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Comment: Re:And they wonder why I block ads... (Score 3, Interesting) 216

by hairyfeet (#47952537) Attached to: Google's Doubleclick Ad Servers Exposed Millions of Computers To Malware

Obviously you've never loaded one of the "aggressive" flash ads with a bunch of buttons and clickable crap built into the animation? Because I have seen one of those drag a 3GHz quad down to a crawl thanks to all the crap its trying to render being spread like the clap across a dozen CDNs, half of whom take forever and a day to respond or time out, which causes it to call the next CDN in its list...yeah sorry but the new ads are even nastier than you can imagine.

If you want to see it for yourself just surf some "mainstream" sites like CNN, AOL, Yahoo "News" and the like for a couple hours with no adblocking, just be sure to have an offline disc image so you can blast the OS and restore from images. Hell I used to use a VM at the shop to let an image get the latest drive bys to test various AVs and stay up to date on removal methods but not anymore, with the latest bloated mess called "interactive ads" I had to quit because even with a C2D doing nothing but running the VM those bastards would slam it so hard I'd be lucky if I could kill the VM, it would just redline the cores to the firewall, nasty shit. Maybe if I slapped in a C2Q and limited the VM to only 2 or 3 cores I could do it again but frankly articles like this only prove my theory correct, back any precious memories, nuke the OS, and make sure they have a choice of browsers with ABP loaded into all of them.

Oh and just FYI since insisting that my customers only use browsers I've preloaded with ABP? I've watched infections disappear, even my most clueless click happy customers only have to call me for hardware or networking issues. Of course it turned out just as I told my clueless former boss it would, because I'm "the guy that builds PCs so they don't mess up" I get referrals up the ying yang so I don't have to worry about repeat business, they are happy to tell everybody and their dog the ONLY place they should get a PC fixed or have one worked on is from/by me.

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by hairyfeet (#47945191) Attached to: Canon Printer Hacked To Run <em>Doom</em> Video Game

Well to be fair to the SWAT they were told they had a hostage situation and having friends that are ex-cops I can tell you those calls are the ones they always feared because one wrong move and you have to explain to somebody why their wife or kid is in a body bag, so they naturally are gonna go heavy when you have hostages. the fact that there are so many absolute douchebags on this earth that "SWATting" could actually become a word? Just shows why you have to assume asshattery anymore when it comes to anything and everything, too many wastes of space on this planet.

And the simple fact that long term Linux professionals, the kind that write articles for major sites and are called on for expert Linux advice actually suggest that having a separate home partition and blowing away the whole OS, including programs and settings, every year and a half is a "viable solution" just shows why I call 'em FOSSies, because like Moonies and Scientologists there is a serious fucking disconnect between what they consider normal and reality! I mean can you imagine me selling customers a PC and telling them they are gonna have to blow away their OS every year and a half and that they only have X number of months before they have to wipe and start over? I'd be out of business before the year was out! But that just shows how cult like their thinking has become, because Torvalds has made it clear as long as he has a pulse the whole "stick it all in the kernel" bullshit is NEVER gonna go away so instead of going "Welp that's fucked up, lets go somewhere else" they cook up these elaborate workarounds just to give them a bare semblance of what Windows and OSX have had for the better part of a decade!

Finally as for WinME...wanna know what killed WinME? The douchebag at MSFT who said that WinME could run VXD drivers. If you had a WinME system with ONLY WDM drivers? It was solid as a rock, in fact I had a customer who didn't retire his WinME system until it died in 2009 because it worked perfectly all that time. But Lord have mercy if you mixed WDM and VXD as loading both made WinME an unstable mess of an OS, but I'd rather be trapped on a system that had only WinME and Win 8 in a dual boot than deal with Linux as like you I have better things to do than spend my time trying to fix Torvalds' fuckups.

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by hairyfeet (#47942981) Attached to: Apple's "Warrant Canary" Has Died
I simply think they know what is coming, we are about to hit (if we haven't already) the singularity, that moment in history where the world is completely changed forever, like the invention of the engine and the airplane but the coming one? Its NOT gonna be nice if the "Ayn Randiates" in the halls of power have their way.

So what is the new singularity? Simple its the day when human labor is no longer needed to maintain and advance the world. Its the day when everything from picking beans to paving roads can all be done by machines that never get paid, never ask for days off, its the corporate idea of heaven!Its the dark reality of John Henry, that no matter how hard you work, even if you work yourself to death, the machine will just keep on working and will run you down without a bit of remorse.

