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Comment: Re:Avoiding responsibility? (Score 1) 156

by hairyfeet (#48900645) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10
Blame Ballmer and his "Herpa de derp, gotta ape everything Apple does herpa derpa" bullshit. Its part of a pattern, along with MSFT Kin, rushing the 360 to market, Surface RT being released with no software and a half assed market....its really not surprising, history will judge Ballmer as the MSFT version of the Pepsi guy at Apple.

Comment: Re:fglrx sucks, but it sucks less in this case (Score 1) 89

by hairyfeet (#48900549) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: GPU of Choice For OpenCL On Linux?
Very much a troll as AMD has been paying for open source developers to speed the turn around of the FOSS drivers in the hope to get them to parity with the proprietary release and eventually replace it, and when it comes to GPGPU its not a secret Nvidia pushes CUDA while AMD pushes OpenCL (which this ask Slashdot is specifically asking for) so the choice seems to be pretty cut and dried.

Comment: Re:This reminds me... (Score 1) 136

by hairyfeet (#48896693) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

Sorry but while you are telling folks what it was called what you are NOT telling them is the bs marketing that Nvidia used back then, which was they would market them as "128GB cards" or 64GB cards" and then in teeny tiny print it would tell you that this was "the total memory including system cache". IIRC back then ATI wasn't doing that, they just sold them as 64Mb or 128Mb cards that could "go up to 256Mb".

Of course at the end of the day it didn't matter as both turbo and hyper blew ass so I told my customers if they wanted a discrete get the dedicated and avoid the crap cache like the plague, but I remember HP was bad about selling those crap cache Nvidias.

Comment: Re:Hey! I've been gypped! (Score 2) 136

by hairyfeet (#48896577) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

Because it can't actually USE all the RAM? Its like saying "Windows XP can have up to 4GB of RAM" which while TECHNICALLY true is bullshit because of the way 32bit Windows works the max you'll ever be able to get the OS to use is around 3.5GB, with most systems only hitting around 3.2GB-3.4GB.

If they were selling this as a 3.5GB card? I'd say fine and dandy, card makers often will disable parts that either don't work or to have different tiers at different price points but in this case they are advertising and selling it as a 4GB card when its really only a 3.5GB thanks to the way they gimped the chip.

Comment: Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 156

by hairyfeet (#48893921) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10 DO know MSFT didn't actually WRITE that software, right? That all they did was stick their brand on it, yes? The Zune was nothing but the Toshiba Beat that MSFT licensed and just stuck their name on it. Its no different than how a "Korean Fender" is nothing but a Samick with a Fender sticker slapped on the neck.

Comment: Re:Amazing work.. (Score 1) 106

by hairyfeet (#48893867) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0

They LIKED Phantom Menace? Really? Were they high? I don't see how even a kid could like all those boring as paint drying senate meetings or not cringe at the "Meesa steppin and fetchin, I step in the dookie!" bullshit! My two boys were kids when those came out and they thought they were absolute shite and its not like they hate sci-fi or are immune to nostalgia, the oldest loves anything related to Aliens and AVP and we know how much those stank, but even as kids they thought PM and AOTK were just painful.

At least somebody enjoyed them, one of the worst movie watching experiences I ever had, hell they weren't even "so bad its good" they were just "so bad its awful". Hell I even enjoy some bad sci-fi, I loved the fuck out of the cheese fest that was battleship (c'mon he drifted a WWII battleship like it was a 70 Mustang, how can you not enjoy that cheese whiz goodness?) but the first 2 prequels weren't cheese, they were just rotten, boring, and as racist as somebody's grandpa, just sad.

Comment: Re:Translation: (Score 1) 156

by hairyfeet (#48893803) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10

Depends on what you require to move from your definition of "toy". if its IPS? Give it up Chuck, the simple fact is IPS screens are expensive to build and it doesn't look like they will ever get the economies of scale on their side. i have a feeling they will end up going the way of plasma and all you'll get sub $600 is TN.

