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Comment: Re:Approx. every other version of Windows is shit. (Score 1, Flamebait) 122

by hairyfeet (#49378425) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Project Spartan With New Windows 10 Build

The NT line never went tick tock (until Ballmernator fucked it up by merging with consumer which was fucking full retard, like consumers and fortune 50 customers want the exact same thing) because business was where their bread was buttered. the good ones on the NT line were NT 4 (after SP4), 2K, XP (after SP2), 2K3/XP X64, Win 7.

For those counting Win 10 in the good column? DO NOT COUNT YER CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH, so far in the past 3 months I've seen 2 good builds and two shit builds and there is still a LOT wrong with Win 10. 1.- Like Win 8 there are areas where it hides needed controls from the user, 2.- the icons look like Windows 2, for why that is important see any article on visual feedback, 3.- there are still too many things where you are given no clues WTF it is, just look up how many services they have running with vague as fuck names, that is a malware writers wet dream, 4.- The performance seems to be all over the place, with one release its doing better than Win 7, the next its grinding the piss out of the HDD, 5.- The appstore? Needs to DIAF, its full of half assed programs, outright scamware, and what programs it has in common with the Apple appstore is often triple the price.

With Win 7 I heartily recommended my customers switch on launch, in fact I was doing Win 7 installs on launch day, but unless the Win 10 gets their collective shit together and irons out the serious issues? I'm gonna advise everybody to wait for at least SP1 or the 6 month mark and evaluate it then.

Comment: Re:Plausible Deniability (Score 1) 136

Uhh I thought the retiring head of Mossad bragged about being the one who made Stuxnet? Don't get me wrong, NSA I'm sure has their fingers in a lot of dirty pies but if the head of a major nation state spy agency takes credit for attacking an enemy of the state using spy techniques? Unless evidence goes to the contrary I'd probably believe 'em.

Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 109

by hairyfeet (#49373681) Attached to: How Malvertising Abuses Real-Time Bidding On Ad Networks

That is why I said the guy who came up with "Don't be evil" should have been given a new car and a million in cash, because no matter how much Google fucks over consumers, no matter how nasty they get, hell they can do shit that would make Gates in the 90s cringe and they will ALWAYS get a legion willing to defend them because of one stupid advertising slogan.

Think the most effective ad campaign was "have a coke and a smile" or "where's the beef?", not a chance in hell as "Don't be evil" has worked like a magic cloak for fricking years. Gotta give the man credit, its the most brilliant piece of marketing since Jobs sold the world that Apple was a bunch of t-shirt wearing rebels.

Comment: Re:Paranoia Strikes Deep (Score 1) 109

And welcome to the appeal to emotion fanboy rant, thx for proving my point. BTW noticed how you completely avoided what Lennart wrote on his blog, lets see what this "simple replacement for init" is morphing into, shall we? Lennart's own words...

"The tasks mentioned that systemd already covers include, "init system, journal logging, login management, device management, temporary and volatile file management, binary format registration, backlight save/restore, rfkill save/restore, bootchart, readahead, encrypted storage setup, EFI/GPT partition discovery, virtual machine/container registration, minimal container management, hostname management, locale management, time management, random seed management, sysctl variable management, and console managment."

"Tasks being worked on are support for a local DNS cache, mDNS responder, LLMNR responder, DNSSEC verification, IPC support in the kernel (KDBUS), time synchronization with NTP, better integration with containers, and many other services. "

Think he can shoehorn anything else in there? And FYI every other replacement for init that was credible is dead or dying, the devs are running like squeeing fangirls to systemd...which is why every large Linux server admin I've talked to is already talking exit strategies and trying various *BSDs looking for the one to replace their current setup.

Oh and you just gotta love that the Phoronix article I got his quote from felt the need to bring up as I did the comment fixing and even some of the kernel devs are getting fucking sick of showstoppers in systemd....yet its still getting rammed through....huh. Has the check cleared from RH and the NSA or is this just a freebie?


The bigger question is thus...why would the Linux community put up with having a spreading cancer like systemd, that is run so poorly and is sticking its grubby fingers in so many places that have fuck and all to do with init (I mean now its got fricking VLC logging for Pete's sake) that an article like this is completely plausible?

I still think the whole fucking thing smells fishier than a lesbian whorehouse, I mean has anybody read the fricking posts by these devs pushing systemd into these distros? They read worse than fucking Windows Metro fanboy posts, you got appeals to emotion, the whole "embrace teh innovaaaation!" horseshit, AND you got them banning posts that lists legitimate beefs or just throwing insults. I swear to god you change a couple words and it looks like it was written by a Win 8 fanboy! You even have supposedly "stability oriented" distros like Debian jamming this shit in, outside their own normal release practices no less, and this shit is so alpha quality that users are reporting basic troubleshooting tools don't work AND its being run by a guy that cares so much for stability he posts such gems as "can't get systemd running on ARM...shipping anyway" and they STILL take the crap and defend this bozo?

