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by hairyfeet (#48433619) Attached to: Intel Planning Thumb-Sized PCs For Next Year

You made a funny but for an HTPC? Its just too damned small, it limits the system too much.

IMNSHO as a system builder and VAR a much better choice would be something like the Sempron 3850 if you want a media tank and streaming box or the Athlon 5350 if you want something with a little more kick for tasks like transcoding your vids to your mobile devices. Pair it with this Asrock board and an Apex VCR style case and voila! A VERY capable HTPC based on the same APU used in the XB-One and PS4 that just sips power while being able to do pretty much any HTPC related task, even game as long as you stick to older games or lowered settings. this is one of my most popular builds,just slap a BD player into it and you have a box that looks nice in any media cabinet, can play any popular format with full hardware acceleration, and is quiet as a churchmouse.

those sticks are just too limited, most won't play local content, very few video/audio formats supported, its just too limited in function. Hell the above is flexible enough that when one of my customers had his sister's laptop die he lent her his office PC and while he waited for me to get the parts in to build her what she wanted he used his Athlon quad HTPC as his office computer and was quite happy with the performance. Oh and if you slap a couple of wireless controllers they make damned good emulator boxes, you can play everything from Atari 2600- PS1 on one of those, great for when you have friends or kids/grandkids over.

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by hairyfeet (#48433365) Attached to: Intel Planning Thumb-Sized PCs For Next Year

The NUC sucks,Look at the new AMD APUs as they have MUCH better graphics performance** as that is what you need in a media box. You can get the quad AM1 Athlon APU with the board for around $100 , just slap it in a VCR style case and you have a kicking HTPC, or if you want something closer to OOTB you can get a Zotac AMD quad micro for just $175. Personally I prefer the Athlon as not only do you get better options on the AM1 boards than either the NUC or the AMD super mini but you get a more powerful APU capable of transcoding if you need to convert some of your media before sticking it on your portable devices.

**.- Try looking up real world tests instead of benchmarks and you'll find the AMD chips are in reality in the single digits when compared with intel and in some cases like the FX8xxx chips (which can be had for less than $140) against the i5 it curbstomps it pretty badly. The reason why the benches say different is pretty easy to explain, intel bribes them to compile their benchmarks with the Intel Cripple Compiler. in some cases even that isn't enough for Intel as Cinebench was recently caught putting "If AMD slow down tests" in their benchmarking software to make Intel look better. Wanna guess where a VERY large portion of their advertising budget comes from? For examples of what happens when you don't use rigged benches see this video where an AMD 8350 goes up against an Intel 3850, a CPU which literally costs double what the 8350 does, and the 8350 wins damned near every test, or this one where a now 3 generations behind Phenom II X6 is placed against the midrange Intel and the difference is still under 5%. Oh and for those that'll say "ZOMFG AMD will wreck your power bill ZOMFG!" that is complete and total bullshit as to make up the difference in cost between an AMD and an Intel, even using the 125w AMD, would take you 18.9 years. if you OC the shit out of the AMD it would still take nearly 7 years, longer than anybody will likely keep a PC.

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It won't matter as THEY ARE ALL DOOMED, at least in the USA...why? Because they ALL require plentiful bandwidth to the cloud and the ISPs are going with ever nastier data caps.

This is why I'm not worried about these premades competing with my HTPC business, because very customer so far that has tried it has come crawling back to me after they see their Internet bill LOL. With a real HTPC you can rip your own DVDs and BDs onto your media tank and use zero bandwidth, while these sticks will blow through a data cap like shit through a goose.

Sorry Intel but unless you plan on spending a couple hundred billion rolling out your own national ISP you can give it up, these things just won't have the bandwidth to make them any more than paperweights.

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My grandfather taught me long ago that when someone tries to silence speech? You had damned well better start following the money, because it WILL be involved. But lately we've seen a LOT of places where if you don't jump on board? They do NOT debate, they sling insults and try to silence you. And wadda ya know? A LOT of that shit ends up being traced back to people cashing checks from 3 letter agencies.

Now out of the blue we suddenly have the guy that brought us the broken alpha crap that was Pulse shoving a critical subsystem out of the way for this sprawling monster that even supporters admit "needs work"...yet even the distros SUPPOSEDLY based on stability are tripping over themselves to take this? Why? They even admitted some basic functionality like letting you boot to a point where you can fix shit if it breaks is dicey! And anybody who doesn't want this, that even wants to debate it, is being banned or being told "take it or fuck off" does this SOUND like the normal conversations Linux devs have? Hell it sounds like Apple NOT Linux!

