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Comment: Fact Check Please!!! (Score 2, Interesting) 367

Is this even true? I did some goggling, and could not find *any* official or otherwise direct statement from PETA.

In any case, I think PETA badly dilutes its message by frequently saying borderline ridiculous statements.

No living being should be subject to the kinds of torture in medical tests, period!.

That begin said, there is no problem with animals and humans cooperating. Camels carry a load, and in return they are fed and cared for. Whats wrong with that. Its called a *symbiotic* relationship in case you forgot sixth grade ecology. If farm animals are well cared for, and killed instantly for meat, well, I guess I'm sort of essentially OK with that.

Comment: Delphi has been dead for a long time (Score 1) 546

Has anyone seriously used this for anything other than writing Windows shareware in the 1990s?

I really have no problems with the language, even used it in the 1990s, actually pretty decent. But what an idiotic company behind it. Basically Borland's company strategy was: "Lets go muzzle to muzzle against Microsoft with our closed source language that only runs on Microsoft Windows, and lets charge a lot of money for our language thats completely incompatible with, but sort of resembles Microsoft C# when Microsoft lets you have Visual Studio for free".

If they would have open sourced so it could be cross platform, it or had some way of using your existing C++ code they might have had a chance. But yet again, a half way decent environment ruined by a completely idiotic company.

* yes, evidently the new version is "cross platform", but it a joke. The thing only runs on Windows which generates a binary that looks like it has some sort of emulation environment in it, then copy and hope that it runs on a Mac. And, they don't even remotely resemble Mac apps, looks similar to an Gnome/Qt app running on Linux with an OSX theme.

Comment: Software overhead (Score 1) 43

Seems like a cool idea, just concerned about how much overhead the software will cause.

So, basically, it needs to continuously poll the frame buffer, copy over a fairly huge block of data, rip through the pixel data to determine the mean colors, and then set the device color though the USB port.

I really would have preferred an all hardware solution where its a pass through of your DVI / HDMI, and there would be a DSP that analyzed the HDMI stream and set the color accordingly.

Comment: Re:This is Java code (Score 1) 349

Right, I was expecting something exactly like this, and I'm pretty sure there's the equivalent in .net.

I would say, probably 99% of Windows apps are written in either C++ or .net, they would just call either GetVersionEx, or whatever the .net version is, and they would have the exact major and minor version. So, it basically makes no sense using a Java example of getting the OS version string, as essentially nobody uses Java for any tightly integrated desktop app where you need to know exactly what version of Windows you're on.

I do use a number of libraries in my code (C++), and all the ones I've seen give you standard major and minor versions which I check.

Comment: This is Java code (Score 1) 349

Does anybody seriously write any platform specific desktop code in Java that needs to check the Windows version??

What's the standard Windows API, or .net function to get the Windows version string? Doesn't this return actual version numbers and not a string that you have to parse?

Comment: Only need TWO (Score 1) 272

They probably only need just TWO employees, a CEO to get the money, and a secretary to collect it.

Every single action Microsoft makes is met with incessant criticism. This makes a lot of sense as for two decades the Microsoft marketing machine has firmly established this universal notion that anything different than Windows is scary, different, and OMG, *incompatible*. That worked very so well as no Windows user wants anything different than what they have right now.

So, all Microsoft should do is just keep printing copies of Windows XP, since that what everyone wants, and just keep collecting the money. Users would be a LOT happier as they would never have to worry about any change, and the CEO would be happy as he can just keep collecting the money with no effort.

Comment: Emacs (Score 2) 359

I use Emacs and

1: C++, C, Objective-C
2: LaTeX
3: Python
4: Bash
5: Text files

I used to use (also in Emacs):
1: Java
2: C#
3: Fortran

Emacs works for just about any language out there, I use variety of languages and a variety of different platforms, Emacs is the same on all of them and just works. 2:

Comment: VIM (Score 2) 359

Just a question. Is there anyone out there younger than around 40 who uses VIM because of their own choice? By that I mean, they at first turned on a Unix/Linux box, investigated some editors and chose VIM. Nearly everyone I know who uses VIM uses it because someone else originally made them use it and they stuck with it. I know this sounds like flamebait, but seriously, its an honest question.
It just seems like Emacs is a lot easier to learn because it one keystroke to get to a menu, and just another to get to a help system.

Comment: Re:Uh, sure.. (Score 1) 359


Apple is probably the king of the designated editor group, with microsoft coming in at a close second. These are relatively closed stacks and have purpose built (and pretty decent) tools to work with them, so most people do

If anything, Windows is the absolute king of languages that CAN ONLY BE USED IN THIER IDE. Take a look at Visual Basic, completely tied the VB mouse clicky clicky IDE, then of course there used to be a company called Borland which also made mouse clicky clicky languages like Delphi, a variant of Pascal that was locked to an IDE, I think they also tried to do the same with a version of C++. Then of course, there was Microsoft MFC which was so bad that that they had to write an IDE to even use it.

Comment: Re: It's too slow. (Score 1) 254

by halfdan the black (#47286161) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way to Learn C# For Game Programming?
Once the app is up, if done right, performance can be decent for most things, pretty comparable to C++. The big thing is once it's up. The REAL killer of any c#/.net app (or any env that requires a VM like Java) is the load times. Even tiny c# apps take forever to load. So I would really recommend c++. I know if you really wanted you can do cross platform with mono but it's a lot easier with c++, especially if you use a framework like SDL.

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