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+ - High-Energy Rechargeable Molten-Air batteries developed at George Washington U

Submitted by haruchai
haruchai (17472) writes "Researchers have demonstrated what's considered a new class of battery, using either iron, carbon or vanadium-boride as the anode.
Energy densities are from 10%-70% that of gasoline by weight, or 100%-250% by volume and the batteries have an operating temp of ~700 C story: paper:"

+ - Hans Reiser sued by own kids for $15 million-> 1

Submitted by haruchai
haruchai (17472) writes "The Reiser kids, now aged 12 and 11 have had a lawsuit filed against the former Linux developer, inventor of ReiserFS and convicted murderer of the mother of his children, to the tune of $15 million.
It's believed he may have hidden assets and a judgment is sought so a search for these can be conducted."

Link to Original Source

+ - Volkswagen NanoBug concept car

Submitted by haruchai
haruchai (17472) writes " A team of highly creative Volkswagen designers based in California have unveiled their own unique take on the future of modern transportation. The result is the Volkswagen Nanospyder. Futuristic nanotechnology supported by hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, wheel-mounted electric motors and inflatable organic body panels combine to form the unusual shape of the two-seater concept. bw20061106_548484.htm?campaign_id=rss_daily For other VW concept cars, see here: "

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