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by hairyfeet (#48191347) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork

Well if the rumors are true then RH has been quietly stacking the deck by loading Debian with ex RH employees then a fork is the only possible chance of keeping from getting system'd.

In case anybody wonders why they are trying to ram systemd so hard? Cloud computing, they want systemd to be a "one size fits all" for their cloud computing initiative. Great for RH, not so great for everybody else. In any case it will be interesting if the users can "take the OS back" from Red Hat and the corporate interests like Windows users did when they refused to take Win 8, it will be quite fascinating to see whether Linux users without the power of the wallet can change things simply by protest.

I personally wish them nothing but luck, as it sucks to see an OS you have serious time and money invested in get a big old shit taken on it by the suits...good luck Debian users, may you tell the suits where they can stick their system'd crap.

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by hairyfeet (#48184067) Attached to: If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

I would only add there is a legitimate REASON for it in an ALPHA BUILD, its so that MSFT can find out which ones of the literally tens of millions of software programs that run on Windows need shims,compatibility modes, or be outright blocked for being incompatible. there is no way in hell even a company the size of MSFT can test THAT many programs so they let us try it before it comes out (which benefits guys like me who can see if our customers would be able to use it) and in return you do just as I've done and let 'em find out which programs don't work and give 'em feedback. They tell you exactly what they are doing ahead of time and again it costs you NOTHING to install this OS and try it on as many boxes as you want.

With Apple the cheapest unit is...what $600 for the Mini? And most have Macbooks which start at like a grand...and they are gonna datamine your ass on TOP of the insane amount of profit margin they are making on their hardware? really? There is greedy and there is fucking greedy piggies, it sounds like we have a case of the latter here folks. I wish this surprised me but sadly it don't, I have customers that were hardcore Macbook users and I've seen Applecare go from "If we built it we service it" to "Oh that an older model we don't fix those...wanna buy a new one?" so this really doesn't surprise me, should have known with Cook starting out in supply that quality would go down while monetizing would go up.

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by hairyfeet (#48178735) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Stop PulseAudio From Changing Sound Settings?
Interesting? Just for stringing together memes? Well lets break down his meme spewing shall we? We have living in the past, a very old classic and fav of Pogson, we have the ever popular works for me, and of course blaming the user which brings up its free so you can't complain. Oh and I fucking LMAO that the VERY FIRST POST was the ever hilarious battle cry of the FOSSie masses, the ever popular why do you hate free software, because if you don't slurp every drop of koolaid, including that shoved by an employee of the company trying to jam an SVCHOSTS into Linux for its own gain why you MUST be part of an organized attack on FOSS...ROFLcopter the amount of crazy is just too much LOL!

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by hairyfeet (#48157235) Attached to: Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas
The last "power user" version of Windows was Win2K, sorry. WinXP had the search doggy,starting with WinME they had the "wow we think you are tarded!" wizards, Windows hasn't been for the power users OOTB since business and consumer merged. Does that mean power users couldn't tweak it to get what they want? Of course not but again the topic was what you get OOTB and OOTB has been trying to dumb down since the days of MSBob, that is just how it is and why we have regedit.

Comment: Re:As it is designed to do (Score 2) 138

by hairyfeet (#48154099) Attached to: Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas

Oh horseshit, you are just a power user and Windows has NEVER EVER been set up for power users OOTB. Remember the damned search dog in XP? Clippy? MSFT has been trying to make things simpler and friendly since the days of MSBob and ya know what? regular Joes LOVE that shit!

I've had the Win 10 TP running on my netbook at the shop since its release so folks coming in can play with it and folks LIKE it, they LIKE having their little chat or headlines in the little start menu out of the way but easy to check, they LIKE being able to search for anything from that one little search box (which just FYI was started waaay back with XP and the Bing desktop program which did the same thing) and they LIKE how its simpler to use yet is familiar enough they don't feel lost. As for the rest of us? You can spend a whole 5 minutes in regedit and make a single reg file that will switch off everything that you as a power user don't like.

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by hairyfeet (#48147113) Attached to: Firefox 33 Arrives With OpenH264 Support

Riiight, because everyone is gonna throw away the billion and a half PCs on the planet so they can get assraped by the MB to surf on a fucking phone. PC sales have slowed because PCs are uber powerful so there simply is no need to throw them away every year like most do with the shitty phones.

