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Comment: Justifiable perk. (Score 1) 288

by harrythefish (#31889290) Attached to: File Sharing Remains a Perk of College Life
Since these kids are paying ludicrous costs for their education, are likely to enter a very contracted workforce if they're lucky, whilst competing globally, having future tax obligations thrust upon them to bail out their parents who somehow believed their entitlement to vast amounts of unearned income from housing was justified, at the very least I think society owes them a few shitty Adam Sandler movies. And those attempting to enforce anti-piracy measures should be very aware of who's paying for the generous retirements they promised themselves.

Comment: Re:I don't want to be an ass ... (Score 0) 125

by harrythefish (#19443407) Attached to: A Geek On Everest
I've been to the Advanced Base camp on that side (Tibetan) twice. The most predictable climbing seasons are Spring and Autumn. It is possible via satellite link to get hold of some pretty accurate weather forecasts to make decisions on climbing. The main problem at that time of year is that monsoon dumps of snow make the risk of avalanche a lot higher than at other times. My self indulgent piece of tech was a CIGS portable solar panel which worked fine in freezing conditions.

Link to solar panel

Link to a few videos and trip2 ry/Frontpiece.html

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