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Comment: Re:And most don't care (Score 3, Insightful) 78

by hairyfeet (#49750383) Attached to: NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones

I have to LMAO when you see those "black lives matter" and screams about "racism" when the #1 cause of death of black males is other black males beating the next four causes of death combined. Sure black lives matter....only when they are killed by white people as that supports the permanent victim class political narrative, but when black men like David Carroll and Tommy Sotomayor point out the biggest threat to the lives of black males is other black males? The black community attacks them as "coons" and "Uncle Toms"....I guess supporting an end to thugs preying on their own neighborhoods means they aren't "keepin it real".

Oh and just a little food for thought......if the plight of the American black was racism, why is it a black man from Africa, fresh off the boat, is something like 300% more likely to become middle class in 1 generation, and something like 3000% more likely to become middle class in 2 generations than an American black, despite the language and culture handicaps from not being a native? I'd say the answer is obvious, its nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture and in the USA the black culture has become toxic, glorifying violence, abusing women and not being fathers to their children, while actively condemning education as "acting white".

As for TFA this kind of shit DOES affect Americans heavily even if they do not know it, as it gets them used to living in a police state where laws protecting against the ever watching eye only apply to the wealthy and the rule of law is whatever they say it is this week.

Comment: Re:can't wait to see the game (Score 2) 50

by hairyfeet (#49750091) Attached to: YouTube Live Streams Now Support HTML5 Playback and 60fps Video

I can't wait to hear even more people bitching about YouTube being "broken" because HTML V5 is still buggy as fuck and on Chrome/Chromium bas when something goes wrong? You get ZERO useful information that you can use to troubleshoot the issue, just a vague "encountered a problem, please try again later" which makes Windows number code errors look like fountains of information by comparison.

Is it REALLY so impossible to give the USER the choice of whether they want HTML V5 or Flash? is it really so damned hard for a company the size of Google to give meaningful error messages? All this rollout, along with the previous playback rollout has done is strengthen my belief that HTML V5 is a classic "we have to do SOMETHING" approach where you take the first alternative without bothering to ask "is this really better than what we had before, or just different?" as HTML V5 still supports less than half the features that Flash supports and what features it DOES have? It uses more memory and CPU and often works worse than what it was supposed to be the cure of!

Comment: Re:I see the master plan (Score 1) 121

by hairyfeet (#49744051) Attached to: Jason Scott of Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs

I take it you've never sat down and actually consulted an attorney about contract law, yes? The language used on your average shareware practically invites lawsuits because of the way they are worded.

For example many say something along the lines of "personal and or non profit redistribution" ...would the fact we would have an LLC negate this? What about the fact we were gonna charge the price of the hardware (the actual flash stick) and the shipping to get it to you....would this be considered "profit" even when we simply broke even? Also if you were to actually look at many of the shareware licenses they often had time limits which of course have expired over a decade ago...what would that mean when it comes to redistribution?

Sadly the only way to find this out other than securing the rights would have been to put it out there, get sued, and after spending tens of thousands in court costs see what the district or even supreme court said about this. Otherwise we'd have to set up a second dummy LLC in idontgiveafuckistan and pay pennies to a bunch of Chinese to make the things for us so if anybody tried to sue it would be in a country that doesn't give a fuck about IP, but we just didn't have the kind of funds to jump through that many hoops for a product that by its very nature was gonna be extremely niche in the first place.

Comment: Re:How does one tell the difference? (Score 1) 103

by hairyfeet (#49743907) Attached to: Oldest Stone Tools Predate Previous Record Holder By 700,000 Years
But when you are talking about a rock that has been lying around 3,300,000 years how EXACTLY are you gonna tell "these marks are made by a human" versus marks made because at some point in the distant past it say was caught in a rock slide or drug along a creek bed? Or for that matter since its 3,300,000 years old how are you gonna tell if the marks were made that long ago or was made by a primitive 60,000-100,000 years ago?

Comment: Re:give us your data (Score 4, Insightful) 45

by hairyfeet (#49741923) Attached to: Rate These 53 Sub-$200 Hacker SBCs, Win 1 of 20

Nice to know I'm not the only one whose first thought is "Who in the hell is gonna have enough experience with 53 fricking SBCs to actually give a rating on anything other than name recognition?".

OTOH if you wanted to gather a shitload of personal info this would be a cheap as hell way to do it, you wouldn't even have to actually give anything away just say you did and post a couple pics of some random guys holding one of the "winning" SBCs!