Google is losing over a billion a year on Android and shows NO sign of EVER making a ROI, in fact the only one making bank on mobile is Apple thanks to their boutique pricing and even they are having trouble keeping that mobile gravy train rolling, see the company going against Jobs wishes by making the iPhablet Now that phones are running into the power wall you will see sales continue at current rates for maybe a year and a half as all those with older phones get new multicore units but after that? Just like the PC the OEMs are gonna be grasping at straws trying to come up with features to lure buyers, because short of a new battery tech AND a new programming language that makes scaling cores as easy as taking advantage of raw MHZ? they just don't have anywhere left to go.

As for TFA? Firefox has become the Metro of browsers so this won't help stop the bleeding, you go to any forum talking about browsers and you find that FF users are bailing for PaleMoon or IceDragon or Waterfox because they HATE the ersatz Chrome UI, all you read over and over is "If I wanted Chrome I'd have took Chrome!" and I have to agree, give me PaleMoon any day, at least it looks like itself and the UI is stable.

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by hairyfeet (#48137867) Attached to: VeraCrypt Is the New TrueCrypt -- and It's Better

"Torture is not effective"...sure it is, you are just doing it wrong. What you have to do is the way the cops do it which is NOT to torture and threaten the subject but instead go after their families and you'll get whatever you want quite easily.

The cops do this kind of shit all the time and the reason why is because it often works without even having to do the deed, just the threat of the action is enough. You tell a parent you are gonna send their kids to the nightmare that is the foster care system, if they have a relative in trouble threaten to bury them in charges, and of course if they are on any kind of aid its quite easily to threaten them with homelessness.

Rubber hoses are 1950s tech Daddy-o, mental anguish works a LOT better and doesn't leave any marks that will come back to bite you in the ass.

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by hairyfeet (#48116873) Attached to: Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again)

To steal a line from mel brooks "bullshit bullshit aaaannnnddd bullshit". if you look at the actual figures it would take you 18.9 years to break even when comparing an AMD OCTOcore to an are you REALLY gonna be using that 4770k 19 years from now? Didn't think so.

Sorry but the actual math shows that is a bunch of bull, you can't even buy a pizza with the amount you'd "save" by going intel, and the amount you'd lose in price difference means you would NEVER break even.

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by hairyfeet (#48116037) Attached to: NVIDIA Presents Plans To Support Mir and Wayland On Linux

Actually it has nothing to do with competition and everything to do with patents. For example AMD has to strip out anything connecting to HDMI that goes through HDCP on the open source driver because HDCP is owned by Intel and AMD merely licenses it. I'm sure since Nvidia typically provides their own low level stack (largely bypassing X last I checked but its been a couple years) they probably have even more patent minefields they have to avoid which will make it even harder to have "one driver for all" thanks to GPL requirements and the whole "dynamic versus static/ what is allowed and what isn't" WRT GPL which (again last I checked) isn't fully hashed out legally.

So I'm frankly amazed that AMD is even gonna attempt this "one driver for all" concept...what are they gonna do about DRM like HDCP? Does this mean they will no longer have support for accelerating BD content? or are they simply gonna leave that part out of the Linux driver?

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by hairyfeet (#48115439) Attached to: Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again)

That is what I've been telling folks here for years, the bang for the buck is still in the AMD camp and with their new GCN arch you can use the GPU for the heavy FP math which beats the FP in any CPU by a country mile so there really ain't any point in putting a bunch of heavy FP in the CPU anymore.

As you can see the difference in number crunching between Intel and AMD in real world applications is crazy low, we are talking around 10%-15% max and that is if you go top o' the line Intel. Now I don't know about you but 15% boost isn't worth 300% markup in MY book. Oh and before anybody brings up benchmarks? As the guy in the video points out benchmarks have been rigged with Cinebench recently being caught putting "If CPU is AMD, tie boat anchor" code into their benchmark and this of course doesn't even mention the Intel Cripple Compiler which to this very day cripples any program compiled with it. At the shop I have done just like in the video and run real applications and compared, the result? Just as he found, the difference is so small you wouldn't be able to tell without breaking out a stopwatch...but your wallet knows, especially when you can get a hexacore for $105 and an octocore for $130.

So if you are wanting just a good office style box I'd go with good number crunching something like A8 6600K APU kit for $210 after MIR or if you want a good entry level that you'll add your own GPU the fx4200 quad kit for $190 after MIR is a great price, but personally? I really like the FX6300 hexacore kit for $270 after MIR. Its a great price, the chip has plenty of power and headroom to OC if you are into that, and with turbocore its like getting 2 chips, a 3.5GHz hexa and a 4.1Ghz triple, its just a really solid chip.