When that day comes there is really only 3 paths, one of which we partially do now which is 1.- "make work" where you pay somebody for doing a pointless "job". We do that now at fast food joints, if you raised the minimum wage to a living wage and quit letting the corps hand out "how to get government handout" videos to new employees? You'd find within a year all the fast food workers replaced with an automated system that not only wouldn't get paid but would probably have a better track record than the underpaid overworked employees do know when it comes to getting orders correct.

The second option would be the "Star Trek Socialist paradise" which would be the most humane of the three, basically give everyone a basic wage and let them do what they will with their free time while giving extra benefits and credits to those that choose to "serve the greater good" by devoting themselves to science and medical research. It sounds now but sadly too many greedy bastards at the top would rather burn the forest down than share the trees which brings us to #3 which is what I think all the 3 letter agencies are ramping up for..

A fascist dictatorship where the elite rule with an iron boot using fear and violence where those at the top commit systematic genocide by forcing the "useless people" to live in ever worsening squalor, probably while claiming they are just "lazy" because they can't compete with the Asian slaves building our electronics. You would need the 3 letter agencies for several jobs in such a shift, to inspire fear and paranoia, to monitor and allow you to remove anybody that could possibly lead the peasants in an uprising, and to get enough dirt on those with weaker stomachs to insure they "get with the program".

Considering how much we have been seeing the mask fall off when it comes to those in power, how they just ignore any and all promises without fear of punishment and how many in power seem to get almost sadistic glee at the thought of stomping on the poor? Sadly I have a feeling its gonna be the third option. They'll use a major false flag to excuse "extraordinary measures" that will simply never end and get worse...war on terror anyone?

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by hairyfeet (#47921225) Attached to: Canon Printer Hacked To Run <em>Doom</em> Video Game

THIS, this right here, is what royally pisses me off with the "Linux is ready for the desktop" crowd, because its fucking trivial to show that even the most basic consumer hardware just DOES NOT WORK while basic common sense features, like having a way to roll back drivers when an update hoses them or roll back the system when something goes wrong, that Windows has had for a decade and a fricking half just do not exist. I mean how bad would the FOSSies be laughing if you had to wipe and reinstall Windows every year to year and a half just to get the latest security updates? Well I get that trotted out as a viable "solution" to the fact that no Linux distro can pass the Hairyfeet challenge, which boils down to "get 5 years worth of updates without shitting yourself". Last time I saw that level of shitty in Windows was WinME!

And its sad but I realized years ago that most security problems, both on and offline, could be solved by merely applying the "douchebag rule". Act like the world is filled with vicious trolling POSes that will do something nasty even when they don't gain from it? Watch your issues disappear. Its sad that we have come to that point but we have so many worthless excuses for human beings with nothing better to do than cause grief and misery because they can that this is the world we live in. Hell did you see that article in yahoo about SWAT kicking down the door of a COD player and coming within a hair of killing the kid? Turned out somebody he beat online got butthurt and deciding to call SWAT on him just to be a giant fucking prick, THAT is the world we live in now.

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by hairyfeet (#47921027) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Bono is a douchebag hypocrite who says that somebody who downloads a song on P2P should be given jail time while he has no problem with his band ripping off other artists wholesale. See "U2 rips off song" in any search engine to find more examples than I can count.

I have found being a fucking hypocrite can generate more hatred than pretty much anything else and seeing how fucking reviled Bono is I'd say his hypocrisy must rub a lot of folks the wrong way. If U2 disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow? I'd have no problem with that and the music scene would probably be a better place.

Comment: Re:the tip is enough (Score 4, Insightful) 291

by hairyfeet (#47915481) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming about constantly shifting in game ads to pummel you where you can't escape or use adblock? How about selling your playing habits to advertisers because "hey hardcore players do the dew!" or how about disappearing expansions so if you want to play with everybody else better whip out that CC, because "its only good for x number of days!"

All one has to do is look at EA and Activision to see if there is a douchey way to turn players into walking ATMs some game company WILL do it.

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by hairyfeet (#47915465) Attached to: Canon Printer Hacked To Run <em>Doom</em> Video Game

THANK YOU, as it doesn't matter if you can squeeze a driver set down to 1Kb if the damned things don't work or work half assed which is what I found trying random printers on Linux at the shop last year. Some would print but NOT scan, some would scan but came out lousy, and frankly NONE of them worked OOTB without seriously fiddling. Compare this to a Windows printer install...1.- Put CD in driver, 2.- Follow instructions....there is no step three! And the driver is 30 Mb, oh noes...who fricking cares? What kind of garbage are you dumpster diving where 30Mb or even 300Mb makes a damned bit of difference? Hell the cheapest shittiest used towers I keep around just to have something under $99 have 160Gb drives so who cares about drivers in the Mb range?

