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Comment: What increases the risk (Score 1) 74

by hansraj (#46824935) Attached to: Asteroid Impacts Bigger Risk Than Thought

I don't think anyone is implying that we are doomed because of _these_ impacts.

However, in general the frequency of an impact event is inversely proportional to the size of the impacting body. Smaller impacts happen more often than the larger ones. Counting the smaller ones precisely gives you an idea of what the risk of a big event is.

So far people underestimated these smaller ones that is being reported. The wikipedia article I linked to earlier, suggests one impact every five years at the level of 5 kT of TNT. These guys being right would imply a risk of at least a magnitude higher than previously estimated. That increases the risk for the really big ones too.

Comment: Re:I know what you're thinking.. (Score 4, Informative) 77

by hansraj (#41172323) Attached to: NASA Uncovers Millions of New Black Holes

A black hole would dissipate via Hawking radiation only if it doesn't absorb more energy than it emits. Large blackholes absorb more energy (cosmic background radiation) than they would emit and hence will not necessarily dissipate. From wikipedia:

"A black hole of one solar mass has a temperature of only 60 nanokelvins; in fact, such a black hole would absorb far more cosmic microwave background radiation than it emits. A black hole of 4.5 × 1022 kg (about the mass of the Moon) would be in equilibrium at 2.7 kelvin, absorbing as much radiation as it emits. Yet smaller primordial black holes would emit more than they absorb, and thereby lose mass."

Comment: Re:Completely wrong post at +5 Insightful (Score 1) 172

by hansraj (#37197882) Attached to: Google Reaches $500 Million Settlement With Feds

Slashdot moderation sucks.

It used to work better when there were fewer stories on slashdot. These days the front pages gets updated at such a rapid rate that I suspect a big chunk of readers with mod points going past just a few comments in any one story. If they keep jumping from story to story then faulty moderations are bound to go uncorrected for relatively long times.

Give it a while though; residents of the internet wake up at different times :)

Comment: Re:All computers are less secure (Score 2) 281

by hansraj (#37032382) Attached to: Macs More Vulnerable Than Windows For Enterprise

The whole point of TFA is that if even one computer gets infected on the network then it can be used to infect other machines without requiring the admin password on the remote machine. All it would take is one malicious person with physical access to one mac, or one careless click from someone who does has admin access to their own mac in the building.

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