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Comment: Re:Evidence of a market failure (Score 1) 158

Those pesky disgruntled employees and contractors tend to be on a slightly shorter leash(or less abused, if HQ decides that it's easier to make them less disgruntled than it is to watch them all the time) if their activity relates to something the company cares about.

Obviously, comcast isn't directly in favor of random insulting name changes(no real payoff for them, which puts them even below "billing errors"); but their customer service is as glorious as it is because any aspect of customer interaction that isn't billing or upselling is treated like a cost center and abused accordingly.

Comment: getting help isn't harsh (Score 1) 159

what's harsh and unrealistic about GRRM hiring a co-writer because he got in over his head?

GRRM is out of his league...his only option was to hire help.

It doesn't matter at all to this discussion whether yo *think* he owes you anything or not.

I'm not talking about the question "Does GRRM owe Maxo-Texas anything?"

i'm talking the question of "What could GRRM have done to salvage his books after he wrote himself into a corner?"

Comment: bad writing not a function of time (Score 1) 159

His taking a long time between books is utterly irrelevant to whether his writing is good or not.

you said this, not me

i did not say GRRM's writing was "not good"....I said he is a hack.

alot of people have good imaginations and GRRM does that no doubt, but to be an actual storyteller is a different kind of talent

GRRM is a ****hack storyteller**** who uses shopworn storytelling devices and trite interpersonal conflicts and moves the goalposts as he writes

that's why his writing is bad...

Comment: Re:Shame on them (Score 1) 175

by TechyImmigrant (#48947411) Attached to: Mathematicians Uncomfortable With Ties To NSA, But Not Pulling Back

So you did nothting to help the West defend itself or to defeat Soviet and Nazi power? And you think that is a good thing?

I judge those that came to the wrong decision poorly.

Pride in poor judgment is it?

I wasn't alive at that time and the world was a very different place. These days, if you live in Europe or America you are more likely to have your talents directed towards ill advised wars for the wrong reasons. If you were a French engineer developing missiles you would have found them being used against your NATO allies, casting doubt on the alliance.

The world is asymmetric. Not all choices are morally equal.

Comment: Re:Except inflation (Score 1) 198

by catmistake (#48947101) Attached to: There Is No "You" In a Parallel Universe

Except, it does... Inflation dictates the spatial dimensions occupied by the observable universe and distribution of matter within it.

Inflation does no such thing!! It is ridiculous to even suggest that the most convenient hypothesis thus imaginable, twisted and dressed to match an anthropomorphic observation, from an anthropomorphic vantage point, that is only part of a model within the current accepted paradigm has any authority over long past events, if they even occurred, or any authority whatsoever over the Universe, other than to help deny other ideas and hypothesis from surfacing for mere consideration that do not fit within the accepted current paradigm. Many often make this mistake of getting carried away with the difference between objective reality and the very human attempts to shoehorn it into our larger ideas or understanding, that we're pretty sure are correct, but for all of the arrogance of science, it could in fact just be a very well orchestrated gag.

Comment: Apple Pay up next? (Score 2) 328

by goombah99 (#48946771) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft

There were cell phone based payment systems before iPay, but now the point of sale terminals are going to finally happen. I think apple Pay is going to be a huge money maker as it becomes wide spread. It's timing is interesting. Credit card makers in the US are on the cusp of rolling out chip and pin and merchants will need to upgrade their point of sale terminals. . No one is excited about this mandated cost since analyses have shown didn't change the total amount of fraud (in the long run), it just shifted it from in-person fraud (where the chip works) to internet sales. However, apple pay, which does work, can just slip stream right along on the mass pos changeover without imposing an extra cost the merchants were not going have to pay anyhow (for chip and pin).

Second, this year at least, apple appears to have the best finger print reader. As motorola noted recently they left finger print ID off the new nexus because all the other vendors of the technology produce unsatisfactory finger print ID. It's either too many false positives or too many false negatives.

The challenge to apple pay of course is the market share of handsets. But as long as there are enough to make it worth making the NFC sensors compatible with Apple's bank authorization schema they will be in stores, giving apple a growing drip feed of cash.

