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Comment: Re:Starting to feel old (Score 1) 124

by haruchai (#49184015) Attached to: Linux 4.0 Getting No-Reboot Patching

But depending on the system or product, that difference may not be large.
One vendor allowed us to run fully supported on a particular product version for 5+ yrs but now requires us to upgrade again, after only 2 years, by the end of 2015.

Upgrading this system affects about 5000 users & 35 external partners and required almost 4 months of preparation & co-ordination.

+ - 2GBps Reached in 5G Trial->

Submitted by WyldPhyr
WyldPhyr (3622571) writes "Nokia Corporation and NTT Docomo demonstrated its 5G wireless technology in an indoor trial and achieved down link speeds of more than 2 Gbps using higher frequencies in the 70 Ghz spectrum. According to Nokia, the result of the indoor trial underscores the readiness of both operators to deliver a state-of-the-art 5G wireless network by 2020 and beyond. NTT Docomo is the largest mobile operator in Japan while Nokia is the third largest equipment manufacturer worldwide. Seizo Onoe, chief technology officer at NTT Docomo believed that high frequency spectrum can be used not just for small cells as a way to complement the existing network. It is also useful for building solid area coverage through coordination with existing lower frequency band. NTT Docomo aims to introduce the 5G wireless technology during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Tell me it ain't so, Elon! (Score 1) 181

by haruchai (#48818069) Attached to: Tesla To Produce 'a Few Million' Electric Cars a Year By 2025

"You can't say you have a 2012 or 2013 car since they make changes every few months, often adding new features."
  I have mixed feelings about that on the hardware level. Without some kind of breakpoint, it's impossible to know what you're getting. I've seen videos from Tesla owners where the location & length of the steering column levers have changed from the car they bought to the loaner they received.

Comment: Re:Newest battery technology? (Score 1) 128

by haruchai (#48682563) Attached to: Tesla Roadster Update Extends Range

I was very surprised at the choice they made, to keep the single-motor S60 & S85 models.

Given that the forthcoming Model X is dual-motor only and the now sizable deployment of Superchargers, I can't help but think that canceling all the single-motor models, offering a discount on options or upgrades to anyone who'd already placed an order ( Call NOW! and get Supercharging at 1/2 price!!! ) or a cheerful refund would have led to an increase in orders and relatively few cancellations.

I doubt the few extra thousand would have made much difference to anyone waiting on a S85 and the range & performance boost across all models probably would have meant an increase in orders. And I can't think of any mass production car in any sane price range where you can lose an entire motor / engine / drive unit and keep on going.

Comment: Re:Newest battery technology? (Score 1) 128

by haruchai (#48681935) Attached to: Tesla Roadster Update Extends Range

That's an interesting insight about active cooling for quick charging. I myself support battery swapping but it seems it'll be slow to catch on although without it EVs will never match the "refueling" speed of ICE vehicles.

What sort of performance cars did you own prior to your Tesla and how does it compare? I imagine it's quickest off the line but what about highway passing & handling?

Comment: Re: The Navy sucks at negotiating (Score 1) 118

by haruchai (#48674479) Attached to: US Navy Sells 'Top Gun' Aircraft Carrier For One Penny

It's amusing that your offense at my question & assumption led you to an even more useless response.

In the 5+ hours since my OP and your reply, at least 1/2 a dozen informative or truly insightful comments have been made including a couple by ACs and one with a large photo of a harbor with several decomm'ed ships were made.
Your response achieved nothing except to puff yourself up solely by putting me down, for which you've already been congratulated.

Here's a bonus "rhetorical question" with an implied response: "Is a response by kenh (9056) of any value compared to that by any other Slashdotter incl Anonymous Cowards?"

How many QA engineers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 3: 1 to screw it in and 2 to say "I told you so" when it doesn't work.