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Submission + - Mimicry wins in gaming TuringTest (newscientist.com)

hajus writes: In a gaming environment of Unreal Tournament, where judges and contestants play together in "the 3d shoot-'em-up", 2 bots that mimic human play have managed to convince the judges that they are humans.

From the article:
Mirrorbot's key strategy is mimicry. When the bot meets other players in the game, it observes their behaviour. If it judges a fellow player to pose no immediate threat, it engages in a brief "social interaction", in which it simply copies the actions of that player, including movement, shooting, weapon choice, jumping and crouching. "It plays back what it sees," says Poleanu. The fact that this strategy proved successful at fooling the human says something interesting about AI and about ourselves, says Poleanu. "This result may indicate that our perception of intelligence is not flawless, but significantly influenced by our social nature".

Submission + - Becoming sheep (newscientist.com)

hajus writes: Becoming aware of commonly held perceptions and beliefs actually shifts your own opinions to match that belief or value. A change in activity in the orbitofrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens seems to correspond to the agreement with the crowd and this has been known to be a sign of modifying your own values.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.