NOW follow the money...makes a HELL of a lot more sense as all the ones pushing like hell? All are getting money in 1 form or another from where does RH gets ITS money from? NSA,FBI,CIA,DoD, if the US government stopped buying RH tomorrow they would lose over 85% of their business overnight, it would literally demolish that company. ya wanna know how you know when you're on the right track? When those in the opposite camp have NO answer to this but to say "Oh you're just a conspiracy nut"...yeah said the same thing about the NSA intercepting phone calls before the AT&T whislteblower came out, didn't they? And isn't it funny how after Snowden leaked all their old tricks how suddenly this critical subsystem, which frankly is one of the most stable parts of Linux, hell even I didn't have any complaints about the init system and I'm the guy that came up with "the hairyfeet challenge" to show how broken the Linux update situation is, now all of a sudden the thing that nobody was bitching about is soooo terrible the ONLY choice is to hand the whole thing over to RH, really?

My grandfather was a wise man and his advice is just as good now as it was then, so when you see a concerted effort to stifle debate, to block speech and belittle those with an opposing opinion by labeling them "code words" meant to detract like troll, flamebait, nutter,, etc? FOLLOW THE MONEY as you can damned well be assured there is serious $$$ involved, otherwise why not simply debate?

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Well when you start killing discussion? That should throw up a 50 foot RED FLAG because there is something DIRTY going on behind the scenes, otherwise why not simply fight them with logic?

More than 85% of RH's money is coming from 3 letter agencies, NSA,CIA,DoD,FBI, if the US gov stopped buying RH for their servers? Then RH as a company IS DEAD, this is a fact, you can read this on their SEC filings, its common knowledge. Now what OS is used for secure communications and even has releases based on giving the user maximum privacy? lets look at this logically, if YOU worked for a 3 letter agency and wanted it compromised, how would you do it? Well the most obvious and easiest way would be to have a critical subsystem that all require be controlled by a company YOU can control in turn, yes? And having that critical software affect more and more critical systems would simply make it easier to not only break but give you a nice cover story since "Oh it wasn't X, it was a vulnerability in Y that COMPROMISED X that was the problem"...again this is just common sense.

So to have a company so tightly joined with the US gov pushing the living shit about this and doing their damnedest to silence critics? Yeah something smells rotten in Denmark, no different than how the most vocal proponents of TOR are connected to Radio Free Asia which is owned by DARPA. In this electronic society it really isn't hard to follow the money and when you have something being pushed waaay past where logic would dictate? Frankly the FIRST thing you should do is see who is signing the checks. After Snowden anything less is just being naive.

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I'm sorry but the Windows registry is the BEST THING EVAR and beats the dogshit off the "lets shotgun .txt files all over" that Linux uses. just FYI but NOBODY HAS TO obfuscate, they have the choice but its NOT forced, and thanks to the registry I can fix a multitude of problems by simply sending someone a .reg file. they don't have to do anything else, deal with bash bullshit, know anything complicated, simply "clicky clicky" and they are done.

I'd take a hundred Windows registries over the mess of txt crap that Linux uses, which too many distros take upon themselves to change just enough to make it incompatible with others. With Windows a single well written reg file can cover everything from XP-Win10, 15+ years of compatibility, Linux has nothing that comes close, nothing.

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I am paying for an apt even though I have a nice 3 bed 2 bath sitting empty, why? Because its a block from where the lines end and neither the DSL or cable will run the whole block and a half to give me net. I can literally see the DSLAM and cable junction box from the backdoor but neither will hook me up the ONLY one that will? Herps De Derpa WISP which is so badly set up you can see everyone on a tower through network neighborhood on windows...I'm not shitting you, you can see every.single.person. on the tower through NN on Windows...yeah no, not gonna trust my CC info or my surfing on that shit.

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by hairyfeet (#48409985) Attached to: Elite: Dangerous Dumps Offline Single-Player

Bimbo newton Crosby, they have generated such negative feelings from the very community REQUIRED to keep such a game alive (not like space sims are very popular and their community is small but loyal) so you can stick a fork, this thing is done. they'll probably bleed through what isn't taken in chargebacks in a few months and find their game is a ghostown and that will be that, just another failed MMO that nobody will remember a year from now.

Its a damned shame as I like Descent Freespace and Freelancer and would have looked into this upon release but not now, I don't support companies that treat their supporters like that.

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If you use TOR or Freenet and have a family or are not a millionaire who can afford to throw away hundreds of thousands on lawyers you are a fool, simple as that. As my friend in the state crime lab pointed out the ways the laws are written when it comes to distribution and facilitation mean that anybody that runs an exit node or has a Freenet cache can be busted as a child pornographer and what do ya know, some countries are already doing just that.

Thanks to the vague as fuck ways these laws are written it DOES NOT MATTER that you can't see the files you cache on Freenet, that you aren't scanning the TOR traffic coming through your exit node or that you don't even see so much as a single jpg, it doesn't even matter if your PC is obviously hijacked by somebody else because at the end of the day ALL that matters is that CP passed through your router. That is all the court cares about, the cops who get increased federal funding for more CP busts sure has no fucks to give and the prosecutor? look at the virus link, even when shown proof that when the unit is connected to the net it is instantly controlled by another party he comes up with a "I bet he did that on purpose to cover up his crimes!" BS excuse. Why? Because I have no doubt he'll be running for public office and CP busts sell to the soccer mom set.

