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Comment more specifically, a clustering algorithm (Score 1) 29

I guess anything but trivial clustering algorithms are "machine learning", but rather than "using machine learning" it'd be more straightforward to describe them as having "applied a clustering algorithm" to see if calls can be grouped into, well, different clusters. That is an idea that's been floating around biology now and then, with a lot of work on clustering bird calls especially.

Comment Re:This is why you save. (Score 1) 134

Freedom isn't free. When you take your $70K/year out of college and blow it on a nice car, a party lifestyle, and expensive booze, you should not be surprised to find yourselves in shackles eventually.

Or have children and support a family, like normal people do. Right, nobody ever has a kid with leukemia that runs up huge bills and keeps you tied down just trying to keep her alive as long as you can. Financial disaster strikes nobody ever, its all just a big fucking party.


Comment Re:can't the state do something about this? (Score 1) 134

It depends on the state and how they structure the sector, but they often have more leverage over utility companies than they would over a normal company. Utility companies typically have contracts with the state or with the state's utility districts, which at least in principle they could attach various requirements to.

Comment Re:Sexual Assault (Score 1) 464

The only true statement in your post is the first and 2nd one the 3rd one reveals that most people make up excuses to feel better about their lame jobs and then the 4th one is completely your own creation.

The second statement is true according to Microsoft.

The fourth is indeed my own creation, based only on my own experience dealing with myself. Not sexual harassment in my case, but we were all young and dumb once.

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