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+ - Study shows: Being in Nature improves brain function->

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happy_place writes "Been staring at a screen too long, and still not sure what you're doing? Sounds like it's time to head for the hills! A study conducted by Universities in Utah and Kansas demonstrated that brain function really does improve when we take a break from all our gadgets, fast-paced multimedia, multitasking lifestyles and just get out into Nature. (News summary of article found here too.)"
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+ - Distracted Driving claims another life->

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happy_place (632005) writes "A few minutes after posting on her facebook account a joke about the dangers of driving and facebooking, a Utah State University student was killed in a motor vehicle accident in the middle of Idaho. This article describes the incident and describes research about how texting and driving is the equivalent motor impairment to drunk driving."
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+ - Heavy Metals in Chinese Imports continue->

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happy_place (632005) writes "From the "it's not a toy, it's an action-figure" dept, it appears that chinese exporters of kids' toys and jewelry continue to have trouble providing safe exports. Now instead of lead, the trouble is cadmium. After repeated failures to clean up their act, one wonders if there's not some conspiracy afoot."
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+ - Monitor Your Teen's Driving

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happy_place (632005) writes "Are you in denial about just how bad your teenager drives? Inthinc technologies provides a way for parents to set web-based rules on locale, speed limits, and even how hard they hit the breaks, and monitors their driving habits for that warm heart to heart you have with them every night at the dinner table. Teens will no doubt love how safely they drive, as this article concludes, "If you know you're being watched, you're definitely less likely to break the law.""

+ - 140 MPG Hummer coming in 2011

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happy_place (632005) writes "A Utah-based geothermal energy tech-company called Raser Technologies is shifting gears into hybrid powertrain creation. Press claims the company has modified an H3 Hummer to get up to 140 mpg, with conjecture that smaller vehicles might get upwards of 400 mpg. Of course the official website is calling such predictions "forward-looking" just in case there some media hype involved--so your mileage may vary."

+ - Black Holes could really suck.

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happy_place (632005) writes " Fox News is reporting that some scientists may think that creating black holes with the world's largest particle collider may not be a good idea. Which begs the question, which scientist forgot to carry the one, and what could possibly go wrong with creating black holes in the middle of the European Continent?"

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