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Comment: Re:StraighTalk (Score 1) 170

by hairyfeet (#48254735) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Unlimited Data Plan For Seniors?
But have you tested it to see if it REALLY gives you 3G speeds? Because I have customers in my area that have tried those kinds of plans and honestly it feels no better than dialup once they hit the cap. We're talking video that does nothing but buffer, audio skips, its like throwing on the brakes and makes it worthless for anything more than checking email.

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by hairyfeet (#48254279) Attached to: OEM Windows 7 License Sales End This Friday

Why? Newegg was selling XP for a good year after MSFT had quit selling OEMs and as one of the beta testers running on real hardware I have to say Windows 10? Its really REALLY good, faster, more responsive, the few differences between 7 and 10 are frankly for the better like having notifications condensed into a single place.

So if the past is any indication, and we have every reason to believe it will be, you will be able to buy Windows 7 for a good 6 months or more past the Windows 10 release and following the "Star Trek" rule Windows 10 is another Windows 7 so its all good, use 7 now, get 10 (which rumors are will only be $30, possibly free) later.

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by hairyfeet (#48222435) Attached to: Microsoft Exec Opens Up About Research Lab Closure, Layoffs

Or maybe he is just accepting reality, which is unless there is some major breakthrough we're pretty much finished innovating? The cost to get below 20nm has been calculated to be non-profitable for pretty much everybody, sure Intel is doing it but they are also shutting fabs because chips have been insanely overpowered for several years now and ARM? ARM don't scale, once you go past a certain MHz it shits all over its power budget which is why we are now up to octocore on the ARM side.

The simple fact is that all the really good uses for tech have been done, which is why Apple is grasping at straws with the iWatch. Computers, be it desktop or mobile, are gonna end up like washing machines, things you don't replace until they break. You can stuff 'em in tables and walls and watches all day long but unless we come up with either some super new battery tech or some new material that doesn't have electron leakage? We are pretty much as high as we are gonna go. Hell even gaming can't punish the systems like it used to, a C2Q from half a decade ago can easily play damned near every game out there, there just isn't anyway to go higher without blowing LOTR money on the game.

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by hairyfeet (#48219001) Attached to: How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor

And have the RAM soldered to the board? No thanks, I don't like getting buttfucked so some corp can charge Compaq RAM profit margins for commodity parts.

I'd much rather buy a quad with SSD for $210 or an octocore with HDD for $290 and use the money I save to buy a more powerful GPU and as much RAM as I'd like without getting bent over to increase Apple's quarterly earnings report.

If you like Apple because you like the design or having a girly UI bolted onto BSD? That's cool, enjoy your purchase. But don't try to sell us that horseshit that Apple is a "good deal" because its not, never was, and never will be. Its a boutique brand with insane profit margins on the exact same parts you can get from anywhere...let me repeat that, they use THE EXACT SAME PARTS you can buy anywhere, its the same bog standard Foxxconn made boards, same Intel CPUs, same old same. If you want to pay a hipster tax to apple? Its your money, spend it how you wish, but don't try to sell us bullshit, we ain't buying crazy today.

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by hairyfeet (#48215549) Attached to: Two Exocomet Families Found Around Baby Star System
What does it matter really? Thanks to that relativity thing we will never ever get anywhere anyway, it could be a trillion light years or 50 light years, it just won't matter because at the end of the day all we will EVER get to do is look at the past through our little telescopes because we are out here in the asshole end of a spiral arm, too far from anything good to get anywhere.

Sorry if that is depressing but if you look at pics of the Milky Way there is plenty of places where you can practically hop from star to star and then....there is where we are, this little island so far from the good stuff that if we built a probe with our best reactor its power would be long dead before it reached the next star, much less any of the real interesting places.

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by hairyfeet (#48215485) Attached to: Ello Formally Promises To Remain Ad-Free, Raises $5.5M

"Greetings valued user. As of this day our IP has been sold to MAJOR MARKETING COMPANY FRONT OF THREE LETTER AGENCY. As a result of said purchase we have now shut down and all user accounts are closed. If you wish to maintain your account and information, you may accept the EULA below and your account will be transferred to MAJOR MARKETING COMPANY FRONT OF THREE LETTER AGENCY's new social networking system that will offer all of the same functionality we did and more!" FTFY

A site dedicated to user privacy, with each user going to enough trouble of using this over the more....err..."open data" social sites? That would be probably worth an easy 20 million, after all to a 3 letter agency 20 mil is chump change. They also wouldn't care if the users ran or not, the past data is the value as it can be used to build detailed files on the kind of people that care about privacy, the same kind that protest or go to occupy events,the kind 3 letter agencies want big files on.

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by hairyfeet (#48210595) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

Why go to TPB when Win 10 is free to download straight from MSFT? And YES the tiles are only on the right side, where devices and printers and control panel used to be (they are on the left now, big whoop) and its easy enough to simply remove those tiles.