But as far as performance goes? Hell my 2011 AMD 12 inch netbook does 1080P over HDMI and before MSFT stupidly killed the platform with Windows pricing I picked that up for like $230 and the nice thing about those are its trivial to upgrade them to 8GB which I did. I have also messed with ARM quads with 1GB of RAM in the $120 range that were great performers and there really is no reason they couldn't make the same thing with an Atom quad for the same price and have an Atom dual version sub $99. Frankly the only thing in the BOM that is keeping sub $99 tablets from being toys is the high cost of RAM ATM, the price of RAM falls again and that major bottleneck could disappear overnight. I've tried virtually identical tablets with 512mb and 1GB and it makes all the difference in the world but LDDR 3 ain't cheap.

Comment: Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 156

by hairyfeet (#48885953) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10

Interesting? Really mods? Who was it that abandoned their not even 2 year old OS? Oh yeah that was GOOGLE, who still patches their 4 year old Windows 7 phones? MSFT. Maybe you are talking about Zune, whose software runs fine on Windows 10 even though they haven't sold Zunes in years?

Sorry but you got your companies wrong, its Google that drops support without warning, see the 970 million plus that are now vulnerable to exploit for just one of many examples.

Comment: Re:Translation: (Score 2, Insightful) 156

by hairyfeet (#48885399) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10

Actually it was announced a few weeks back (sorry I can't find the article, maybe somebody with better Google Fu?) that Intel was stopping the Intel Atom subsidy because they were taking a bath on the things and their tablets just weren't moving. The simple fact is Intel faces the same problem Apple had with PPC on the desktop, so much of the code is written for Android ARM and too few are willing to port to X86 ARM that they just couldn't get any traction.

With Intel no longer dumping product in the channel I have a feeling sub 12 inch X86 tablets are gonna go the way of the 8 track, all you'll get is 12 inch convertibles. This is fine by me, the fact that so many 7 and 10 inch tablets still come with only 512Mb of RAM is retarded but the key is gonna be getting a decent Windows 10-12 inch convertible at a price point to really compete against the low end tablets, say $100-$150 with $100 being a Win 10 Atom dual with 2GB of RAM and $150 being the quad 2GB?

Comment: Re:Amazing work.. (Score 3, Interesting) 106

by hairyfeet (#48852979) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0

It was enjoyable in that "its a brain dead boom fest" kinda way which frankly isn't what I go to a ST movies expecting or wanting. Hell the whole "Red Matter can send you back in time OR blow up a planet, just depending what the plot calls for" bullshit totally took me out of the story, not to mention the whole "alternate timeline" mess which made no fucking sense and doesn't behave anywhere near every. single. other. timeline. we have seen in the ST universe and we have seen plenty. I'll always remember what one reviewer said "It would be like you made a Batman reboot and out of the blue Batman could just burst into flames like Human Torch with NO explanation!"

I mean if you wanna suspend disbelief with the new actors looking almost nothing like the originals? that is fine and dandy, I have no problem doing that with Star Trek Continues so I'm not gonna fault 'em for that, some of the originals are sadly gone and for some damned reason they didn't feel like they could tell any other story in such a wealthy universe? Fine, okay, I'll go along with that....but the fucking Klingons man, WHAT THE FUCK! Why do the Klingons look like fucking WOW Orcs, tell me why? I mean we even had a perfect explanation as to why TOS Klingons didn't have the bumpy forehead thanks to them fucking around with the same Eugenics that made Khan, but even if you wanted to write that event out by saying Marcus fucked with the time line that still doesn't explain WTH is up with them looking like fricking Orcs? And even if you give them that why in the hell are they spending countless trillions on starships when you have transporters that can reach across the galaxy faster than a fucking Tardis?

I'm glad you found some enjoyment out of them because I found them to just be dreadful and I have a feeling history will NOT be kind to them, in a decade we'll look back at them and groan as much as we do at something like Attack Of The Clones (although to give them credit neither movie was as bad as Phantom Menace but I'd rather watch Ice Pirates than that snoozefest).

