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by hairyfeet (#47526887) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

I think the $99 netbooks that are gonna be coming out this fall should just suck up these low end sales like a sponge. After all the new Atom and Jaguar chips are crazy powerful and at 8 inches it'll be just perfect for kids sticking into backpacks. i already have a dozen customers that have put off getting their kids a tablet to get one of these new netbooks and I have a feeling that without having the lowest cost these ChromeOS sales are gonna dry up, same goes for the low end tablets.

After all why would you buy a Chromebook that ONLY works on the net when you could have a netbook that runs all the apps a Chromebook can run AND run offline as well? Oh and the Linux guys should love 'em as both Intel and AMD have been pretty good about opening up the APUs so it should be a dirt cheap way to have a pocket Linux lappy.

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by hairyfeet (#47526791) Attached to: Announces Linux Support

I think you missed his point, his point is the old DOS game is wrapped in a Windows installer that often won't run on the platform he is using and there is NO way to just download the original files WITHOUT the installer which would allow him to trivially get it running in Linux.

While I have never been a fan of Linux I agree that is stupid for multiple reasons, not only does it make his ability to buy and use these games much harder (thus making it more likely he and those on his platform won't buy, thus hurting sales) but there are also plenty of DOS fans that use integrated launchers like D-Fend that could also use the raw files so they can just drop them into their custom DOSBox and call it a day. Considering you get the files AFTER running the Windows installer i see no reason in not just offering the option to download the game installer free.

This reminds me of the stupid 2K Humble Bundle I bought last week, the whole reason i bought it was "yay they have a GFWL DRM free version of Bioshock 1, no more needing a pirate version of a game I bought or dealing with GFWL removal crap, yay!" only to find that while yes their version was 100% DRM free it did NOT support torrenting, ONLY a direct download that was glitchy as hell and which wouldn't work with download managers....argh! I finally had to fire up 32bit IE of all things as that was the only browser that seemed to play nice with their download. If its already DRM free why not give me the choice of torrent?

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by hairyfeet (#47479851) Attached to: Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh

Oh I have been singing the praises of the AM1, its a fucking AWESOME chip! I mean a replaceable ULV that does 1080p easily AND is the same chip used in the PS4 AND only uses 25w WHILE having boards that offer options like having multiple PCIe and even a PCI slot and the whole setup can be had for less than $100? Well hell what's not to like!

And I put an E350 Bobcat against a Pentium D805 and even having over 1GHz speed difference it was a joke, that little $60 board just curbstomped that 805. it was then when I really realized how truly shit the P4 design was, because when the weakest Bobcat can beat one of their best duals you know its a garbage design.

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by hairyfeet (#47474987) Attached to: Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh

Actually the P4 would have been fine if they could have reached the clocks they predicted (10GHz+) but the pipes ended up so damned long every cache miss was like slamming on the brakes, not to mention the truly insane amounts of heat the last P4s belched out.

This is why I tell folks to toss if they have a P4 as while an Athlon of the same age is still useful the amount of heat belched out by Prescott and Cedar Mill P4s is just nuts. At the shop I've been replacing P4s with E350s and recently socket AM1s and even those bottom of the line netbook chips still feel faster than the P4 while putting out practically zero heat out the back. You don't realize how badly the cache misses slow the chip until you put an Athlon 64 or first gen Core Solo against the high clocked Pentium Ds, even at double the clocks they just feel dog slow.

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by hairyfeet (#47474553) Attached to: LibreSSL PRNG Vulnerability Patched

Nice to see that I'm not the only one who thought the response was completely unprofessional.

What is it lately with all these OSS guys in key positions turning into Ulrich Drepper clones? Have they gotten so used to being told how great they are that when anybody dares point out a mistake they HAVE to go nuclear? You got Torvalds flipping off companies and throwing fits like a 14 year old Halo player, you got de Raadt acting like a giant ass, now you got this Has everybody forgotten what it means to act like a professional?