On a positive note you can make those tiles anything you want (as well as nothing at all) so I have stuck the weather there, although now that I have my Windows 7 gadgets back I'll probably get rid of it as I can easily add weather along with my beloved CoreTemp there.

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by hairyfeet (#48208271) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

Which is why everyone voted with their wallets and Windows 8 flopped like a fish on the bank in August!

I'm running Win10 on the netbook at the shop (figure if it runs good on an AMD Bobcat with a 5400RPM HDD? It'll run good on anything) and I have to say...I like the new UI, its enough like the traditional control panel you aren't sitting there playing "guess WTF they called it" like you did with Win 8 but at the same time thy have an easy mode for the casual users...I have no problem with that as long as I can bypass easy mode and get to the full tools, which at least in this build you can.

If they set the price right I could see this killing off XP and getting a good chunk of the diehard Win 7 users (like myself) to jump on board. Its fast, has a good solid desktop, the UI works well (with the exception of that damned start menu lagging as it downloads the updates to the tiles, but that is easy enough to kill) and its easy enough for a long time user to use while giving the casual users a good hand holding...again i have no problems with this, unlike Win 8 where that shit just wouldn't fuck off.

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by hairyfeet (#48200747) Attached to: 'Microsoft Lumia' Will Replace the Nokia Brand

Uhhh...did everybody forget that Nokia still exists as a company? And that as part of the sale they are only barred from selling mobile devices for 3 years? Why in the hell would they want to build positive rep for a brand they will be most likely competing against in a few years?

Frankly the whole argument is moot anyway because you go into mobile stores and folks don't call it the "Nokia Lumia" anymore than they call it the "Samsung Galaxy" or "HTC Evo" its just the Lumia, Galaxy, and Evo. Working retail I deal with folks and phones all damned day (one of the new services I offer is loading Android ROMs,becoming quite popular here) and I can tell you nobody calls them the full name, they just call it by the model.

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by hairyfeet (#48191347) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork

Well if the rumors are true then RH has been quietly stacking the deck by loading Debian with ex RH employees then a fork is the only possible chance of keeping from getting system'd.

In case anybody wonders why they are trying to ram systemd so hard? Cloud computing, they want systemd to be a "one size fits all" for their cloud computing initiative. Great for RH, not so great for everybody else. In any case it will be interesting if the users can "take the OS back" from Red Hat and the corporate interests like Windows users did when they refused to take Win 8, it will be quite fascinating to see whether Linux users without the power of the wallet can change things simply by protest.

I personally wish them nothing but luck, as it sucks to see an OS you have serious time and money invested in get a big old shit taken on it by the suits...good luck Debian users, may you tell the suits where they can stick their system'd crap.

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by hairyfeet (#48184067) Attached to: If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

I would only add there is a legitimate REASON for it in an ALPHA BUILD, its so that MSFT can find out which ones of the literally tens of millions of software programs that run on Windows need shims,compatibility modes, or be outright blocked for being incompatible. there is no way in hell even a company the size of MSFT can test THAT many programs so they let us try it before it comes out (which benefits guys like me who can see if our customers would be able to use it) and in return you do just as I've done and let 'em find out which programs don't work and give 'em feedback. They tell you exactly what they are doing ahead of time and again it costs you NOTHING to install this OS and try it on as many boxes as you want.

With Apple the cheapest unit is...what $600 for the Mini? And most have Macbooks which start at like a grand...and they are gonna datamine your ass on TOP of the insane amount of profit margin they are making on their hardware? really? There is greedy and there is fucking greedy piggies, it sounds like we have a case of the latter here folks. I wish this surprised me but sadly it don't, I have customers that were hardcore Macbook users and I've seen Applecare go from "If we built it we service it" to "Oh that an older model we don't fix those...wanna buy a new one?" so this really doesn't surprise me, should have known with Cook starting out in supply that quality would go down while monetizing would go up.

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by hairyfeet (#48178735) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Stop PulseAudio From Changing Sound Settings?
Interesting? Just for stringing together memes? Well lets break down his meme spewing shall we? We have living in the past, a very old classic and fav of Pogson, we have the ever popular works for me, and of course blaming the user which brings up its free so you can't complain. Oh and I fucking LMAO that the VERY FIRST POST was the ever hilarious battle cry of the FOSSie masses, the ever popular why do you hate free software, because if you don't slurp every drop of koolaid, including that shoved by an employee of the company trying to jam an SVCHOSTS into Linux for its own gain why you MUST be part of an organized attack on FOSS...ROFLcopter the amount of crazy is just too much LOL!

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by hairyfeet (#48157235) Attached to: Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas
The last "power user" version of Windows was Win2K, sorry. WinXP had the search doggy,starting with WinME they had the "wow we think you are tarded!" wizards, Windows hasn't been for the power users OOTB since business and consumer merged. Does that mean power users couldn't tweak it to get what they want? Of course not but again the topic was what you get OOTB and OOTB has been trying to dumb down since the days of MSBob, that is just how it is and why we have regedit.

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