Considering how many FB and mobile data mining/ ID theft scams I have to warn folks about monthly? Any time some place I've never heard of has a "contest" like this it gives me serious pause, nice to see I'm not the only one.

Comment: Re:I see the master plan (Score 5, Insightful) 121

by hairyfeet (#49733899) Attached to: Jason Scott of Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs

Afraid not, a friend of my and myself actually tried contacting some of the old shareware companies to get permission to make the old shareware on a flash stick with a preconfigured DOSBox so kids could see what it was like in the early 90s.

What we found was 1.- A third of them are now owned by vultures that think some DOS card game should command the same prices as Doom 3 did at release, 2.- The rights are in limbo, because the companies have been split up and nobody knows who owned what (but nobody will give permission for fear somebody else might make a penny) and 3.- Companies that say "Oh we are gonna do something with that someday somewhere" and never do.

This is why I think copyrights should be a "use it or lose it" situation, where if a company does not sell their product in retail markets for x number of years they lose the rights which then go into public domain. This would also apply if they refuse to update the software so it can run on a modern system, otherwise they would just open a storefront on Amazon with a handful of discs for Windows 95 and try to argue "its for sale". Because as it is now more and more games are being lost, and with the "forever minus a single day" copyrights we have now programs written for first gen PCs and consoles won't be out of copyright until our fricking grandchildren are ready for retirement!

Comment: Re:Updates (Score 1) 118

You missed the bigger issue friend which is that this thing will end up an attack vector because it can't be patched and the apps and OS will be abandoned long before the set dies.

Sure if its one of those that uses Ethernet you could just pull the plug, but what about the new ones that come with WiFi? How many consumers are gonna be able to 1.- Access their router or modem's configuration, 2.- Read the access list AND know which device is what, especially when many just use some string of numbers instead of "phone", TV", etc and 3.- Know how to block just that device without borking anything else?

Adding a Firestick would merely give you back the functionality you had, not remove the threat which is why there needs to be a simple killswitch that will let the user turn their set from a smart to a dumb device. Otherwise its just a matter of time before a CodeRed or Shellshock comes along and turns these TVs into a malware writer's wet dream!

Comment: Re:Updates (Score 5, Insightful) 118

The whole idea of a "smart TV" is retarded because it ignores a fundamental truth, which is 1.- "Smart"devices that are successful are in markets with high turnover so the consumer is able to run the latest apps, for example smart phones and tablets, while 2.- TVs are devices that are typically kept by the consumer for 5-10 years which means the "Smart" part will quickly become as outdated and useless as a Palm Pilot.

Since FirefoxOS hasn't been out long enough lets use Android as an example, lets say you bought your smart TV 6 years ago, right around the time I bought my mother her new set (which is still working great and will probably last at least a couple more years if not more) that would put you on on Android 1.5, AKA how many apps today can run on Cupcake? Very damned few. What about the hardware, could it have been updated? Since I had one of the early 1.6 (AKA Donut) I can tell you that while you MIGHT have been able to go to 2.0 it would have been painful to use, as the average device then was similar to these specs, a 530Mhz ARM11 with just 192Mb of RAM and 512Mb of remember that most smart TVs have lower specs than your average phone so how long do you think it would take before it was just painful to use?

At the end of the day I think that other than malware targets these things are gonna quickly become irrelevant, the OS will go out of date looong before the TV dies, making for a security nightmare as vulnerabilities in both the OS and the apps won't be able to be patched as the hardware will just be too weak to run anything newer, and for the consumer the apps will lose support and using the ones that come with it will be about as pleasant as trying to surf modern sites on the phone I listed above. So other than a checkbox on the side of the box? IMHO this is just fucking stupid any way you cut it.

Comment: Re: Since when rewarding pirates is "good"? (Score 2) 214

Thanks Billy...and notice how NONE OF THEM have the balls to actually take the challenge, even though I rigged the living hell out of it in Linux' favor? I did NOT require any of the truly modern devices people expect like 1.- Printer support, 2.- Support for phones and other mobile devices, 3.- Hardware video acceleration (which has been in Windows since fricking Vista), 4.- Support for LTE 4G which many new laptops come with. And if that is not enough? They only have to show FIVE years of support instead of Windows TEN years...fucking half, and still they bitch and moan and whine like little bitches?