I'm sorry folks but something sure as fuck is rotten in Denmark. After Snowden revealed their best tricks and all these articles about "how to have a secure Internet using LiveCDs" came out suddenly out of the blue we have Red Hat, a company that gets more than 85% of its revenue from TLAs no less, saying that init that AFAIK nobody was really bitching about, says "we have GOT to replace init with a big sprawling mess that will have its hooks into everything"...and all the big distros fricking CHEER? Even though its made by the same guy that replaced ALSA with a brittle as fuck sound system that took ages to fix? Well if the NSA didn't order this they really need to give Red Hat a raise and a fruit basket because they couldn't have done better if they tried!

Remember folks they do NOT need to have backdoors written expressly into systemd, all they need is an arrogant cowboy coder (which Poettering certainly fits) that cares more about ship dates than testing and their black hats can do the rest. At the way that thing is spreading its gonna make Windows SVCHOSTS look positively dainty, I mean go to Poeterring's own blog and see his "plans" for systemd, by the time he's done the kernel will be just a VM running on top of systemd!

Comment: Re:The butting edge (Score 1) 42

by hairyfeet (#49362791) Attached to: Toshiba Announces 3D Flash With 48 Layers

Bigot much? I listed several use cases that didn't have a thing to do with gaming, or do you think those taking pictures and home movies are pirates too?

And since we are jumping on the asshole train if VM users made even 5% of the population I'd be fucking amazed, it is YOU sir who are the extreme niche case which doesn't register as there are a hell of a lot more gamers (a market that has made more than Hollywood 15 years in a row) than VM users...hell probably a lot more warez hoarders than VM users.

Finally way to miss the point...WHOOSH...if you ONLY download the game when you are ready to play? You gonna be sitting there with your dick in your hand for at least a few hours every time you want to play...who wants that? I'm currently playing around 20GB worth of games...have 300GB worth installed...why? Because if I feel like a stealth game I do NOT want to play a stealth game in 3 hours, I want to play it NOW, same with FPS, same with sandbox or RTS, I don't want to wait, sometimes til the next day, when I could just "click game, start playing" and with 1TB going for $40, 2TB going for less than $60, why shouldn't I just have the games ready? I have 3TB installed and even with a pile of games and vids and music I still have over 800GB free so I don't have to give a single fuck about game size, if I wants it I gets it, period. Its a shame Steam doesn't do a hardware survey about install habits as I bet I'm faaar from alone!

Comment: Re:Its a shame WebM sucks (Score 0) 68

by hairyfeet (#49362757) Attached to: Another Patent Pool Forms For HEVC

DaFuq? What does anime piracy have to do with shit, you like the majority eats Pokki and watches...sheeit, can't even name any of that crap for a comparison...uhhh...Battletech?

Again look at the formats that HAVE taken off...what do they have in common? EVERYBODY CAN USE IT, sure there are tools that can use CLI, fuck I'm sure you can encode MP3s in CLI...but nobody give a fuuuck, the majority are using easy GUIs...of which jack and shit exists for WebM. Fuck even the last Handbrake I checked had HEVC support for WebM.

If you want your format to take off? KISS, make sure there are easy to use tools that make it, make sure your format runs better than the other guys in most if not all use cases, and make it so the layman can take a file and with minimal effort turn it into your format...mark my words WebM ain't going nowhere, even with Google pushing it. Remember G+? Yeah that had Google pushing it too..went nowhere.

Comment: Its a shame WebM sucks (Score 1, Interesting) 68

by hairyfeet (#49361779) Attached to: Another Patent Pool Forms For HEVC

I had real hope thet with a powerhouse like Google behind it WebM would be the one to kill stupid crap like this, but oh boy is Google missing the boat.

The reason a format "takes off" is because its easy for the layman to use, they convert, create, upload videos and more and more jump on the bandwagon and pretty soon people start demanding devices support X, see MP3, DivX/Xvid, MKV containers, and now H.264/AVC in MP4 or MKV containers. Has anybody tried the WebM encoders? They STINK, its either a bunch of CLI gobbledygook or its some half assed support in some other encoder. Its also obvious that the encoders they do have out there are designed for streaming video and if you want a format to beat H.264? It had better run just as smooth on the desktop of the encoder as it does on a webpage or they just won't use it.

I had high hopes that WebM/VP9 would finally get rid of the crap and make a single easy to use standard that all could adopt but without easy to use video tools that make videos that can be used in as many places as H.264 in MP4 containers? Its just going nowhere, it'll be another Theora or Dirac.

Comment: Re:The butting edge (Score 1) 42

by hairyfeet (#49359583) Attached to: Toshiba Announces 3D Flash With 48 Layers

You brought up the Steam hardware survey? You might want to look at the sizes of the latest game releases. 35GB isn't even surprising anymore, and several 50GB+ games have already been released and even on a fast connection a game that size? Gonna take awhile to download so unless you wanna have to wait hours just to play a game drives will only be going up.

That doesn't even count those that are recording pictures and videos, HD adds up ya know, and those ripping their DVD or BD collections gonna need space, hell lots of reasons for having more space and even a lot of the new laptops are sporting 750GB-1TB drives so I really don't see many being happy with only having 250GB or less, SSD or not.

