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Comment: Shortsighted stupidity (Score 3, Insightful) 450

by haruchai (#46809983) Attached to: Oklahoma Moves To Discourage Solar and Wind Power

Oklahoma has some fantastic wind & solar resources and adjoins the Texas Panhandle where there are many wind turbines and therefore a reasonable transmission infrastructure.
Even if they didn't need the wind & solar, Texas can make very good use of it. They should be investing in those resources and they could probably get Texas to pay for a big chunk of it.

Comment: Re:So - who's in love with the government again? (Score 3, Insightful) 397

by haruchai (#46797121) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

Each brewery will have to spend $13 million for drying and packaging?? HIGHLY doubtful, especially since the stuff is already being picked up several times a day.

If the regs go forward, what will happen is that it'll go to a centralized facility to be processed and the origin of each batch will be tracked there.
That's job creation.

However, it will probably hurt some of the really small operations who can't fill a truckload on a regular basis or are remote.
That'll be a pity since some of the little guys make some damn fine suds but this is hardly the death knell of brewing or the explosion of grain dumping.

Comment: Re:So - who's in love with the government again? (Score 1) 397

by haruchai (#46797069) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

From the TFA:

McChesney said the FDA, surprised by the reaction, is reconsidering. Allowing brewers to stay exempt is a possibility, he said, but not a certainty.

“When we talk about exemptions, we have to be careful,” McChesney said.

The FDA will open up the rule to comments again this summer and then revise the proposal, which is due to be finalized by August, 2015.

So chill out, there are legit examples of gov't overreach but this isn't yet one of them.

Comment: Re:Myopic viewpoint (Score 1) 359

by haruchai (#46793881) Attached to: Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"

"Lotus chassis"? Are you a time traveler stuck in limbo? Because the rest of the universe has moved on from 2010.
The Model S body is a new design that Tesla cuts & stamps in its own factory. That may jibe with the longstanding Lotus philososphy of auto manufacturing but that does make the Model S a "Lotus chassis"

"Laptop batteries" While Tesla uses the same 18650 cells that are found in laptops, it's NOT a "laptop battery" - more details at:

"and it is a TOY, not a car which can actually be used to go anywhere in the world" - define "anywhere"; it doesn't seem to have a problem in snowy Scandinavia.
check out Bjorn Nyland's videos of long trips in his Model S -

"And idealists who know nothing about the real world of engineering embrace toys" - the NHTSA know a thing or two about engineering and they take pleasure in seeing just how well some "toys" stand up to mechanical stress & damage and they gave the Model S top marks.

"People who actually know something about vehicles know better" - Mercedes, BMW & Toyota who should know a thing or two about vehicles have all used Tesla's expertise in recent years. But, hey, what do they know, right?

Comment: Re:Buy a Prius as your next car... (Score 1) 864

"Reduced it's carbon footprint more than any other" - that's arguable. More likely the emissions have been shifted elsewhere since so much of the stuff North Americans buy comes from Asia and those container ships have horrible emissions thanks to the bunker fuel they burn.
Even if I grant you that "reduced carbon footprint", it's still MUCH too high.

Get the per-capita emissions down to within 20% of the average advanced Western European country and then we'll talk.

Expanding fracking beyond what is now is a HORRIBLE idea; it sucks fresh water out of places that are already in short supply, emits large amounts of methane that have a much greater short-term GWP than CO2 and contaminates the water table.

Instead of repealing income taxes, just cut the defence budget to the $ equivalent of its lowest point during the Clinton administration; cut the DHS budget to 20% of its average since Obama took office and invest that money in job creation.

Solving the problem of nuclear disposal or reprocessing is required before you can build large numbers of new nuke plants which always cost much more and take longer than estimated.
And efficiency measures at all levels should be a priority - and those kinds of new builds & retrofits would create millions of new jobs.

The lack of a carbon / emissions tax has hidden the depth of the problem from the average person. It's telling that most large corporations have been using an internal carbon tax for years - incl Exxon whose CEO has been calling for a carbon tax since 2009.

Comment: Re:Buy a Prius as your next car... (Score 1) 864

"Offset for low income people? Where's that supposed to come from? You one of those guys that thinks the rich can provide all $$$ to run everything? Hint: They're not THAT rich:"

Call it a tax break, which rich people benefit from all the time.

A properly designed and er, well-regulated carbon tax can and will work - if gov't can keep the "makers" from cheating the system.
These latter years, it's seems to be very difficult to do.

Oil prices have been very high for years, despite America's domestic production being at its highest in a long time.
You're not going to drill your way out of the coming climate disaster but will merely have a bigger hole to bury yourself it.
If we find ways to stave it off, it'll be because of reduced usage of oil and other carbon-intensive fuels.

Comment: Re:Buy a Prius as your next car... (Score 1) 864

No single tech will replace petroleum - that's why we're pursuing more than one option.
And the less you spend on paying for gas, the more you have to buy electrons. Some sort of offset or special pricing will be needed for low-income folks who see their electric bills go up if power prices rise.

There's also still a lot that can be done for efficiency, even if you don't shift all the way to Passivhaus standards.

Wrong answer: keep drilling. I hope to live long enough that the only person being told to "drill, baby, drill" is Todd Palin.

Comment: Re:And the attempt to duplicate their efforts resu (Score 2, Insightful) 447

by haruchai (#46733593) Attached to: Commenters To Dropbox CEO: Houston, We Have a Problem

+1 Insightful

Yes, there are very legitimate reasons to dislike some of Obama's policies but the rightwingnuts have wasted years with birther stupidity, obstinate obstruction of things they previously supported to the point where the GOP Senate Leader filibustered his OWN bill!!

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