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Comment Re:Aha! (Score 2) 374

Women definitely have the upper hand here in Western society.

There are YouTube videos where a good-looking guy asks 100 Americans and 200 European females if they want to have sex with him. I think he may have gotten ZERO in America and 2 in Europe but one was a prostitute.
As I recall, all of the men with gfs made a point of saying, this is my gf.
The implication is that some of them may have been willing.
When a moderately attractive girl tried that, she managed 30 out of 100 but in the early stages was doing MUCH better than only 30%, getting 12 positive responses in the first 26 tries.

Comment Re:Well, now I'm confused (Score 1) 493

" Sometime check out how much spending went up under his brother.

No need to pick on Dubya, spending goes up under almost every president, whether Donkey or Elephant.
The only difference is what they choose to increase spending on and the level of hypocrisy.

The trouble with electing a flip-flopper is once he's in power, he does what his REAL bosses want and that has never been the unwashed electorate.

Comment Re:Jeb steps in it again (Score 1) 493

Just this week, Rachel Maddow made that point about Jeb, just how bad he's at running for President - a 2-term Governor of the most important swing state with 2 Presidents in his immediate family.

Whether or not he becomes the nominee or POTUS, I predict it won't be long before we start referring to Dubya as the smarter Bush brother.

Comment Re:Good riddance, Tesla (Score 1) 232

The problem is that most refineries produce some of their own power and do it by burning some of the fuel they're refining or producing so the line between "energy" and "electricity" is blurred.

PDF below indicates that of 36 total refineries in Texas & Louisiana, 19 of them are identified as producing (some of?) their own power - ~2.5 GW installed capacity.
That's not much less than the overnight demand for Los Angeles.

Comment Re:Drop the greenie lie (Score 1) 232

Sure they are. Nothing stopping those other companies from getting in the EV, alternative energy or battery business.

Between them, GM and Chevron held the rights to large-format NiMH batteries for nearly 20 years years and somehow just couldn't succeed.
But there's more to that story:

Comment Re:Good riddance, Tesla (Score 1) 232

It's already under way and more are being added every day.
Most outdoor parking spots in places with harsh winters have electric plugs for the ICE block heater. Those electrons, surprisingly, work perfectly with EVs.

Sunny places which describes a LOT of America have started building solar carports at shopping centers and stadiums.
Your car gets shade AND electricity in one fell swoop. Same can be done at public parking lots.

The grid can be made ready faster than EVs will replace ICEs.

Comment Re:Good riddance, Tesla (Score 2) 232

1) That's oil that could have been left in the ground or used to produce electricity or some other use.

2) That's almost entirely accounted for. The calculation takes the BTU of a barrel of crude, refining efficiency (~85%) and the BTU of the resulting refined products and converts the difference to kilowatt-hours.

Keep in mind that's only the energy consumption of the refining process. If you do a full "well-to-wheels" analysis of the various energy sources, fossil fuels start to look ugly very quickly.

Comment Re: So if every American gives them a penny per ca (Score 1) 232

From the TFAWACNDR ( the fine article which Anon Coward did not read )

“What Anders has achieved is an important breakthrough.
  Admittedly we do not have a good method to release the energy on demand, and we should increase the energy density further still.
But now we know which path to take in order to succeed”, says a visibly enthusiastic professor Mogens Brøndsted"

So a way has been found to store much more energy that can NOT be released when needed. Should we refer to this as undispatchable locked energy storage?
Do let us know when that last tricky step has "succeeded". Those niggling little problems that looks so easy usually takes years to decades to resolve and then additional time to commercialize.
I do have high hopes but my flying car and fusion reactor are 30 years the date I was promised.

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