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Comment Re:technically, 100BASE-T is baseband, ISDN is bro (Score 2, Insightful) 522

What is at question is the minimum data rate required to qualify for subsidies. Quibbling over the actual word used in the regulation text is being overly pedantic and missing the point, especially when considering that words may have multiple meanings which even so are unambiguous in their different contexts. Nobody was debating the definition of the word "broadband" in the regulatory sense when it was defined to mean "at least 4 mbps download data rate and at least 1 mbps upload data rate".

Comment Re:Ninth, mofo. (Score 2) 258

Occam's Razor: Planets are spherical and orbit a sun, moons can be any shape and orbit planets.


I prefer a definition where planet and moon are not mutually exclusive. The object most like Pluto by mass and composition in the solar system is Triton, and vice versa. They probably both started out with similar orbits in the same region. Then one was captured into Neptune's orbit, and the other only captured into Neptune's orbital resonance. One therefore is a moon, but I would argue that both should be considered planets as they are equal in every way except by accident of location. So I propose that a planet is simply a celestial object that is in hydrostatic equilibrium and is not a star. A planet may then be a moon, an exoplanet, or even a rogue planet that got ejected from its origin star.

Comment Re:Damned if they do, damned if they don't. (Score 1) 344

On the other hand, it may be a matter of representation. The version of iOS 9 deployed to an iPhone 4s will either naturally run slower due to the older hardware, or will be stripped down so that what is left runs reasonably well (e.g. like they did when they started allowing apps to run in the background). But if they advertised iOS 9 as running equally well on an iPhone 4s as it does on an iPhone 6s, then that would be misrepresentation, and the plaintiff has a case.

Comment Damned if they do, damned if they don't. (Score 1) 344

History is repeating itself, it seems. I remember several years ago suffering through iOS 4 on my iPhone 3G (ironically the second generation iPhone). I really doubt they are deliberately slowing the older devices. If you pay attention, each year's SoC is significantly faster than the previous year's. So a four or five year old device will be many times, even orders of magnitude in some cases, slower than the current year's device. It stands to reason that the latest and greatest software will naturally make use of the available horsepower of the latest hardware. Which means there will be relatively degraded performance on older hardware. But if they don't allow an at least somewhat stripped down version of the latest OS to run on a several year old phone, people will sue them instead for "forced obsolescence".

Comment Re: Cold fusion is psuedo-science (Score 3, Insightful) 344

There is another key aspect that separates true science from imposter pseudoscience. I could publish extensive research on how my cat is secretly telepathically communicating with extra terrestrials, but only when nobody is looking. But no amount of commentary from others in the feline psychic SETI field would make that research 'science'. What sets that absurd scenario apart from genuine science may be counterintuitive to people who don't understand science, which is why pseudoscience is so pervasive. Specifically, the one thing that sets real science apart from pseudoscience is falsifiability. Scientists actually want their theories to be proven false, and formulate them in such a way that it if they were false, it would be (relatively) easy to show it. In fact, the way scientists provide evidence for a theory when they publish it is to assume from the beginning that the theory is false (called the null hypothesis), and provide research which shows that it is statistically very unlikely for the null hypothesis to be true.

Rossi, on the other hand, starts with the premise that his device does work, doesn't entertain any alternative theories that would explain his results as would be required by a null hypothesis, and adamantly rejects anyone else's attempts to do the same. Therefore, his work is soundly in the realm of pseudoscience.

Comment Re:it took 2 1/2 years... (Score 2) 200

Forever? Quite probably. Considering the developer who last touched any given source file in a large closed project has probably long since been laid off years before the poor contractor at some Bangalore outsourcing firm tasked with fixing a bug in the aforementioned source file was ever hired.

Comment Re: It's a business opportunity! (Score 2, Insightful) 320

True, however that is a very special case as TeX is still actively supported, yet hasn't had a new feature added in over 25 years. I know it's moving goalposts slightly, but name a piece of software over 50,000 lines of code which is bug free and actively being enhanced. Or to look at it another way, TeX only reinforces GP's point, that it takes 25 years of patches without any feature enhancements to make a large codebase bug-free.

Comment Re:I liked the first season... (Score 3, Interesting) 406

I disagree. Yes, the show has evolved to be more about the relationships than in earlier seasons. But that is due to genuine character development rather than just a who-is-sleeping-with-whom like in other sitcoms.

Sheldon's character development is especially believable and interesting. We have a character who is clearly autistic (the actor and production company deny it, but probably because their lawyers tell them to. It is a spot on portrayal of high functioning autism), who has no comprehension of human interaction, and has developed severe misanthropy as a coping mechanism. He then finally meets the first person ever who truly tries to understand him and wants to help him be a better person, rather than simply trying to tolerate his quirks as his family and friends do. Which leads to the dynamic of him genuinely trying to change far beyond his comfort zone for her, while she has trouble being patient with what she perceives as his glacially slow development.

Comment Re:And you call the Americans anti-science (Score 2, Insightful) 330

there's been mounting evidence Monsanto has been outright lying about the evidence they have on the toxicity of their crap, which means trusting them is idiotic. The evidence we have that their crap is safe is them saying so ... which means it's self-serving stuff which as like as not hides any information they had to the contrary.

[Citation Needed]

And, hey, if the 'market' speaks and says it doesn't want this shit, Monsanto doesn't have the "right" to sell product to countries which don't want it. Monsanto has the right to piss off an go away.

Are you insinuating that the market is always rational, and it is impossible for people with an agenda to manipulate the market by spreading FUD?

Comment Re:Can we get back (Score 1) 94

I disagree with a blanket taxonomic separation of planets vs. moons. The fact that an object orbits another object which in turn orbits a star provides as little insight as to the nature of the object as "clearing its orbit" does. For example, Triton is far more similar to KBOs, and therefore should be taxonomically closer to Pluto, than to Earth's Moon. Additionally, if two objects of similar mass and sufficient separation orbit each other, one can not be said to orbit the other as their barycenter is a point between the two objects. Such objects would be considered a double planet rather than a planet and a moon. But whether the barycenter is contained within the volume of one of the objects or not is also just as non-predictive and therefore unscientific. Consider Earth's moon, which is slowly receding from Earth. Eventually it will be far enough away that the barycenter will be outside the volume of Earth, at which point the Earth-Moon system will become a double-planet, though its fundamental nature will remain unchanged. Adding to the absurdity, assuming by that time Earth is not tidally locked to the Moon, there will be a time when the barycenter is right at the surface of the Earth, so as Earth rotates, the Moon will alternate between being a moon and being a planet several times a day as the barycenter passes through mountains and valleys.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 4, Informative) 182

Yep. The iPhone has always seamlessly jumped from wifi to cellular when the wifi drops. All this does is improve the user experience as previously it would default to wifi if it could see the network at all, resulting in degraded service. This new feature will only cost you "hundreds of dollars" if you are generally in the habit of watching netflix sitting in your car parked at the curb outside your house. You know, the times when you wouldn't want to be on wifi anyway because you are close enough to see the network, but not close enough to get a good signal, so your browsing experience feels like 1998.

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