So you can believe its a honeypot (which is what I believe, too many "advocates" banging the "TOR is for freedom and privacy!" drum are getting their checks from the likes of Radio Free Asia and other CIA fronts. I seriously doubt any less than 90% of the money going into TOR isn't coming from 3 letter agencies and fronts for the same like RFA) or a bastion of freedom, doesn't matter, all that matters is the current laws as written mean you can spend the rest of your life behind bars for using it. I don't know about anybody else but I have no desire to spend the rest of my life rotting in a cell, especially if it turns out to be a giant honeypot for alphabet agencies to run spook shit overseas while giving them plenty of targets to bust.

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But this still doesn't explain why, why would you take a distro known for stability and push something so bleeding edge and untested into the stable branch with so many screaming bloody murder? I mean you think this would be basic common sense, if your OS is known for stability and the system you have has been working without issue then DO NOT RISK FAILURE by slapping the untested and buggy replacement until its had time to be properly vetted in testing!

I'm starting to think the rumors are true that RH is ramming this down everybody's throats and giving everyone a "you are with us or you are against us" ultimatum, because logically the moves we have seen with regards to systemd simply do not make sense. The previous solution wasn't perfect but its not like X-Server where it hasn't kept up with the times and is crash prone so there really is no need to be pushing it THIS hard unless there is some politics involved. After Snowden ppointed out how tight RH and the NSA are? yeah I really don't blame folks for not wanting something untested that adds a giant single point of failure into their stable releases, especially when they seem to be ignoring everyone that doesn't want to jump on and trivializing their concerns.

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The problem is the big ISPs have already cherry picked the places they want and have zero fucks to give about anybody else so anybody that isn't already covered by one of the majors gets "Herpa-de derp's wireless shitnet of infinite pain" which believe me going back to shotgunning modems would be better!

I should know as I ended up moving to get away from a Herp-de derp WISP. These "brilliant networking geniuses" decided I HAD to "have teh viruz!" because I used like 6GB of data (running WSUS Update through a VM to gather patches to update my desktops at the time) in a week so I brought the only system I was using on their WISP... a laptop running Xandros Linux Business. I sat there with my mouth dragging the floor as their "chief networking specialist" promptly TRIED TO INSTALL NORTON FOR WINDOWS ON A LINUX LAPTOP and when I pointed out that Norton for Windows wasn't gonna run on Linux? He broke out an AVG for Windows disc LOL! Needless to say I demanded and got my money back and started looking for a new place to live the next day.

So while this is a nice idea IN THEORY in reality none of the big boys will bother, after all if they had a single fuck to give they wouldn't have already taken 200 billion in tax dollars and given us a low res Goatse in return, so what you'll get is indie WISPs that know less than your average 15 year old halo player when it comes to networking.

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Oh good so its not just me then? Because I thought I surely had to have missed something because Debian has the image of stability yet here we are with another "masterpiece" by the same guy that shoved Pulse out when it wasn't even alpha quality yet Debian is suddenly jumping on with this ultra bleeding edge? Why? Why would they risk their rep by shoving out the door something this uncooked?

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I have a question, which I hope won't be ignored simply because I'm the "token Windows guy" here, because this one has been puzzling me when it comes to Debian..

Since Debian is known as the "super stable" distro and from what we've seen systemd obviously still has some issues to be worked out why not simply have systemd in testing and have stable without? Correct me if I'm wrong but as I understand it Debian has stable and testing yes? So why the rush to put systemd in stable when it appears to make more sense to have it in testing until all the bugs are ironed out, or at least not make it the default until the thing is ready?

I mean I could understand this if it were Ubuntu, whose motto might as well be "so bleeding edge the ISOs have stigmata" but that has never the kind of image that Debian has projected. While I'm not the conspiracy nut type having every distro push this including the ones known for being conservative? It DOES smell hinky as well as give off the whiff of a bit of "good old boys club", especially since its from the same guy that gave the world Pulse way way WAY before it was ready.

So I just don't get it, why not diffuse the whole thing, leave it in testing until the bugs are ironed out and once its features are all ironed out THEN put it in stable? I don't know all the backstage politics so maybe there is political considerations but from a strictly logical standpoint that sounds like the best way to what am I missing?

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And if they DO NOT WANT TO, what then? Let me guess, tax tax tax tax and oh yeah how about some tax?

I spent the majority of my life hard left until they frankly went full on statist, now its all "big mommy knows best" and you can solve everything with more taxes. I frankly hate the bible thumping bullshit of the right but at least they aren't trying to take my right to choose by taxing everything they don't like until only their rich prick asses can afford it.

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