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Comment: Re:opportunity (Score 1) 94

by hamsolo474 (#38246924) Attached to: San Francisco Team Wins DARPA's De-Shredding Contest
why cant we burn classified stuff? if memory serves paper is pretty flammable. thats one of the great things about paper as a medium, its really fragile, hell if they wanted to they could wet the paper, mix up some plaster, turn the classified documents into paper mache and then shoot it to shit when it dries, theres no coming back from that.

Comment: Pros and cons (Score 2) 60

by hamsolo474 (#38173300) Attached to: UK University Creates First Inkjet-Printed Graphene Circuit
well i think this is a great idea, printable circuits would make it much easier for the electronics hobbiest to build electronics. perhaps with printable circuits people might begin printing their circuits to look like their schematics. On the cons side its this sort of confusing technology that delayed me and i think stopped other people all together from attempting electronics, i was always interested in electronics but whenever i would crack open a commerical device to look at the circuits and attempt to gain some form of understanding as to how it works, the circuit would be laid out in some space saving non reabable/understandable design. this makes the circuits look overly complex and thus scares away people who otherwise might try their hand at it.

Comment: Re:Meh.... (Score 2) 77

by hamsolo474 (#38093674) Attached to: Desura Game Distribution Service Releases On Linux
have you looked at the results of all the humble bundles, this year alone. linux users CONSISTANTLY pay more than their mac or windows counterparts. if memory serves on the humble indie bundle 3 they paid double what windows paid and a quarter more than what mac users paid. its the non programming equivalent of script kiddies who pirate everything they touch, and i dont see the majority of linux users fitting that. and unfortunately there is not a FOSS equivalent for everything, especially not games and software required for work. so lets recap, we have a higher paying demographic we have a more mature audience who is less likely to pirate and we have a demand for commercial applications there is an untapped wealth in linux users and its blind fools like yourself who keep it that way.

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