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by hairyfeet (#48103275) Attached to: Test-Driving a $35 Firefox OS Smartphone

If I take a steamer in a box and offer it to you for "only $5!" would you consider this a GOOD DEAL? Its pretty obvious from reviews that those users would have more functionality with a feature phone than with this crippled POS. There is such a thing as too stripped down to reach a price point, after all the Yugo was the cheapest car in the USA when it was released but its not known now for its price but what a hunk of shit it was!

At the end of the day if a SMARTphone can't run apps at a usable speed to the end user? You might as well hand them a dumbphone and call it a day. I deal with end users all day and there is only so low you can go before even the cheapest user is gonna find the experience unpleasant and I would say with confidence that this device has reached that level...I mean for fucks sake, an OS based around bloated as fuck HTML running on 128Mb of RAM? Why not try to run Windows 7 on a 486DX while you are at it?

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by hairyfeet (#48103211) Attached to: Systemd Adding Its Own Console To Linux Systems

And YOU sir should wake the fuck up and quit being a pedantic douchenozzle! Users ARE being banned, threads erased, discussion blocked...does this sound like "a free and open OS" to you? What we are seeing is the typical behavior of APPLE not the behavior of Linux, in fact MSFT isn't as heavy handed in their forums as RH and the new Red Debian are!

So YOU go sit in a corner and jerk off to dangling participles but mark my words the Linux users WILL have no say, systemd WILL be forced down your throat, it WILL continue to take over critical functions to become the SVCHost of Linux, and all of this will be for the benefit to Red Hat ONLY. I'd say its pretty clear who now owns Linux and it sure as fuck ain't the users, its Red hat. Hell Windows users have more say now in the direction of the OS than Linux users do and that is just sad.

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by hairyfeet (#48103015) Attached to: Outsourced Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Being Automated

I have no doubt we will....not too long after I predict we will have the great war against the masses and we shall then see what kind of society (if any) we have when its over.

The singularity is coming folks, those in power know this which is why there is such a large fascist shift in such a short period as the hoarders will try to keep their place at the top of the food chain at ALL costs including millions of human lives. What is a singularity? It is a moment in time which radically and forever changes society and our world, for previous examples see the printing press,steam engine, automobile, airplane. Once these technologies were introduced to the world the way of life planet wide was affected, reading went from an activity only for the elite to expected of all, the steam engine allowed a ship to travel across the ocean on set schedules instead of at the mercy of the currents and allowed factories to increase their output by quadruple or more overnight, and of course the airplane changed everything from freight to warfare in the blink of an eye history wise.

But for the first time in history we are reaching a point where the poor are no longer required for society to move forward because the machines will be able to do all the tasks from the picking of the food to the delivery to the consumer. Its the dark truth of John Henry which was NOT man beating the machine, but the fundamental truth that a man can work until he drops dead from exhaustion and the machine will keep on going, never getting tired, and more importantly for the elite never asking for pay. The end game of capitalism is that one shall own all and the rest shall have none and we are already a LONG way toward this goal, with the top 86 families getting nearly 90% of every dime what happens when they have reached 100% and you are no longer required?

And THAT will be the question which I truly believe will be at the core of World War III, because we can already see what the elite want to happen based upon their radical shift towards fascism and open and very blatant attacks upon the poor and whats left of the middle class, and that is an iron boot followed by slow death by starvation. It should be obvious to all by now that ultimately capitalism by its very design MUST die, because a world where 86 families control 90% of the capital while labor is replaced by machines means the very core of capitalism, trading one's physical or mental labor for capital, will soon no longer have even the pretense of functionality. Education WILL NOT SAVE YOU as the world simply won't need a billion engineers and rocket scientists, a handful of think tanks owned by the elite shall do.

What this next singularity will decide is which future the human race shall face, a Star Trek "socialism for all" where the majority have everything given to them without any labor required (because again their labor will be worthless as the robot will do it better/faster/cheaper) or the world of Soylent Green, where a handful of elite live like gods while the masses live in hell holes and slowly starve and any attempt to change this results in the iron boot upon your neck. I would say its obvious which way the majority of the %1 want it which is the latter, and this is why I fully expect to see WW III in my lifetime.

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