As for anybody REALLY surprised, I mean really? These corps never think about security until it bites them square on the ass so while I'm glad its a white hat and not a black pulling this I really wouldn't be surprised if all consumer printers with net features is equally shitty, its just not something they even bothered considering. It reminds me how there was zero security on faxes until assholes started spamming black faxes, most of these companies just don't think "What would a giant douchebag do?" which sadly today is EXACTLY what you have to consider right off the bat.

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by hairyfeet (#47900575) Attached to: WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives

If you trust SMART I have a bridge you may be interested in as I have dealt with drives at the shop where you could literally hear the head slamming that SMART said was just hunky dory. You also can't trust any kind of "old age" metric because that ignores the simple fact that some companies build better products, it would be like judging the reliability of all cars based on what the bottom of the line Kia is like in 5 years. Hell when it comes to reliable I will take a used or refurb Samsung over a brand new Seagate consumer line drive as I've found everything above 500GB on the consumer line is buggy firmware and flimsy as hell, I swear you can look at a Seagate 1.5Tb funny and it'll commit suicide.

At the end of the day surely to God it can't be THAT hard to put in a simple helium gauge so you would know its going down and by how much, in fact the only reason I could see not putting one in is to fuck folks over on the warranty.

Comment: Re:Helium? (Score 1) 296

by hairyfeet (#47870309) Attached to: WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives

Does it come with some sort of gauge, so you can know when its getting close to running out? Because I don't want a drive with a time limit where I don't have a way to keep up with the countdown.

I'm sure I'll hear a bunch of analogies but I've dealt with more drives in the shop than most guys have had hot meals and with modern drives? Unless you drop the thing you usually get plenty of warning before failure, not to mention that having to get 8TB worth of data off while the drive dies does NOT sound fun so having plenty of warning would be good. Heck I've had 1TB drives in the shop that was a race to get the data off before they croaked, 8-10TB sounds like a nightmare.

Comment: Re:The biggest risk to the pyramids is Islam (Score 1) 246

by hairyfeet (#47849453) Attached to: Egypt's Oldest Pyramid Is Being Destroyed By Its Own Restoration Team

Show me where thousands were murdered over a non religious statue or building and I'll concede your point, until then we hairless monkeys have shown that religion is the equivalent of handing a 3 year old a loaded gun...while I would prefer that nothing be destroyed there are some cases when you simply have to accept some things are just too dangerous to be left out.

And I would be happy to accept having the best historical copies of each locked in a bunker somewhere for historians to study except we have seen where that leads, the Catholic church.

Comment: Re:Eurasia vs. oceania (Score 1) 215

by hairyfeet (#47846349) Attached to: New US Airstrikes In Iraq Intended to Protect Important Dam

Ya know I always thought it was hilarious how badly the west got their panties in a wad over the SCUD when its just a really REALLY crude rocket, not much better than the Katyusha of WWII. Every time old Saddam tried to improve the things all he did was make 'em more likely to fall apart or blow up, tests we did on captured ones showed you'd be damned lucky to land within 4 football fields of your target, and that was with the Russian ones, Saddams were much worse because his "rocket scientists" just kept making the cases thinner to increase range, they were right up there with the Asad Babil on the POS scale.

Like it or not getting rid of old Saddam and crazy MoMo was VERY stupid, because just like in Vietnam with the assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem we didn't have a damned clue as to what to do after. And just like with Ngo Dinh Diem it gave the enemy the field as all it did was sow chaos and instability and replace a bad leader with a giant question mark, leaving the place easy pickings. Was MoMo and Saddam evil? yep they were total scum but they were containable scum, whereas the Islamist extremists build training camps and export their evil all over the planet.

If there is any lesson we should take from Libya and Iraq its that we should NOT do anything to topple Assad, because any attempt to replace him with a western stooge will only end up being a disaster, instead if the people of Syria replace him all on their own we should try to have a dialog with that person but not to try to ramrod in our own puppet because in the long run it comes and bites us on the ass.

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by hairyfeet (#47844439) Attached to: Deadmau5 Accuses Disney of Pirating His Music

I think one should make Disney pay dearly for extending copyrights but since we can't fight them via the law, maybe we should try some culture jamming instead?

