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Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 392

Absolutely damned right. The way the US does smog checks is largely based on the efforts of US automaker lobbyist in the 1970's to try to force, more efficient foreign auto makers out. See, foreign cars back then were WAY WAY WAY more efficient that the old, slow, big american gas guzzling V8s. The old V8s operated at such a low combustion temp that adding these smog regulations did nothing for them, and they had plenty of size to add more smog garbage like air pumps, EGR, catalytic converters and nobody would notice. But this is exactly how they wanted to choke the foreign cars, by destroying their advantage.

So, thanks to the US corporate lobbying industry, we have such anticompetitive regulations.

Comment VW was doing their customer a great service! (Score 1) 392

I'm dead serious. The first mod any diesel owner makes is to disable the damned EGR system. This absolutely horrid system recirculates burned exhaust gases into the intake side. This causes a huge number of problems including: poor mileage, poor performance, poor engine reliability. See, the exhaust gas has carbon which fouls all the intake components, and is one of the primary causes of diesel engine failure. Not only that, but it drastically reduces engine efficiency -- its basic thermodynamics. The exhaust gas is designed to reduce combustion temperatures, which is exactly the opposite from what you want for high efficiency.

I've disable the EGR on every diesel I've every owned, including my Golf TDI, and my Dodge Cummins truck. Just go to any diesel forum, and thats the first thing anybody recommends. So, I commend VW for doing a service to their customers by increasing efficiency and reliability.

Comment Re: Mach messages vs sysv messeges (Score 1) 165

Yes, shared memory for data transfer is the fastest, no copying and nothing goes through the kernel. I'm looking into what would be the fastest in terms of lowest latency for notifications, i.e. signaling another process. I'm kind of surprised that there's not a lot of benchmarks of posix messages vs unix domain sockets vs pipes out there.

Comment Re: Mach messages vs sysv messeges (Score 2) 165

The reason I'm interested is we're developing an agent based modeling language which makes very heavy use of IPC messages, so low latency and low overhead is super critical. Currently on OSX, it used Mach messages which works extremely well, I'm porting the system to Windows, and I'm using Windows ALPC messaging, Which is also working very well, it's actually very similar to Mach messages. Makes sense, as both OSX and Windows are hybrid micro/monolithic kernel OSs so it makes sense to have a fast messaging system. I'm going to port the system to Linux, but still need to research what is the lowest latency IPC system to use there. From my testing, Mach messages are faster on OSX than named pipes, I'm not sure how Linux sysv messaging compares to named pipes yet.

Comment Re: Why are websites dragging their feet on this? (Score 1) 93

Flash performance is apocalypticly horrid, whenever I try to watch a freaking flash vid on cnn, cpu usage goes to 400% and the fans start blaring. But a higher res YouTube vid is only around 5-10% max. Plus, everything the God damned flash plugin loads, this freaking Adobe update bullshit pops up and tries to hound me into updating flash. flash so so so needs to die!

Comment NOOOOOO!!!!!! (Score 5, Insightful) 273

I can think of few things that can destroy an economy faster than having a large amount of workers with ZERO job stability.

What do think caused all of the stock market crashes: volatility. When you have people with no stability, like say working for a few days, then trying to find another job, they spend most of their time trying to find a job rather than actually working and doing something productive. Worse yet, with this kind of stability, people can not even begin to image of buying a house, a car, and I doubt working day to day, you can even get an apartment.

This form of volatile, "at-will" employment is just INSANE.

Comment How do you tell if .h is C or C++??? (Score 1) 264

I suspect that most search engines classify .h as a C file. In reality it could be either, and far and away the most common practice is for C++ to also use .h for header files.

On in extremely rare cases have I seen anything other than .h for C++ headers. Once in a great while, I've come across .hxx (there used to be a company that wrote compilers for Windows shareware developers called Borland that used .hxx or maybe .hpp I think) On SGI, I think I've once or twice seen .hh

Comment Re:Qt? (Score 2) 54

But who would do that?

A: You should NOT be giving the impression that either Google or Apple use Qt because you found a few independent developers how make apps for Android or iOS which happen to use Qt.

B: The OSX VLC GUI is written with Cocoa/Objective C, the only platform than I know is Qt is Linux.

I haven't used them much on Windows, but Qt apps on OSX are always a train wreck, nothing feels write, everything looks fake (because it is fake, all the controls are emulated), nothing lines up, and all look like a warmed over Win3.1 app with a cheesy emulated OSX skin. Linux is usually the only platform where Qt apps work well.

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