But the reason the Challenge has lasted so long is because of what you got to see with your own eyes...Torvalds driver model is older than Disco Dan and more brittle than an 86 year old on her third hip! I mean for fucks sake they are admitting that their OS can't even do half of what Windows does and they have the fucking gall to be pissed at me? Why the fuck aren't they bitching at Torvalds for keeping such a shitty poorly designed driver schema that gets fucking curbstomped by Windows 2K?

Ya wanna know the best part Billy? The reason they try to give for keeping the shitfest driver model ends up showing they are full of shit and hypocrites to boot! They say "boo hoo, if we had a functional driver model then devs wouldn't give us their driver code precious, boo hoo"...yet what do we see in every.single.fucking.article. about graphics in Linux? A billion fucking posts squeeing like fangirls for Nvidia, who issues nothing BUT locked down binary blobs and who flips the bird at the very beliefs they say they hold so damned dear!

This is why I have ZERO doubt that in 12 years the Hairyfeet Challenge will celebrate 20 years without a single "consumer friendly" (boy isn't that a joke, about as friendly as handing somebody a hammer, pointing at a forest, and saying "there is your house bitch go build it!") distro coming even close to passing. This is why the OEMs treat Linux like plague blankets, why shops like mine will strip a box for parts before putting Linux on it, its because the last version of Windows Linux could compete with was Windows 98.

I can grab any box out the back, install Win2K RTM and drivers for that hardware and then apply all ten years of SPs and updates and wadda ya know, all the hardware STILL FRICKING WORKS, until they can show that they can pass the challenge, that even one, just one, consumer friendly distro can even go half that time without shitting on its own drivers and dying? Then Linux is nothing but a joke, it is a Mickey Mouse hobbyist desktop that nobody should take seriously.

Comment: Re:Since when rewarding pirates is "good"? (Score 4, Interesting) 214

If you truly believe what you are preaching? Then step right up and take "The Hairyfeet Challenge", now celebrating its eighth year of watching "consumer friendly" Linux distros puke and die!

Take ANY mainstream consumer oriented (not LTS, because even Ubuntu advises against mainstream users using LTS) from FIVE years ago, this simulates a 5 year typical lifecycle. This BTW is less than HALF a windows support cycle, so I'm cutting linux a break. Lets say you use Ubuntu, that would be Ubuntu 9.10 and can be downloaded from their archive. Install it on ANY PC, desktop or laptop (NOT VM as that isn't real hardware and comes with special drivers) that has a wireless card. Wireless is required because more and more mainstream users are ditching wires and nobody wants a laptop that doesn't have wireless, do they?

During this phase you are the system builder so CLI (which is usually required because Linux driver support is poor) IS ALLOWED. Once its installed you are no longer the system builder but THE USER, so like a windows user you are ONLY allowed to use the GUI. You then get to "enjoy the freedom" of using nothing but the GUI (because if you can't even update the thing without CLI you're no match for windows are you) of updating to current...with ubuntu that is SEVEN RELEASES, just FYI. You will film this and post it to youtube, you only have to upload the final install process of each release and a pic of the device manager showing working hardware complete with wireless showing WPA V2 connection, but the complete video should be hosted on dropbox to prove you aren't faking it.

BTW in case it isn't clear working hardware means WORKING HARDWARE, it does NOT mean wireless that can't use WPA, it does NOT mean a PC with no sound or VESA video, it means FULLY WORKING HARDWARE and again if you are unclear please see the highlighted areas as completing the challenge REQUIRES vids of the final install of each upgrade (last I checked that would be EIGHT for Ubuntu, and around SIX for most others, be sure to have room on your SD Card!) along with a 5 minute video of the end of each install showing that upon completion you could go to hardware manager and had 100% functional hardware with NO FUTZING. After all if you have to futz with the thing just to have functional drivers it isn't on the same level as Windows now is it? BTW the first Windows that passed the challenge was Win2K (RTM to EOL with ZERO failed drivers, 10 years of support) WinXP (14 years, ZERO fails) and both Vista and 7 can go from RTM to current with ZERO failures. So lets see them snappies, otherwise you are just throwing yet more bullshit, which if you want bullshit see "many eyes" which gave us such well vetted code the world lost billions on heartbleed and will probably lose billions more on stopping the current BASHing...what quality!