For an example we need to fill the net with links and images so if somebody uses a search engine for "Mickey Mouse" instead of the clean sanitary Disney version they get the broken down whored out Taco-Man version? Bonus if they come with his catch phrase "I'll suck your dick for $10".

Its obvious that Disney will just keep buying congresscritters until copyrights last for eternity so it looks like the only thing left to do is just shit all over the mouse, make the mouse so lame Disney can't reap endless profits without penalty by whoring the mouse out for eternity.

Comment: Re:The biggest risk to the pyramids is Islam (Score 1) 246

by hairyfeet (#47834509) Attached to: Egypt's Oldest Pyramid Is Being Destroyed By Its Own Restoration Team

Ignoring some fact there, aren't ya Sparky? BTW they have a name for the kind of fallacy you're trying to pull, its called Tu quoque, also known as the "You lynch negroes" fallacy for the fact that it was used often by Stalin's supporters to cover over his atrocities...nice company you keep.

As for what you are selectively ignoring is the fact that Israel has attempted to broker a cease fire with hamas several times only to be met with more rockets filled with nails aimed at civilian centers, the last of which was last week BTW, it lasted all of 42 minutes before iron Dome was activated by incoming shells. I won't even bother with your hypothetical Christians, because I can find a whacko or two that calls for the killing of any race and that is frankly a fucking joke compared to the murder of rape victims and cutting the hands off alleged thieves, but lets go straight to your "majority of Muslims are peaceful...shall we? Boy I'm betting after this you'll wish you can kept your mouth shut because the facts? NOT on your side. Try reading a little bit before you speak because it will frankly make you look less foolish.

The second link BTW even explains WHY Muslims are violent, its because unlike the Torah and the Bible it was written extremely vague, so that its easy for Mullahs to continue the violence, quote" God commanded the Hebrews to kill Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusitesâ"all specific peoples rooted to a specific time and place. At no time did God give an open-ended command for the Hebrews, and by extension their Jewish descendants, to fight and kill gentiles. On the other hand, though Islam's original enemies were, like Judaism's, historical (e.g., Christian Byzantines and Zoroastrian Persians), the Qur'an rarely singles them out by their proper names. Instead, Muslims were (and are) commanded to fight the people of the book "until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled"and to "slay the idolaters wherever you find them."

But of course you will likely ignore the facts because it isn't from a site like HuffyPo that fits your preconceived (most likely ultra left) biases, just like how the ultra left was making for some hilarious entertainment by the way they kept tapdancing trying to continue to support their theory that Brown was "executed by teh man" despite ever mounting evidence he was a violent criminal. Just like them I'm sure you'll ignore the evidence and continue to pretend that Islam and the other religions are equal, which is as delusional as saying crime is the same in poor and rich neighborhoods because once, five years ago, a rich woman killed her cheating husband on the nice side of town! Shock!

Meanwhile anybody with more than 2 functioning braincells will be able to see through your bullshit by simply turning on any news outlet from any place on the planet and watch the beheading of the week, maybe enjoy a few stonings...BTW since the religions are equally violent, perhaps you can show me the Christian equivalent of Farfur? Because I have seen a LOT of western kid's shows over the years and I don't remember EVER seeing one teaching lovely songs like how I should get into heaven with the heads of Jews and Muslims on my belt...perhaps you can provide a link to that show?

Comment: Re:The biggest risk to the pyramids is Islam (Score 4, Insightful) 246

by hairyfeet (#47833293) Attached to: Egypt's Oldest Pyramid Is Being Destroyed By Its Own Restoration Team

It is how Neil Degrasse Tyson said when talking about how religion can kill progress "The Arab world was the center of science and mathematics for centuries, and then came Islam", you simply cannot compare Islam to any other major religion as the other religions grew up, Islam didn't. When was the last time you heard of Jews stoning rape victims? Read about any Christians chopping the hands off thieves lately? But it wouldn't take me even 5 minutes worth of Googling to wallpaper this page with horror after horror, not only not condemned but condoned by Islamic states.

At the end of the day the other religions went through this centuries ago and that time was rightly called the dark ages, and until Muslims stand up and refuse to accept such atrocities committed in the name of their God all we can do is get as much of history as we can out of their hands and document all that we can't. As we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan anything that doesn't have the name of the prophet on it WILL end up destroyed just as religious leaders during the dark ages took priceless ancient Greek books and reused the pages to make prayer books to their God.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the best thing anybody could ever do for humanity is take every single religious text and destroy them, the evil they cause far outweighs the good.

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