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Portables (Games)

+ - People actually take cell-phone gaming seriously?

Submitted by kukyfrope
kukyfrope (889948) writes "MTV News recently interviewed Justin Davis, editor-in-chief of popular mobile-gaming site Modojo, shedding some light on the highly neglected cell-phone gaming market amidst the hype of current-gen HD gaming consoles. The self-proclaimed "mobile gaming ambassador to the hard-core gaming community," he may just convince you to give a few cell phone games a try."

Vulnerability In Firefox Popup Blocker 100

Posted by kdawson
from the all-your-files dept.
cj writes in with news of a vulnerability in Firefox's stock popup blocker discovered by Michal Zalewski. The vulnerability can allow a malicious user to read files from an affected system. The attacker would "need to plant a predictably named file with exploit code on the target system. This sounds hard, but isn't," according to the article.

+ - Sun to Spend $200M Moving to Oracle 11i

Submitted by
BayBoy writes "Sun Microsystems will spend more than $200 million consolidating all of its internal business applications onto Oracle 11i, Chief Financial Officer Michael Lehman said at its annual analyst summit. eWeek is reporting here(,1895,2090954, 00.asp) that this will mark the first time in Sun's history that the entire company will run on a single, common business application system and platform. The first deployment, which goes live this July, will see 1,000 non-Oracle systems inside Sun being turned off, and the entire process is expected to be completed by the end of September 2008."

Never trust an operating system.