Comment: Re:I love how it is pushed (Score 2) 386

by MillionthMonkey (#48945345) Attached to: Most Americans Support Government Action On Climate Change

I cant believe people still believe that paying a carbon tax is going to do anything but make a few people richer and everyone else poorer.

What? Who are these few people who are going to get rich off a carbon tax?

There is no attention paid to space weather trends

There has been a lot of attention given to space weather, like solar dynamics. So far there has been no evidence that space weather is having warming effects. That doesn't mean that nobody has been looking. People have, especially in the energy industry, and so far what little evidence there is actually points in the opposite direction.

or the use of a carbon tax to fund a corporate policy boards that will act as a defacto world government with an agenda that is not friendly to individual rights.

I've heard this point made a lot- we can't reduce CO2 because that means a one-world government would take my guns away and force me to be an atheist, or something.

Proponents don't seem to notice that there are weather manipulation programs in place right now.

Have any reference to that other than geoengineeringwatch? Scientists do talk about that as a possible idea but so far it remains speculative, and nobody is actually trying it. Those jet trails you see over your house are from carrying passengers. Sulfuric acid just doesn't have the money to afford the ticket prices.

How is screwing up natural weather by spraying compounds into the atmosphere and shooting it with radiation just dandy but using any petroleum product is killing the earth?

(If anyone got confused by that, the "compounds" he's talking about are sulfur aerosols, not CO2.) To my knowledge the idea strikes everyone as fanciful and distasteful; it only gets discussed as a possible last ditch, desperate option. Cities would have to be pretty flooded before anyone would actually seriously consider doing that. The main argument in its favor is that one ton of sulfuric acid would be potent enough to offset the warming of about 100000 tons of CO2. That's about all that can be said for it. (FWIW, CO2 is also an acidic gas, and obviously it also "shoots the atmosphere with radiation".)

All of you Al Gore subscribers pay honor to the creation but not the creator.

The Senate just voted 98 to 1 that the climate is changing, but refused to vote on whether humans were in any way responsible. I think that if anything qualifies as "paying honor to the creation but not the creator".

You are looking for your keys under the streetlamp instead of where you lost them because the light is better there.

I think that's because we can see them under the streetlamp- if we're the type who even bothers to look at all.

I love how the lefties always say global warming is ruining everything and it is not up for debate and that 100% of scientists agree.

IIRC it's 97%, not 100%. But that's still a really good consensus for a scientific theory, especially given the financial incentives for scientists to dissent.

The planet will gain it's equilibrium back with or without your participation if it needs to.

That's definitely true- a typical CO2 molecule remains airborne for about 10,000 years before being reabsorbed. in several million years the planet will have forgotten about us, except for any mass extinction event that we might have triggered- similar to what happened during the Carboniferous period, when today's fossil fuels were actually fossilized.

The NOAA all stars could not even predict the New York blizzard accurately. Why do you think they know what the climate is going to be like in 25 years?

Rush Limbaugh said this the day after the storm. Weathermen and climatologists aren't actually the same people. In fact most of the "skeptical scientists" that appear on TV to deny climate change are actually weathermen. But even if a weatherman can't tell you whether it's going to be warmer next week than today, he can predict with good confidence that exactly six months from now it's going to be warmer than today was. You're demanding a perfect weather forecast over every possible timescale before you'll even pull your fingers out of your ears.

You sure feel smart being ugly to people that you deem as doing something wrong. It is gross how satisfied lefties feel when they get to be ugly to others. It seems to be their most favorite game. They invent reasons why others are stupid and tell each other how smart they are when they all repeat the same things. It sounds like evil chickens squawking. Just noise for the sake of the people making it.

Actually, climatologists are pretty irritated that they can't talk about their science in public without the discussions instantly getting mobbed by Rush Limbaugh fans. I see these articles and I figure, there might be actual scientists posting intelligent things in there somewhere, but I'm never going to find them through all this crud.

Did you ever think that the big push for the climate controversy may have others agendas in the payload? Did you ever consider that some of the people steering it admit this? Did you ever consider the conflict of interest that occurs when the pushers stand to make trillions if they can get the carbon tax policy in place?

I've heard a lot about scientists who are supposedly scamming the government with a giant hoax so they can get piddling NSF grants, but this is the first I've heard about wannabe trillionaires.

Thus mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true. -- Bertrand Russell