Comment: Re:betteridge's law of headlines (Score 3, Informative) 487

by hairyfeet (#48852859) Attached to: Windows 10: Can Microsoft Get It Right This Time?

Especially when the question is THIS level of stupid, as unlike Windows 8 all the beta testers (including myself) are giving Windows 10 praise and saying its gonna be the next XP/7 in terms of popularity.

Honestly the only way I can see them royally fucking it up at this late stage of the game is 1.- They refuse to sell actual copies but instead make it a subscription only like Office 365. The odds of that? EXTREMELY doubtful due to the amount of backlash. People don't mind paying a subscription for a piece of software they can take or leave, but to have your PC lock you out if you don't whip out your CC on a regular interval? It would make MSBob look like a hit because folks would stay away in droves. The only other way I can see them fucking it up is 2.- they jack up the price and charge some insanely high price like $200-$300 a copy. Odds? Not only is this very doubtful but more likely we'll see the opposite, with MSFT selling some "Home Basic" or "Home with Bing" version for a low cost, say $25-$40, so they can take back the low end from Chromebooks and then sell editions with more corporate features for a higher cost.

Since taking over we've seen no indication that Nadella is anything like Balmer, so far he's been pretty good about giving the customers what they want so I see no reason to think this won't be the case with Windows 10. And despite all the doom and gloom I could see Windows Phone grabbing some serious share as they seem to have one BIG fucking advantage over Google and that is SUPPORT. Windows Phone 7 still gets security patches and Nadella has stated repeatedly that anybody that gets a Windows 8 phone can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. After Google gave everyone not running 4.4 the finger by dropping support and refusing to patch an exploit that is already being used ion the wild? I can see support become a selling point, especially if MSFT advertises it well so the public knows that new Windows Phone they buy today isn't gonna be left swinging in the breeze next year.

Comment: Re:Amazing work.. (Score 4, Insightful) 106

by hairyfeet (#48852743) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0

Man isn't it sad that the fan mades are getting better quality story wise than the actual bloody films? I just hope Tim Russ is able to do as good with the new Star Trek Renegades as these guys have done with STC. I saw his "Star Trek: Of Gods & Men" and it was damned good, well acted, nice twists and turns in the story, and unlike Generations he used the actors from ST: TOS that appeared in roles that actually mattered to the story.

I don't know about everybody else but I found the JJ movies alternated between "WTF?" and "You have GOT to be kidding, that's retarded!" when it came to plot. Pines' Kirk comes off as a fratboy and the "plot" just seems to be an excuse to go from one action set piece to another. Honestly it felt more like a video game than a movie and NOT in a good way. That is why I'm happy we have if we can only get Joss Whedon to let Greenwalt and Noxon do that Spike and Dru series my happiness will be complete.

Comment: Re:Compare to RMS, what are you? (Score 1) 551

by hairyfeet (#48843111) Attached to: Systemd's Lennart Poettering: 'We Do Listen To Users'

Vista was practically a free gift to Linux, MSFT put out OSes that were truly dispised and what did the developers do? A perfect example of why Linux never goes anywhere, they said "Well things are pretty stable and solid, let's rip out the audio subsystem for a broken mess and replace the DEs with alpha quality code that will make Linux as buggy as Windows 98!"...facepalm.

Lets be honest here...the FOSS advocates claimed Elop was a "plant" well what is THEIR excuse? If you managed to get a plant at every major distro there is NOTHING they could have done to sabotage Linux any better than the actual developers did! Every single time MSFT puts out a major bomb like Vista or Windows 8? Some genius decides THAT is the perfect time to make a major dump on some vital system!

You should try the "Hairyfeet Challenge" sometime, as it perfectly illustrates why Linux is BROKEN, because it only asks that the distro perform half, just half, of a Windows lifecycle, can any distro do it? Nope in fact the only time I had a FOSS advocate claim they had "passed" the challenge they 1.- Had to use SciLinux, a distro designed for research labs and thus broke the very. first. condition of the challenge and then if that wasn't sad enough? When asked about the other conditions of the challenge he admitted that 2.- Sound didn't work, another fail, and 3.-His wireless not only took major CLI to get working but couldn't get WPA or even WEP to work!

