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Comment Re:A-10 for the Win (Score 3, Interesting) 394

I got to see an AC-130 up close at LRAFB once and...dayyymm, that sucker is just bristling with firepower, like the flying fortresses of old. If we aren't gonna build more A-10s then I say the replacement is obvious as 1.- The AC-130 is a hell of a lot cheaper than an F-35 techno-turkey, 2.- The AC-130 is a hell of a lot tougher, 3.- the AC-130 can loiter a lot longer, and finally 4.- the AC-130 can carry a lot more firepower.

As for TFA....sigh, how long will it take before the DoD admits the F-35 is a giant techno turkey and pulls the plug? If the fighter jocks have to have their stupid stealth give 'em the F-15 Silent Eagle, which can run rings around the F-35. To me the saddest part is reports are the Chinese knock off is actually better than the original (which ain't saying much) thanks to not having to have the retarded vertical take off crap for the marines. What we need to do is give the marines an updated version of the Bronco or Dragonfly, which should be small enough they should be able to launch 'em off of just about anything, give 'em a baby flat-top to carry the things and kill the VTOL crap along with the F-35 once and for all.

Comment Re:Ministry of Truth? (Score 1, Interesting) 300

They have a lot of functioning democratic process in 1984 then? Because that is what we are talking about here.

The people of Alaska didn't WANT it named for a guy that did jack and squat for their state, tried to have it changed, hit red tape,asked for help from the POTUS in cutting through said tape, and finally the name got changed.

Comment Re:I've had this as a plug-in. (Score 3, Insightful) 177

And the sad part? So many here will cheer when HTML V5 video is worse in every metric than Flash by a country mile!

Uses more resources? Yep, both CPU cycles and memory, just compare Flash/VP8 to HTML V5 H.264 of the same quality and you'll find its a pig. they try to hide how big a hog it is by offloading to the GPU but guess what? GPU cycles don't grow on tress and all that extra power sucking will equal much quicker battery drain.

Has less features? Yep again, when it comes to animation and gaming HTML V5 isn't anywhere as good as Flash, despite it being in development for...what? The better part of a decade?

And finally the rotting elephant in the room...DRM. Adobe not only has always allowed any format to be put in a flash container but they also have had zero problems with people redistributing Flash or even producing a FOSS option in Gnash. Compare this to HTML V5 which thanks to APPL and MSFT is tied to H.264, a format owned by one of the nastiest patent trolls on the planet. Anybody think they are gonna let FOSS OSes add support without cutting them a check?

I'm all for replacing flash but it should be with something BETTER, what we are getting with HTML V5 is practically a wish list written by APPL and MSFT to help their position. think APPL wants HTML V5 to be great for animation and gaming and possibly compete with their appstore? Think MSFT wants a video format that doesn't have a patent tollbooth for any possible competition?

So if you want to replace Flash? Then replace it with something BETTER, with more features, more open formats, less resource usage. What we are doing is replacing one bad idea for another and that isn't progress to me.

Comment Re:Sounds like an ad (Score 1) 316

Thanks. These ACs are a perfect example of why they are afraid to take the challenge, because they will find out the truth which is update a Mac? Everything WORKS, update Windows? Everything WORKS, update Linux? Uh ohh their OS made a stinky.

The sad truth is the last version of Windows Linux could compete with? Windows ME, as every version since could update without crapping itself. I have heard they same is true of Apple since OSX, updates just work, Linux? Has a driver model older than Win9x and the challenge just shows without any BS or trickery that Linux cannot even update itself without breaking which is honestly a worse indictment of their OS than anything I could ever say.

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 1) 416

Uhh yeah..about that? those are like the button at a stoplight, makes ya feel good but don't do shit...didn't ya get the memo? Unless you set up a hardware router with IP based blocking and block a shitload of IP addresses then everything you do is getting sent to the mothership whether you like it or not.

You didn't think you'd get anything "free" from MSFT, did you? Hell its the most expensive version of Windows EVAR as not only do you trade a legit key from a non spyware version of Windows but you ALSO give them your data for sale, so you get to double pay for that "free" OS...hell of a scam,huh?

Comment Re:Driver Model (Score 1) 378

Just FYI I have never posted AC in my life and have said repeatedly that AC posting should be banned since its just flinging shit, no dialog can be had with an AC.

So don't worry if I think you actually blather something noteworthy? I'll be happy to address it, but so far all I see is memes, like "Anything with a kernel counts as a desktop", "If Linux runs on a router that makes it popular", just the same dumb shit anecdotes and memes. Well i don't waste time with memes, if you wanna post that shit go to Reddit, the soon to be owner of /.

BTW if you bother reading any article here in the past 2 years? You'll see the majority of posts are ACs because the quality has gone to shit, its 4chan with advert articles, so you really shouldn't be surprised when 80% of the responses to your posts are ACs, that is the same percentage everybody gets.

Comment Re:To be fair (Score 1) 732

If Japan hadn't attacked the USA then Germany and Japan could have easily won, simple as that. Look at the state of america's weapons at that point, our "premier" fighter was the Buffalo, our "tanks" were M2A4s, most of our ships were WWI vintage, and the American populace was by a pretty large margin isolationist.

I would argue that it was the USA getting involved that 1.- took a LOT of pressure off the USSR (nearly all their support vehicles were quickly supplied by the USA, so many that they used Studebaker trucks as offensive weapons with the Katusha simply because they had so many) and 2.- gave the allies an almost endless supply of resources and weapons, which Germany and Japan just couldn't compete with. If Japan hadn't attacked the USA we probably would have stayed out of the war and the isolationists would have demanded we stick with "cash and carry" which would have put serious strain on the resources of the UK and USSR.

