USA is now producing Pu-238 again so that's something for future missions.

Now we are talking about a European mission from 10 yrs ago so that's definitely a factor in deciding how to power the apparatus.
But it's also true that whatever Russia has is available - for a price.

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by haruchai (#48453615) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

There's been a lot of science on Slashdot since the days when we joined.
Plus, shit happens in people's lives and there are only so many hours in the day. So there's plenty I've missed and I was never all that interested in the minutiae of space exploration. I love to learn more about the universe but I'm also quite convinced that our lives for the reasonably forseeable future are tied to this Pale Blue Dot and here's where my focus has been for quite some time.

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It's not inconceivable that fuel cell cars will be a success but the current state of tech is much better suited to stationary storage or heavy vehicles.
From the few reviews I've found, they seem to a bit on the sluggish side unless paired with a battery, which makes them more expensive.

As for catching Tesla, they'll really have to throw money and resources into it - Tesla is NOT standing still and they've already built out their fast charging infrastructure.
Hydrogen transport and storage is nowhere near as ubiquitous and is not a trivial problem.

Comment: Re:Not going well is right, not the way you think (Score 1) 366

"Over a decade without warming" - that's only somewhat true of the surface temps and not at all true of the ice caps & the ocean.
You do realize just how much ice was lost from the Arctic sea, the Greenland ice sheet, the land-based ice of the Antarctic and the various glaciers during your "over a decade without warming"?? FYI, it's way more than a multigigametric cubicfuckton.

You do realize just how much heat it takes to melt ice, right? That just converting a given amount of ice into water without raising its temperature requires as much heat as heating that volume of water from room temp to nearly boiling?? You are aware of that, right??

I keep posting the link below for all the "no warming since whenever" folks. Let's how that some of you actually bother to read the post - you just might learn something.

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Many jungles, such as the Amazon, have very poor soil and only function because of rainfall and an interconnected ecosystem. That sort of interconnectedness is the antithesis of modern large scale monoculture farming. You need to be able to foster the production & maintenance of soil - or use a lot of petrochemical based fertilizer.

Let's organize this thing and take all the fun out of it.