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by hairyfeet (#47474255) Attached to: Apple Agrees To $450 Million Ebook Antitrust Settlement

Uhhh..spin it how you want but the emails showed beyond a doubt that Apple was price fixing and sorry, that is illegal. Also if you think Apple was price fixing "for good of the people"....BWA HA HA HA HA, that is damned funny, it was to increase their share and make sure no competitor could undercut them, again going against free market competition.

Of course they could always do like Amazon and take less profit per sale...ha ha ha, who am I kidding, Apple take less? never!

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I don't know what the coward was doing but I used PING plenty at the shop with 2K Pro and it worked just fine.

Frankly I wouldn't even put XP in their top OSes, by SP2 it was okay, never great, and while SP3 did have speed improvements it made up for that with patch cruft. If I were to rank their top OSes it would be Win 7, Win XP X64 (which was IRL Win 2K3 workstation), Win 2K, and then it would be a coin flip between Vista and WinXP 32bit as both of them required SPs to become usable and both OOTB sucked the big wet titty.

As for win 9? If the rumors are true that there will be NO local login (so they can datamine you, try to sell you shit with the appstore, and do a dozen "are you a dirty pirate?" checks a day) then I figure it wil be another VistaBomb, but if they just give us Win 7 with the under the hood features of win 8.x like better SSD support and WIM? Then it will be a hit. So far I have yet to see anything from this new guy to convince me he isn't just "Balmer 2.0" only whereas Balmer was "touchscreen touchscreen and did we mention we work with touchscreen?" while this new guy seems to be "cloud cloud and did we mention we have a cloud?".

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by hairyfeet (#47392433) Attached to: New Single Board Computer Lets You Swap Out the CPU and Memory

What I can't believe is that they compare this weak sauce single core to a NUC, it'd be like comparing a Pinto to a Porsche as they really aren't even in the same class.

If you want something crazy affordable to compare to a NUC then check out the new AMD AM1 Jaguar kits, like this you can swap CPUs but unlike this the smallest you can get is a dual core APU while for $100 you can have the quad Athlon APU and all the chips are based on the same Jaguar chips they use in the PS4 and XBone. I've built both the Sempron dual and Athlon quad and I have to say...they are fricking great! The Sempron makes a great ULV server or basic netbox while the quad makes for a decent desktop or really nice media tank. The new APUs have hardware acceleration for all the popular video formats and they are crazy low power draw so making silent systems with them is pretty trivial. the only caveat is get the faster RAM as with APUs the RAM speed makes a difference when it comes to graphics performance but other than that they are great for DIY systems on the cheap.

But units like the NUC and AM1 are why I think the days of ARM being used on anything but ultra cheapo Chinese crap are numbered, as both AMD and Intel are dipping into single digit power draw territory while having an IPC that just curbstomps ARM. I've said it before and it looks like time is proving me right, you just can't scale up ARM without blowing the power budget while both AMD and Intel are getting better with each rev on power while still keeping a huge IPC lead. If this trend continues there just won't be a point in using ARM for anything but bargain basement as they just won't have the performance to compete with AMD, much less Intel.

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by hairyfeet (#47361685) Attached to: Improv Project, Vivaldi Tablet Officially Dead

Linux is to Android what Linux is to TiVo, it was cheaper to snatch the kernel than write their own, the rest, including the idea of FOSS (look up on Ars the excellent article about Android going proprietary Google is pulling a EEE on Android) they didn't want.

So to make your sentence accurate it should read, Google does, Apple does, Microsoft does, which explains it, money, and money. The public has shown repeatedly they don't give even a single fuck about walled gardens or openness, hence the runaway success of iPad, so if the ONLY feature you can tout over the other guy is "freedom"? You are fucking dead, or like OpenPandora on life support.

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by hairyfeet (#47342757) Attached to: That Toy Is Now a Drone

Which is what I think is funny about this whole "drone vs model" crap, they are talking about planes even the largest of which frankly isn't gonna be able to carry enough payload to do even a tenth the damage of a Rider truck with fertilizer. If there is anything we should have learned from OKC its that low tech does a hell of a lot more damage while being easy for even the dumbest terrorist to construct. And I'm sure that if you counted up every vehicle used for combat out there? Drones wouldn't even be in the top 50, probably not even in the top 100 when it comes to terrorists, its technicals and bomb trucks.