That is why I'm really not surprised about the mods and insults, because even when faced with something as basic as "Get your OS to update without breaking itself" is shown to not be possible, do they say "Wow, that is just terrible! We should demand better, why Windows has been able to update itself without crapping on its own drivers since Win2K!" they instead call me every filthy name in the book, send me death threats, and having one FOSSie follow me for 6 months just so he could post at every site I use "die you fat fucker die". Seriously look at the challenge yourself, should we consider an OS to be suitable for purpose if it can't even pass such a simple test?

Take ANY mainstream consumer oriented (not LTS, because even Ubuntu advises against mainstream users using LTS) from FIVE years ago, this simulates a 5 year typical lifecycle. This BTW is less than HALF a windows support cycle, so I'm cutting linux a break. Lets say you use Ubuntu, that would be Ubuntu 9.10 and can be downloaded from their archive. Install it on ANY PC, desktop or laptop (NOT VM as that isn't real hardware and comes with special drivers) that has a wireless card. Wireless is required because more and more mainstream users are ditching wires and nobody wants a laptop that doesn't have wireless, do they?

During this phase you are the system builder so CLI (which is usually required because Linux driver support is poor) IS ALLOWED. Once its installed you are no longer the system builder but THE USER, so like a windows user you are ONLY allowed to use the GUI. You then get to "enjoy the freedom" of using nothing but the GUI (because if you can't even update the thing without CLI you're no match for windows are you) of updating to current...with ubuntu that is SEVEN RELEASES, just FYI. You will film this and post it to youtube, you only have to upload the final install process of each release and a pic of the device manager showing working hardware complete with wireless showing WPA V2 connection, but the complete video should be hosted on dropbox to prove you aren't faking it.

I've tried every major Linux distro, PCLOS, Ubuntu, even Fedora because one fanboy swore that Fedora could pass, yet here it is, 8 years since I first issued the challenge and not. a. single. distro. has had a 100% pass. Not one. And that is just sad.

Comment: Re:Compare to RMS, what are you? (Score 1) 551

by hairyfeet (#48836565) Attached to: Systemd's Lennart Poettering: 'We Do Listen To Users'

Actually only getting labeled flamebait is an improvement, I turned down a chance recently to write a "devil's advocate" style column for a Linux magazine because I got tired of death threats and cyberstalking, so a little name calling? Not that big a deal.

What pisses me off is they act like I have some sort of axe to grind when the reality is the opposite...I WANT Linux to work on the desktop, I WANT to be able to hand my customers a shiny new desktop with a brand new Linux distro and be confident that it'll run with security updates for the life of the system...but I can't. Do you have ANY idea how many perfectly good systems I dumped because the cost of Windows would be more than the unit was worth? You name the distro I tried it, and it never failed, they ALWAYS shit all over themselves. I even spent a not inconsiderable amount of time coming up with "The Hairyfeet Challenge" so that there would be an easily reproducible way to show even the most zealot FOSS advocate the areas that were horribly broken.

At the end of the day Linux works great on the server and the reason why is simple, you strip out the most broken parts (like sound and wireless) and its administered by someone with a degree and/or years of diagnostic troubleshooting experience. And the reason it works on Android is simple, Google took control away from the "itch scratchers" and put in place actual standards. The sad part is there is no reason why Linux couldn't be a world class desktop PC OS, couldn't be loaded onto HTPCs and laptops in every B&M on the planet but sadly as long as the so called "advocates" take alpha quality code and attack those that point out the issues? Its just never gonna get any better, it'll start to get stable and then get knocked back down.

Meanwhile guys like me will have to junk perfectly working PCs that have years of life left because the cost of Windows is more than the PC is worth and that is just a damned shame.

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