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Submission + - Cheap skype mobile (

Bronte writes: Cell phones aren't really a cost-optimal option for international calls. Which is why it is exciting that you can now get Skype on a 3G HDSPA mobile phone. More importantly, it's available on pay-as-you-go, without expensive contracts, and the phone itself only costs $100. More details and a video of the phone in use over on T3.

Submission + - Dutch government set up Vista complaints hotline (

Vista Magazine writes: "The Consumentenbond (that's the Dutch office of fair trading) has had it with Windows Vista's issues, and has set up a complaints hotline. If the officially sanctioned office gets enough feed-back from the Dutch general public, this might get legal repercussions for the software company. Microsoft claim they welcome the move, and is 'interested to hear' what its users think."

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