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Comment: Re:Ethics? (Score 1) 480

by hairyfeet (#48637525) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

Social Justice Warriors, deciding who counts based on progressive stack, Social Justice Warriors, if you don't think like us we are on the attack!

We are narcissists and Captain Planeteers, with our heads firmly up our rears, we think the world is black and white, and if you have a vag then you'e always right!

/sung to the tune of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", be sure to post your own version when a SJWer tries to ruin a thread near you!/

What SJWers prove is that they FEAR a free market because they know the mainstream isn't gonna buy shit non-games like Depression Quest so the ONLY thing you can do is try to attack and legislate and ban that which you cannot hope to compete against. Why are you so afraid of competition? Is it you are sure your ideas are that intolerable?

We have the emails showing collusion, we have the evidence of their blacklisting those that don't tow the party line (illegal in several states, where is the investigation into this?) and we have plenty of evidence of self enrichment such as Zoe Quinn and the Gamejam that went straight to her personal checking.

They tried to compete in a free market, they failed, now they try to build rep by playing the victim card, they are the Rev Al of feminism, and you can kiss their ass all you want but in the end if you are a cishet you simply don't rank in the progressive stack, you are the enemy. But luckily for the rest of us its still a capitalist country and the free market WILL win. Kotaku is bleeding money, the viewership plummets, many of those on gamejournopro shall likely lose their jobs, it will NOT save those sites, and those that try to Rev Al feminism like AS and ZQ will have their support and opportunities dry up, see how quick EA put out a press release saying they would NOT be having anything to do with AS who had been insinuating she would consult with them.

If you are not afraid then let the market decide, we will see if your ideas are acceptable or foul. Considering both the left and right wings can agree that SJWers are narcissist whiners nobody wants anything to do with? I have a feeling we both know what the outcome of your toxic beliefs are, hence the calls for banning and attempts to silence those who don't support you.

Comment: Re:503 (Score 1) 387

by hairyfeet (#48633525) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites
Don't even get me started on the ass cancer that is IP V6, because what we REALLY need with the *.A.A pushing for "IP address equals a person" and Snowden showing us the level of government monitoring is a new IP address schema that doesn't support any kind of NAT and which will assign every device on the net a unique and trackable IP addresss...yeah what can possibly go wrong?

Comment: Re:Ethics? (Score 2) 480

by hairyfeet (#48633405) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

This is an issue I truly believe socialists like myself and conservatives like yourself can come together on because NOBODY likes corruption, manipulation and hypocrisy and that IS ultimately what "Gamergate" is about.

Just don't label the SJWers as "radical left" okay? They have about as much to do with the left as Rev Al has in common with MLK, its about co-opting for the purpose of self enrichment, its about a handful of women who have figured out how to use the guise of feminism to put money in their bank accounts, see Zoe Quinn killing Fine Young Capitalists so she could push a "Women's GameJam" that went straight into her personal checking account, or how Anita Sarkeesian went from being a telemarketing shill to being the Andrea Dworkin of video games, at the end of the day its about stealing an idea, perverting it, and making bank off it.

But just as I wouldn't try to paint all conservatives with the same brush by saying all conservatives believe like Rand Paul that you should be able to discriminate against other races as long as its under the guise of private business, I would hope that you would afford those of us on the left that believe in safety nets for the poor and fairness in everything from taxes to political power and lump us in with those that say every ill of the world is because of white straight penis holders.

At the end of the day I think we can BOTH agree that political agendas don't belong in gaming, nor do we need a gaming media clic that is corrupt to the core and THAT is what BOTH sides need to be focusing on, the fact that you had 13 websites putting out the exact same story almost word for word within a few minutes of each other, that this very same media was covering up the fact they had both physical and financial interests in the games they were promoting, and that those with a political bent that both sides would rightly label extreme was using this podium to silence and blacklist those that did not support their agenda or at least pay lip service to their beliefs. This level of corruption simply cannot be tolerated and we in the gaming community and the Internet community in general should accept nothing less than the gamejournopro writers no longer being in gaming media and the websites they worked with going under because this level of collusion and corruption must NOT be allowed to spread, lest it taint and infect all those around it.

Comment: Re:Ethics? (Score 2, Informative) 480

by hairyfeet (#48631729) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

Its about corruption, about members of the gaming press having relations, both physical AND financial, with game developers they were promoting, and about a secret Google group where the supposedly "independent journalists" were given marching orders and told what to push, what to ignore, and whom to attack. When the news came out? THIRTEEN gaming sites issued THE EXACT SAME STORY about how they didn't need gamers and that gamers were "dead".

If you would like corroboration you can start with this video that provides multiple links to back what I've written up.

