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Comment: Geek, Leave it at home (Score 1) 1095 1095

Dear Geek,

I recently traveled to Spain for 2 weeks and left my laptop at home and left my iPod buried in my carry-on. There was so much to see, eat and do that I didn't even think about missing it...

Oh, you said England? Bloody hell, bring your laptop and a few spares.

Comment: Re:Counterproductive (Score 1) 446 446

If big brother tactics weren't pragmatically useful

Useful, but at what cost? Is it mere coincidence that the U.S. government tended towards fewer civil liberties in the second term of G.W. Bush and we are now in a recession?

When a person is afraid to speak their minds and say no to a stupid decision, stupid decisions start ruling the day.

People who go to conferences are the ones who shouldn't.