Comment: Re:Storage space isn't the problem. (Score 1) 92

Sigh...please read TF post before replying...kay? I did NOT say that SSDs were unreliable, hell I use 'em myself as boot drives (because I don't give a shit if I lose the OS, won't be my first Windows install after all) my problem is they tend to fail unexpectedly. And that test? Yeah I'm afraid that means jack and shit, after all if you had run a test on Maxtor and only ran it on 2002 and 2004 it would have shown they were very reliable, 2003 was when they had the bad batch.

Look nothing you are saying changes the fact that its NOT the flash that fails by and large ITS THE CONTROLLER and with current designs if the controller fails? You boot up and no BIOS or UEFI detection. please don't take MY word for it, Google "SSD no BIOS detection" and just replace BIOS with UEFI after the first pass and see for yourself this is NOT an isolated incident and unless you have own EEPROM reader and the skills to rebuild the array? You be fucked son.

At the end of the day the absolute worse case scenario? I spend an hour building a clean box and switch the platters long enough to get the data, i did that not too long ago for a woman who had the only copies of pics of her recently deceased nephew on a drive that fried its electronics, if that would have been SSD? It would have cost her thousands if she could have even found somebody to do it. Its 2015 man, there is no damned reason they couldn't put a backup controller that turns the drive into a WORM medium and alerts the user, no reason at all.

Comment: Re:Storage space isn't the problem. (Score 1) 92

ROFL...needing THREE installs of the same OS along with a LiveCD just to keep a working system thanks to systemd, while the other guy has to use XP just to Google for fixes for his "modern and new" 2015 Linux install? Yep, its soo ready for the desktop ha ha ha ha! Been saying for years, if you don' t demand better, hold asshat devs like Poettering's feet to the fire? Then you deserve the half baked mess that you get. No wonder The Hairyfeet Challenge is celebrating its eighth year unbeaten!

As for are the MTBF for 3D NAND? Did they manage to lick the "controller fails and takes out the drive" issue? Because while the speed of SSD is great one thing that royally blows ass is how you get fuck and all for warning before they shit themselves and die. I'm sure some jackhole will pop up with some anecdote (while neglecting to mention he dropped the thing) about "his HDD just died" but since I've done more HDD replaces than many here have had home cooked meals and by and large? You get plenty of warning with HDDs. You get write errors, you get noise, stutters, they will usually give you enough time to get your data off...not SSDs, I thought Intel had the right idea by giving them a finite lifespan but on that big SSD shootout the Intel one did the "no BIOS/UEFI" brick bit just like the rest.

I mean as much money as they are spending increasing size, is it too much to ask to have a little "failover" chip that just leaves the drive in a read only state so you can get your stuff off if it shits the bed?

Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 178

by hairyfeet (#49345575) Attached to: Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow

Now that the FOSSies aren't crapping their panties to mod me down for pointing out their emperor is bare assed I thought you might be interested to know that its NOT a "whistle the other way" deal, its very strict cross licensing. For example AMD has already stated that if you use the free drivers, which they hope to have take over from the proprietary ones? Yeah no HDMI for you EVAR! The reason why is their HDMI is connected to HDCP and HDCP is not AMD's, its Intel's. Since Intel builds non performance (read crappy) GPUs they make their HDCP a separate chip so can hand out their HDMI specs, AMD bakes theirs into the GPU proper so if they were to release the HDMI they would be giving away the HDCP code as well which they obviously cannot do.

But of course that don't change the fact that despite the FOSSie faction, and note there is a reason there are FOSSies and FOSS advocates, one is full of shit religious hypocrites, the other not, claiming they are all about GNU and "free as in freedom" the very second that "freedum" equals less performance? Their much vaunted love of GPL goes right down the shitter.

Comment: Re:Anyone remember Google Web Accelerator? (Score 1) 39

by hairyfeet (#49345431) Attached to: Google Quietly Launches Data Saver Extension For Chrome

Yep and just like GWS you get the "privilege" of giving ALL your info to Google....why not let 'em read your mail and set a cam up in your bedroom while you are at it?

I don't know about everybody else but this kind of crap is why I spread out my Internet services as much as possible, email through Yahoo (my Gmail is strictly for forums), searches through Bing and maps by Google, oh and privacy badger shutting down any of the site tracking crap. I'm certainly not giving all my data to Google just for faster page loads and am glad i use Comodo Secure Chromium so that if Google bakes this in the next release it won't end up in my browser.

Comment: Re:Maybe you should have read more than one senten (Score 1) 264

You have OBVIOUSLY never been there or even known anybody who lived there, otherwise you'd know that many villages are in the middle of BFN and if you are REALLY lucky? You have a bicycle...which your ass will be pedaling 6 days a week to scrape by.

So let us hear it, oh wise EXACTLY is a person in BFN without a motor vehicle in an area where a single month's of Internet access can cost a year's wages gonna do research? I really wanna hear this.

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