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Comment: Re:A car that could save the planet--fast (Score 1) 741

by haroldhunt (#15272708) Attached to: Electric Car Faster Than A Ferrari or Porsche
Assumming these problems away, the construction of an average car also consumes 120,000 gallons of fresh water.

Consumes? Consumes?!? If it is consumed, where does it go? It certainly isn't converted into energy as heat. It isn't split into hydrogen and oxygen atoms either (cause that would be nuclear fission, and we'd probably know about that being used in car manufacturing). It is not combined with some sort of deadly pollutant and stored in tanks of water that we can no longer drink from. So, what the enviro-wackos mean when they say consumed is that the water is used in processes, then recycled back into the water supply. Theses figures tend to count water used by every person that touches the manufacturing process, so most of the "consumed" water was used for washing hands, drinking, showering, mopping the floor, etc.; it's not like it was all mixed with an acid or poison of some sort. As we all know, this water is treated and put back into the system continuously; it is not "consumed".


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