This is just another case of "Hollywood scenario planning" where the government treats the high tech shit they see on NCIS and 24 and treat it as a legitimate threat because they can't/won't admit the truth.....which is that what makes terrorists effective is the fact they can take pretty much anything and make it a weapon. If you want to see what terrorists weapons are like you should look at the crazy IEDs the military has disarmed in Iraq, everything from copies of late WWII German wooden mines made out of footlockers and packing crates to paint cans filled with homemade explosives and metal scraps and rigged to a beeper, what makes terrorism so hard to stop isn't them using high tech shit, its just the opposite, they often go so low tech that you'd have to ban pretty much all agriculture and household cleaning products to stop 'em.

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by hairyfeet (#47338957) Attached to: The Revolutionary American Weapons of War That Never Happened

Neither did the Flapjack, which is what we were talking about, nor did the ice carrier, the bat bomb (although it did burn down a test facility) and many of the other batshit crazy every side was working on back then, don't mean they aren't cool to check out. Also check out Blacktail's Disasters! series (he has tank and warplane) to see some designs that were stupid, badly thought out, or just plain batshit.

But just because it saw combat (and I don't think the AR-234 ever had a confirmed kill) doesn't make it good, see the Ferdinand, baka bomb, or the Buffalo for failed designs that got real soldiers killed and we aren't talking about the other side. Doesn't mean they aren't interesting to check out (or fly if you have IL2:1946).

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by hairyfeet (#47322203) Attached to: The Revolutionary American Weapons of War That Never Happened

Noo no and nope. After Coral Sea there was a serious chance that we would have no carriers (in 1941 a study was done that predicted no new full carriers before 1946) so that is why they went for the Flapjack. it turned out that Cruiser conversions worked a LOT better than expected and that combined with the faster production of the Essex made the flapjack no longer needed.

Again go look at the video, strange weapons or weird weapons of WWII is what its called, the have video and pics of all the planes. As far as the ME163 I was NOT talking about the Baka Bomb, they also had their own version of the ME163 called the J8M which was based on ME163 but was lengthened to give them a longer flight time. And as far as the USSR fighter they have footage of the test flights and it worked pretty damned well, but the death of the test pilot combined with the tide of war switching in the east thanks to increased output (as Stalin is quoted as saying "quantity has a quality all its own") meant there was simply no need to iron out the bugs. it also has drawings and computer generated footage of the flying wing (called the arrow it looked like an arrowhead) and the pulsejet plane that the USSR was testing.

Anyway look it up sometime if you are interested in WWII as its pretty interesting.

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by hairyfeet (#47320067) Attached to: The Revolutionary American Weapons of War That Never Happened

That's the one and considering it was doing 138 mph on the engines that were basicaly throw aways? it was a pretty awesome design. I would have loved to have seen what it would do with a couple of merlins but it was designed at a time when it looked like the closest the Navy would get to a carrier was slapping some planks on a merchantman and by the time it was done they were ass deep in carriers.

There is a series on YouTube, "Strange Weapons of WWII" that has one for the Allies, one for Japan, one for the Nazies, and one for the USSR that has a LOT more detail than the flimsy Wiki article if you are interested. The Russians had a rocket fighter, the Japanese a much better version of the ME163 and a backwards wing fighter, and of course the nazis were always coming up with weird weapons, and on the Allies it has Churchill and the Ice Carrier as well as the flapjack, including the first tests of the wing using remote control models. Its a pretty good series if you like weird weapons.

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Nothing wrong with GOTY as it usually just means it is all the expansion packs prerolled into the game and GOTY sounds better than "For all that passed on it here is the game and all the expansions at one low price!" when it comes to marketing. The same goes for HD remasters when they are REALLY a remastering of an old game NOT when its just last year's game with a few new textures.

As far as the others? I honestly can't tell by the title WTF they are and I would say THAT is the problem, if somebody who has been playing PC games since the early 90s can't tell WTF it is you are selling? Then you should work on your labeling.

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