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Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 2, Interesting) 395

Are you that incapable of thinking or reading or just that lazy?
I mentioned weather forecasting - stand the panels up before the snow starts falling if its going to be heavy or do it after its going to be light.

"Think outside the box" - take your own advice. Or if you need to generate heat, put some batteries in the box.

Every method of power generation has downsides. Do gas pumps work without electricity these days? After Hurricane Sandy, there were quite a few New Jersey residents who got more quickly back to functioning even though the grid was in horrible shape.
Why?? Because they had.....wait for it.....SOLAR PANELS. Some of the unprepared folks with generators couldn't get fuel.

No system is perfect and just because you find flaws that make it unattractive personally doesn't make it worthless.
"Heating is the same problem, when it is - 30 and snowing" - I've lived in a few places with severe winters.
There's usually VERY FEW times where you have temps that low AND lots of snow.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 3, Insightful) 395

I live in those conditions too - since the early 70s and did outdoor construction work through 4 consecutive winters.
None of these issues are more difficult than keeping homes, vehicles & roads in working condition through severe weather.
It takes work, planning, foresight and innovation but that's how we got from half-naked subsistence scrounging to where we are today.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 3, Insightful) 395

Here on Planet Earth, we invented both mechanical and electric motors quite some time ago.
And we've found ways to heat things. And we have weather forecasting, which to the surprise of some is quite accurate.

When the snow is falling, stand the panels up to minimize the amount that sticks to the surface. When the storm is over or abating, apply heat to the panel surface to melt the residue. Solar is not going to be the primary power source in snowy or cloudy countries and no reasonable person expects it to be.
But it's still very useful.

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 3, Interesting) 449

Women definitely have the upper hand here in Western society.

There are YouTube videos where a good-looking guy asks 100 Americans and 200 European females if they want to have sex with him. I think he may have gotten ZERO in America and 2 in Europe but one was a prostitute.
As I recall, all of the men with gfs made a point of saying, this is my gf.
The implication is that some of them may have been willing.
When a moderately attractive girl tried that, she managed 30 out of 100 but in the early stages was doing MUCH better than only 30%, getting 12 positive responses in the first 26 tries.

Comment Re:Well, now I'm confused (Score 1) 494

" Sometime check out how much spending went up under his brother.

No need to pick on Dubya, spending goes up under almost every president, whether Donkey or Elephant.
The only difference is what they choose to increase spending on and the level of hypocrisy.

The trouble with electing a flip-flopper is once he's in power, he does what his REAL bosses want and that has never been the unwashed electorate.

Comment Re:Jeb steps in it again (Score 1) 494

Just this week, Rachel Maddow made that point about Jeb, just how bad he's at running for President - a 2-term Governor of the most important swing state with 2 Presidents in his immediate family.

Whether or not he becomes the nominee or POTUS, I predict it won't be long before we start referring to Dubya as the smarter Bush brother.

Comment Re:Good riddance, Tesla (Score 1) 232

The problem is that most refineries produce some of their own power and do it by burning some of the fuel they're refining or producing so the line between "energy" and "electricity" is blurred.

PDF below indicates that of 36 total refineries in Texas & Louisiana, 19 of them are identified as producing (some of?) their own power - ~2.5 GW installed capacity.
That's not much less than the overnight demand for Los Angeles.

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