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+ - SPAM: A Discussion regarding Taxi Insurance Cover

Submitted by mooemteon32
mooemteon32 (2230648) writes "Virtually every city includes a taxi business. Not every person knows how to navigate the streets. Therefore, taxi will always be a booming business no matter where you are. How do they start with this business? Can you do it too?

Before starting a taxi business, it is important to learn more about taxi insurance coverage. It becomes complicated because you also need to consider your passengers. Because those traveling in a taxi need insurance, your coverage should be comprehensive. Besides coverage for your own sake, you should also consider those who will be riding in your taxi.

What to expect from your taxi insurance? Here are some things you should consider.

1. Expect Additional Expenses

Maybe you have a car so you already know the first thing about getting insured. Maybe you also know how much it would take to insure a car. However, taxi insurance is more costly compared to that of a private car because you also need to include insurance for those riding in your taxi. Unlike a personal car, a taxi may be in operation for more than eighteen hours a day. This means you should also set a budget for potential breakdowns and repairs.

Choose an insurance package that is reasonably priced. You can always ask a broker to negotiate a good price for you. Brokers can get you an inexpensive deal, and they also offer advice on different aspects of insurance. But don't let your broker decide which insurance packages to buy. Always have the last say. Remember, a brokerÃÂÂ(TM)s advice may be sound but they also have vested interest in whatever you purchase. Save the extras for later and stick with the things you need now

2. Legal Expenses Coverage

Although highly unlikely, your taxi company may be involved in a lawsuit. If legal action is taken by the passenger, the insurance company carries the burden of liability for paying the legal expenses.

3. Get Wider Coverage Insurance

If possible, get a comprehensive insurance policy for your taxi. This type of insurance covers theft or carjacking incidents. Any type of damage will also be covered, including those that are partly the fault of the driver.

Car Insurance Quote"

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Comment: Re:What's the penalty for HTTPS? (Score 4, Informative) 95

by hart (#35503288) Attached to: Twitter Joins the HTTPS By Default Party
There's still a performance hit for SSL. Solutions for that include load balancers with dedicated hardware SSL support. As for what the performance hit is, try this: Re: HTTPS all vs. only on login page - as the recent Facebook session hijacking proved, it's the session cookies in cleartext that are the security problem - it doesn't sniff your password, it steals your session cookies to access your account. HTTPs should be on everything, IMHO. Cheers Leigh

Comment: Clone my car! (Score 2) 500

by hart (#35356098) Attached to: The Decline and Fall of System Administration
TFA concludes with "But if all it takes is a few clicks of a mouse in vSphere's Windows-based client to pop out a cloned server instance (ostensibly built by someone who knew what they were doing), then what does it matter? It's all very convenient and cool, right? Wrong. If you don't understand the underpinnings, you're missing the point. Anyone can drive the car, but if it doesn't start for some reason, you're helpless. That's a problem if you're paid to know how to fix the car." While I agree in principle, the analogy here is off. If the car doesn't start in this case, I can just throw it away and clone a working one.

Comment: Voda or T-Mobile (Score 2, Interesting) 153

by hart (#31449244) Attached to: Best Pre-Paid Data Plan For a Visit To Germany?
T-Mobile have hotspots all over the place (cafe's, hotels, etc) and at €29 for a month's access (pre-paid, sign up online at any hot spot) you can't beat the price. If you are absolutely certain that no wifi is available where you're going then the previous posters advice of visiting a Vodafone or T-Mobile shop when you land is spot on - both have very good networks in Germany. You can't beat the price of buying local when you arrive! Vodafone USB stick without contract: T-Mobile:

+ - Smashing the BlackBerry myths->

Submitted by Barence
Barence (1228440) writes "The BlackBerry is ubiquitous on our streets and in our offices, so you might assume these users know how the BlackBerry works. But there are an awful lot of misconceptions, and many folks have no idea what makes a BlackBerry tick, especially regarding email. In this feature, PC Pro's Paul Ockendon dispels the BlackBerry myths, covering POP3, IMAP and SMTP clients, and data encryption."
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+ - Lie Flat in Economy Class->

Submitted by Adrian Harvey
Adrian Harvey (6578) writes "Finally an airline realises that economy class passengers want to lie down too — Air New Zealand has revealed it's solution. You do need someone to share with, so it's best for couples and families, nonetheless a giant leap forward for those of travelling cattle class. Official site is here but it's short on any real info at the moment."
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User Journal

Journal: Back in Berlin

Journal by hart

After 18 hours on the road yesterday, I finally reached my hotel at around 10pm CET last night. Frankfurt Airport suffered massive delays and cancellations due to the weather (snow, mainly) but despite this they managed to soldier on and clear the runways.

+ - Avatar preview cancelled in Berlin 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes " failed to obtain a valid "key" for James Cameron's Avatar in Berlin tonight. 600+ angry movie goers were disappointed when the cinema staff announced the problem after 30 minutes of advertising. They offered a full refund and the right to see another movie for free, but neglected to tell their staff about the free movie part so hundreds of angry patrons left, their evening ruined. So much for the digital revolution!"

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