Its REALLY simple folks, some of the press is dirty, they are taking bribes, pushing political agendas, and while pretending to be independent they were actually running a little clic that went so far as to blacklist those that didn't "play ball" (which is illegal in several states) and when found out instead of doing what most corrupt groups do when caught, spinning and passing the buck, they went on the attack, while some of the "victims" who are accusing others of doxxing went out and shook down and doxxed fine young capitalists for money. This is ironic as many of these report to be "feminists" while fine young capitalists was an org trying to get female designed games made. instead after shutting them down one of those at the center of Gamergate pushed for a "game jam" for women with a Patreon account...that went directly into her personal checking account. They are also using the guise of "social justice" which in reality is self enrichment and hypocrisy but at the end of the day, when you strip away the "SJW" and "radical feminism" bullshit? Yep just about money, both the corruption in the press caused by and by certain women trying to use feminism the way Rev Al uses the black community. Sure you have a few in this that are so far left Karl Marx would go "Damn comrade, dial that shit back a bit" but as with so many scandals in the end? yep its about $$$

Comment: Re:They couldn't wreck the movement from the outsi (Score 0) 215

by hairyfeet (#48624277) Attached to: What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?

You sir are indeed a fanboy because you obviously do not even understand what EEE stands for, pay attention...EMBRACE...Get the FOSSies to back and support their Linux based mobile OS above more open choices by basing their Android on the Linux kernel and talking up how open the code is and how you can do anything with it...EXTEND tie all the useful APIs required to actually USE the hardware for anything meaningful behind the Google Playwall, current estimates are that as much as 70% of the top apps on android WILL NOT WORK without the proprietary Google Play APIs. Comprende not functional? EXTINGUISH as the article I linked to shows they are cutting off support for AOSP for their proprietary "Android One" which keeps all the choice bits proprietary, the current deals with hardware manufacturers makes the old MSFT PC deals of the 90s look tame, with clauses that will royally buttfuck the companies if they for instance use AOSP instead of Google Android and with the latest release of Android if you want to do anything more complicated than make a slot machine app? You have to have the Google owned Google Play APIs, all the good APIs are locked behind the Playwall.

So there ya go sparky, how to turn a FOSS OS into another TiVo in less than 3 releases. another couple of releases and AOSP will be as worthless as FreeDOS when it comes to actually running anything people actually want and with everything tied behind the Playwall Android is now no different than Apple or MSFT.

Personally I think its fucking hilarious, the FOSSie faction are so damned stuck in the past and trying to fight the desktop war they aren't even seeing the assraping they are getting from Google, who has banned GPL V3 from their OSes BTW, its 100% verbotten...why do you think that is? Because you are gonna get EEE'd right up the asspipe with android and mark my words Chromebooks as well, become nothing but glorified TiVos, and all because FOSSies can't quit acting like its 19 fucking 99 and Billy Gates still runs the show. Before Google came along? You had a really diverse mobile ecosystem, now? Its Android or nothing, the momentum for anything else just isn't there. Google pulled a EEE better than MSFT could have ever dreamed and now you have the community actually cheering and championing a proprietary OS...fuck that is funny, its ROFL funny how a stupid catchphrase and some lip service could BS the entire lot like that, damned funny!

Comment: Re:503 (Score 3, Insightful) 387

by hairyfeet (#48623197) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

Riiiight because the site where I go to look at 1970s toys that has no comments or login NEEDS to be HTTPS because....reasons.

Might want to look up the concept of "security theater" bub because all this will do is train users that any site that doesn't show the "bad place" warning is safe to give any and all data along with CC numbers, its the classic "If we only have X then we'll be safe!" with X being whatever magic dust you wanna push today.

Comment: Re:Meaningless? (Score 2) 172

by hairyfeet (#48621303) Attached to: Backblaze's 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off

Well if what I read on one of the forums (sorry I can't remember which, may have been Tom's) by a person claiming to be a former Seagate employee is true? Seagate suckage makes sense and moreover we now know WHY it happened all of a sudden.

Here is the skinny, according to the insider when Seagate bought Maxtor instead of Seagate making Maxtor better? It brought Seagate down to Maxtor levels. You see Maxtor had these ARM controllers that were dirt cheap to crank out, catch was you had to keep 'em in 5400 RPM drives (and even then they better be well ventilated) because if they got hot 1+1 could equal anything from 1-5 and so the controller would lose its little mind and forget where the end of the drive was and the drive geometry. Of course all the Seagate execs saw was $$$ on how much they'd save on the cost of manufacture so they started using them on ALL Seagate drives and...you know the rest. The reason why you can see a dozen shitty and one good in every batch is that when they run low on the shitty Maxtor chips they will occasionally use some of the more expensive Seagate chips, hence the pearl among the poop.

But after reading that it all made sense, the sudden plummet in quality, why drives below 750GB are good (those chips are based on the old Seagate chips and code) and why we see a good one among the crap, you get lucky on the ARM lotto. It all sadly makes sense, just more short sighted corporate douchebaggery.

Comment: Re:They couldn't wreck the movement from the outsi (Score 2, Insightful) 215

by hairyfeet (#48621159) Attached to: What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?