Could they have won without us? Possibly as Hitler was nothing if not a shitty strategist but it could have easily lasted into the 1950s and if the Germans would have been able to capture the southern oil fields of the Caucus region the USSR would have simply run out of gas. Ironically Japan really had no reason to attack as the resources they most desired was controlled by the Dutch and Brits and with them occupied in Europe they probably could have captured them without the USA getting involved. Pearl Harbor was a strategic blunder that even Yamamoto thought would bite them in the ass, saying "I can run wild for six months ⦠after that, I have no expectation of success".

So I would argue the key event was getting the USA committed to the fight, if that wouldn't have happened? It is quite possible their lead in tech would have been so great by the time the USA felt threatened it would have been too late.

Comment Re:Fans' Vote Was No Award (Score 0) 1034

That just shows Wesley Crusher has never played sjw or stormfront where they place a hate filled screed and YOU get to try to guess whether the vile bile being spewed is by an SJW or a member of Stormfront. If you score better than 50%? You are great at the game as the average SJW post is nearly impossible to tell apart from a neo-nazi (or in the case of Jews they may be one and the same, as SJWs hate Jews for some reason) because they are both spewing hate filled racist shit, the ONLY difference is who the racism is for and who its against.

If you don't believe SJWs are real and nasty creatures? Go spend a little time talking to them, gamer-ghazi is a good place to start, and see how long you can go before somebody starts calling you an "ist!" and screaming for your death....."SJWs, what happens when millennials treat WPP like slavery and start throwing snack packs like 4 year olds"

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1, Troll) 1034

Social Justice Warriors, deciding who counts based on progressive stack, Social Justice Warriors, if you don't think like us we are on the attack!

We are narcissists and Captain Planeteers, with our heads firmly up our rears, we think the world is black and white, and if you have a vag then you're always right!

SJWs are to activism what Heaven's Gate cult is to your local foodbank, want a perfect example of how SJWs work? Look at the "feminist" who pulled the fire alarm on a MRM meeting and stood outside with a bullhorn screaming "rapists!" at the top of her lungs. They aren't activists, they are thugs who silence all opposing viewpoints by any means necessary, and if that means destroying the Hugo awards if they can't give it to a "Sci-Fi" story about a trans person overcoming oppression or the like? Well they will look at what they have destroyed, call it a victory, and look for something else to wreck.

Welcome to the millennials folks, this is what you get when you take middle class white kids and raise them on a steady diet of self hatred and political correctness, lovely huh?

Comment Re: These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

Don't worry they'll tell you to "run it in a VM" thus proving its not about providing a functional equivalent but pushing an agenda because if you have to 1.- Buy the OS, 2.- Buy the software, just to 3.- Set up an entire host OS just so you can run the software you need in the first fucking place? Well then UR DOIN IT WRONG as your OS is offering the user absolutely nothing.

Why the fuck would they deal with all those extra layers of crap just to run the Windows in a VM when they could just skip the VM and run the damned software natively? Linux isn't saving you a cent (in fact unless you pirate you'll spend more as OEM Windows cannot be legally used in a VM, so you'll need full retail) and it certainly isn't saving you time and effort, so WTF is the point of throwing Linux in there? Sadly you talk to them the answer usually ends up "but'll be running Linux!" which just shows they are just wanting to wave their flag and what is best for the user? Really does not matter as long as the answer ends up Linux.

Comment Re: These companies keep giving us reasons (Score 1) 394

Audacity is a joke compared to Sonor, I've yet to see anything for video on Linux that compares to Vegas,Gimp is a bad joke compared to Corel much less Photoshop, LO may be fine for basic tasks but once it gets complex LO puts out word salad, thousands of dollars in games don't work, not to mention Linux drivers for graphics are still deep fried shit, hell I could go on all day.

Linux fans has this kind of OS blindness, its like the FOSS advocate says "I have a browser and LO and Gimp therefor that is all everyone else needs" when in reality there is nothing an average Linux desktop distro does that can't be done on a phone or tablet thus making your OS...really kinda irrelevant which the flatline desktop numbers show. If all you need is a browser, LO, and Gimp? Get a tablet, you are just wasting power on a PC that you frankly do not need, for everybody else? We have thousands invested in software your OS does not run, so it might as well not even exist.

Comment Re:Didn't Like Eich (Score 2, Insightful) 187

So you are a corporate socialist that hates the free market then?

Because what we saw with Brandon Eich was a classical case of the free market in action and is a perfect example of how a free market is SUPPOSED to work. People did not like Eich and since they did not own the company they used their free market power of the wallet by 1.- Refusing to install FF, in fact many uninstalled it who was using it, and 2.- They asked others not to do so and put up banners on their sites boycotting FF. This is how you are SUPPOSED to affect a company, not with bomb threats or snack pack throwers standing outside the building having baby fits, but by using the power of the wallet and the power of the square to avoid their products and urging others to do the same.

And for all the right wingers that cry for Eich, saying he wasn't ousted for "not being progressive"? I hate to burst your bubble but he was fired for refusing to do his job simple as that. What IS the job of a CEO? Well a very large part of it is to be "the face of the company" and to deal with the press and issues in the press that are affecting your company's image...what did Eich do? Say "I don't want to talk about it" like a little spineless coward and hid while the opposition could say anything they wanted and build up steam for the boycott because he refused to do his job and fight back! If he would have said "these are my beliefs, this is what I support and what I do not and why" and actually started a dialog? He probably could have diffused the entire thing, remember he had an entire PR team at Moz to help him craft his side, while the other side simply were speaking their minds, so he had a pretty big advantage.

So people used the power of the free market to affect change while an incompetent CEO sat in his chair and sulked until he had the chair taken away from him...yep, in this case the free market worked as intended.

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