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300 million years ago, the landmasses were all agglomerated into the Pangaea supercontinent which lasted for 100 million years. The differing location vs present day makes for very different climate. The CO2 level during the past 1/2 million years has never surpassed 300 ppm so 350 is a 15% buffer.

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by haruchai (#47961691) Attached to: Wanxiang May Give 2012's Fisker Karma a Relaunch

"The car has unusual good looks" - that was before the BMW i8
"Rich people will buy it if they think its not gonna leave them stranded" - there's also the Porsche Panamera S eHybrid, which has better performance for about the same money and a big name behind it. For 1/3 more - which wouldn't be a deal-breaker for folks in the upper-upper-middle-class - there's the aforementioned BMW i8, also backed by a well-known automotive maker. WangXiang may not be small but they don't - as yet - have solid name recognition outside of China.

And that's if you're only discounting Tesla's established - and growing - Supercharger network. One little-known fact is that they're also installing 80 A chargers that can provide about 55 miles of range per hour, about the same as charging at home with the Dual Charger High Power Wall Connector.

"because that gets the car under the magic $100,000 price barrier" - I'm not sure how much of a barrier that is. These cars are mostly being bought by folks who are quite well off. I would say that "price barriers" exist at $25k, 35k, $50k but anyone who's trying to decide between a top end Model S, the Panamera S, the i8 or the Fisker Karma isn't going to make up his mind solely on a $20k price difference; it'll be just one of several factors in the final decision.

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