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Comment: I just hope the UI doesn't suck (Score 1) 227

by harryjohnston (#48882127) Attached to: Sid Meier's New Game Is About Starships

Civ 5 was fine; you just hit the "strategic view" button as soon as it starts up and you're golden.

Beyond Earth took that away, apparently because they needed the button for satellite view and it was too hard to add another button.

The 3D view just makes it way too hard to see what's happening.

Comment: Re:Maybe not in the US... (Score 1) 172

No, you didn't. Read your own comment more carefully. You said nothing about "threatening to shoot".

However: threatening to shoot a robber unless he leaves or surrenders would not be wrong. Threatening to shoot a robber unless he gives you his wallet would be, though I'm not sure that "fraud" is the correct word. Lousy analogy really, since it would be equally wrong whether or not you in fact had the gun.

Comment: Re:Maybe not in the US... (Score 1) 172

Once again, though, you're assuming (against all evidence) that the purpose of these notices is in fact to suppress illegal activity, rather than to line the pockets of the mobster, er, "copyright holder". The business model is based on the "voluntary" fines, not on the original content.

Comment: Re:It is not illegal to lie (Score 2) 172

It might be legal, though I'm unconvinced. It is definitely unethical, and it *should* be illegal.

Keep in mind that the only possible justification for copyright's existence is that, on the whole, it benefits society. Every time it is abused, it tips the balance a little more. I'm no longer certain that it *is* a net benefit to society; we may be better off without it.

Ya'll hear about the geometer who went to the beach to catch some rays and became a tangent ?