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Comment Re:The U.S and its heaven of protectionism (Score 1) 494

I'm wondering who are the "US companies who actually abide by the emissions law" given that Honda, GM, Toyota and SEVEN makers of diesel engines have been busted for cheating on MILLIONS of vechicles.

So who has NEVER cheated? Or is it that many have simply never been caught?

Comment Re:Not necessarily "cheating" (Score 1) 203

He became CEO in 2007, a couple years before the supposed start of the cheating.
Before that, he was COB of Audi.
Somebody had to make the decision and someone had to keep covering it up for years - apparently, if ANY of their cars in the USA failed the emissions test, a group of engineers would be flown in from Germany to "fix" it.
So at least a few managers were in on it, too.

Comment Re:Not necessarily "cheating" (Score 4, Insightful) 203

Nor does it require an expansive mea culpa by the CEO of the actual company, his resignation, the firing of several senior executives and setting aside $7B to remediate the affected vehicles.

Perhaps you should get one of those vacant VW posts; sounds like you could have saved them several diesel truckloads of money.

Comment Re:Don't take yours in. (Score 1) 411

Doing it based on a worldview doesn't necessarily mean waiting until you foot the bill.
I started cutting back on water usage e.g. turning off taps when not needed when showering or brushing teeth about 10 years before I lived in an apartment where water usage wasn't included in the rent and switched out incandescents for CFLs while I lived in a highrise where electricity was also included.

Comment Re:wish granted (Score 1) 213

That's crazy quick - and beyond, ahem, ludicrous for city streets. If that's true, he intends for the Roadster NG to take the 0-60 crown away from the White Zombie.
And for $60 grand?? I'll believe that when I see it.
My guess is / was that the target would be something in the 2.2 - 2.5s range for 0-60 and 10.0s for the 1/4 mile. Of course, Roadster NG needs to be able to do that at least a good handful of times in quick succession, which may prove challenging.
And it needs better track handling, too.

These are all achievable but not, IMO, in a $60k car unless seats & brakes are optional.

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