Oh please the only ones pulling a EEE is Google but the FOSSies are too busy pretending its 1999 and the desktop is still the battleground to see the buttfucking they are about to get from their supposed "friend"

TFA is beyond simple, BALMER WAS A SHITTY CEO who thought the way you win is by sticking a WinFlag on knockoffs of other people's shit. Flash? Silverlight. Java? .NET, iPod? Zune. iPad? Surface. Balmer was the Pepsi guy of CEOs who couldn't think beyond whatever was getting buzz at the moment. Compare this to Nadella that...get ready for this, its a mind blower...actually tries to give the customers what they want! Gasp! what we are seeing with Nadella is a Steve Jobs style transformation of MSFT and like Jobs Nadella is focusing on his customers. the reason why he is opening .NET is VERY simple, the way you make money on a language is support, not by waving the WinFlag so surprise surprise THAT is what he is doing!

After a decade of the Balmernator squirting his Zune as an Apple wannabe I'd say Nadella is a breath of fresh air and if his common sense moves make the FOSSies miss the Googlefucking until its too late? Bonus.

Comment: Re: The US Internet Shutdown Switch (Score 2) 376

by hairyfeet (#48620601) Attached to: Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS

Wow I so rarely get to use this in a sentence...WHOOSH! Way to miss the point! The point was you need 1.- two countries that give the bird to the US corp interests and 2.- Don't share the bed. Don't like Russia/Vanuatu? How about Brazil and South Africa. Doesn't really matter WHICH two you pick as long as they meet the above requirements.

BTW you might want to remember that perfect is the enemy of good, if you look at any country you can find things that would disqualify it, from protectionism to political correctness there is always gonna be something to bitch about, the point is to sum the differences between the 2 so no one country can just erase the parts that don't follow an agenda. And you really think with all their financial troubles that Russia will declare war on Vanuatu because their DNS records don't match? Really? Might want to check that tinfoil hat mate, might be cutting down on bloodflow.

Comment: Re:Oh yeah, he was a orthodontist (Score 1) 155

by hairyfeet (#48620507) Attached to: Dr. Dobb's 38-Year Run Comes To an End

Yeah IIRC it was 8,1 and you really had to squeeze every drop out of your programs on a VIC.

I took a VB class for shits and giggles in early 2002 and the punk kid next to me ended up expelled because he tried to steal my code. The teacher was an old greybeard and when he told the punk he was getting an F for the entire class for being a cheat the kid claimed he wrote it, the teacher just looked at him and said "Oh really, what computer system did you start out on?" and when the kid said "Windows 98 the teacher said "get your stuff and get out of my class because you have shown yourself to be both a cheat AND a liar and I will now prove it to the class" and threw my code up on the screen

He asked the class "What do you notice about this code that is "different" than what I have taught you?" and some girl in the back said "Why is all the lines numbered, and what is a GOTO?" and he laughed and said "Back in the days you would number lines of code and use the GOTO to jump between bits of code because it cut down on memory usage. If you didn't know what you were doing it would blow up in your face but if you did it was VERY efficient. This style of coding went out of style when the old BASIC computers quit being sold in the late 80s so that is how I knew he was lying, a Win98 user wouldn't write code in that manner". He then looked at the code for a second and said "Atari or Commodore?" and I laughed and said "VIC20 but how did you know?" and he laughed and said "Atari and Commodore BASIC lent itself to that particular coding style, efficient as hell but as subtle as a chainsaw". But the funny part is you can take the old Commodore BASIC syntax and it runs great on VB6, I was able to breeze through the class by just reliving my days on the VIC...no PEEKing and POKEing though sadly.

Comment: Re:The US Internet Shutdown Switch (Score 1) 376

by hairyfeet (#48620151) Attached to: Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS
You'd need 2 countries that don't give a flying fuck about the US, the reason you'd need 2 is because Idontgiveafuckistans tend to have their own corruption so by having 2 that don't get along you could sum the 2 and get a fully working system...maybe Russia paired with the vanuatu islands?

Comment: Re:Oh yeah, he was a orthodontist (Score 1) 155

by hairyfeet (#48614927) Attached to: Dr. Dobb's 38-Year Run Comes To an End
Yeah these programmers today are spoiled little brats! Multicores, thousands of MB of memory? trying having to PEEK and POKE because every single fricking BYTE costs! Looking at the specs of my first PC and you could a couple hundred emulated versions of it on your average dumpster dived PC.

Comment: Re:If only PJ was still running groklaw! (Score 1) 173

by hairyfeet (#48605887) Attached to: The GPLv2 Goes To Court
After she went on a rant about how Psystar was secretly a "M$" plot to destroy the GPL? Honestly I don't see how anybody could take anything she said seriously after that. I guess too many years of SCO turned her from reporter to tinfoil hatter but after that it didn't matter what it was she was gonna play 6 degrees of M$, kind of like how old Twitter could link everything from global warming to asteroid impacts to Bill Gates.

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