Just FYI I've already taken the challenge with several distros that guys like you push, Ubuntu (failed in just 2), PCLOS (failed in 1!), Fedora (2) and about a dozen more and I can't wait to see you take the challenge...but you won't, even though 1.- Its free, 2.- Takes less than 3 hours, and 3.- Would show your desktop is ready for the do I know you won't? Because if you try the challenge you'll see what I've been saying for over a decade is true, that Torvalds 1970s throwback driver model (which just FYI nobody else uses, not even FOSS OSes like BSD) is a pile of shit and his "let the kernel devs handle drivers" worked just fine in 1993 when all the drivers combined could fit on a floppy but just does not scale. That is why you get such "great support" like this for webcams, why even FOSS darling Firefox disables hardware acceleration thus crippling performance, hell I could go on all day!

So pretty please with sugar on top...take the challenge. Maybe if enough Linux preachers see what a truly shitastic driver model Torvalds has they will throw enough of a shitfit to either make him abandon it for something this century or fork around his crusty old behind like they did with RMS and GCC/Emacs. Because as it is now I can grab any old tower or laptop out of the back, run the challenge on it and watch as Linux grabs its heart, takes a big runny shit down both legs, keels over and dies. Say what you want about MSFT but if your drivers work on the RTM? Odds are better than 95% it'll still be working at EOL, no matter how many patches and service packs are applied. Can YOU say the same sir?

Comment: Re:Greedy Corporation (Score 4, Insightful) 214

Agreed and you can bet your behind that many of the small shops like mine will avoid it for the first year because of the major PITA from false positives. Certain OEMs (cough "Lenovo" cough) seem to just be hated by MSFT and are a big enough hassle to get past WGA with their own damned Windows 7 key, to have to jump through the WGA hoops AGAIN just to upgrade the thing? Fuck off MSFT, Win 7 gets patches until 2020 maybe by then you'll get your head out of your ass.

What is fricking sad is for the first year of the Win 7 release they were killing piracy dead, with $50 for Home and $100 for a triple pack the amount of pirate systems in my area was dropping like a stone and as I said then if they would have offered Win 7 Starter for $25 for older systems? They would have wiped it out. Now it looks like they aren't even offering the cheap upgrades for the first year...anybody wanna bet my local Craigslist is gonna be filled with whatever the top Win 10 SKU is because they got a pre hacked off of TPB?

Dear MSFT....the pirates already have Windows know as well as I do that you CANNOT BLOCK IT because they are using the OEM SKUs which means you'd wipe out tens of thousands of OEM Windows 7 installs and the false positives would be a bad publicity nightmare,mmmkay? Your goal should be to MAKE THE PIRATES RUN LEGIT because your numbers for Windows 8/8.1? Suck monkey nuts, you cannot afford another fail, right? As Gabe Newell said "piracy is a service problem" and with Windows 7 firmly in their hands you have NO stick to swing at them, ALL you have is the carrot...WTF are ya doing man? You should be offering $25 copies of Win 10 Home and $50 triple packs to bring them into the fold! You're shooting yourself in the face all over again, just like when you refused to listen to us beta testers that pointed out Windows 8/8.1 (which is also in the hands of the pirates, they just don't like it as much as Win 7) was like running Windows 2.0 redesigned by hipsters, are ya TRYING to reach a trifecta of fail?

Comment: Re:What MMO design? (Score 3, Informative) 22

by hairyfeet (#49705685) Attached to: How MMO Design Has Improved Bar Trivia

Actually leveling is fine if done correctly so that the user can see and feel they are making progress towards their goal without it being grindtastic. Same goes for real money and paying for time, as long as it doesn't become pay to win and merely gives you relatively minor enhancements.

For me a perfect example of one that "gets it right" not only in the level progression but also in the FTP with real money purchases realm is one I'm currently enjoying, namely War Thunder. In that game leveling your tank/plane and crew is done by playing well, not only getting kills but actually assisting your teammates and completing the objectives. Can you buy a better crew or premium vehicles? Sure but if you don't actually play well you could throw a million bux at it and still suck ass. The same goes with their "premium vehicles" which are all either 1.- Famous vehicles such as Jimmy Thatch's Buffalo from '39 which performs virtually identical to a regular Buffalo and just has a cool paint scheme, or 2.- rare/prototype vehicles that were tested and rejected during the war or were produced in very small quantities. These vehicles have significant downsides but people like them for the "weirdness" factor. Examples include the American Ascender pusher prop or the Soviet "land battleships" like the T-35 and SMK.

But in WT it doesn't matter if you level your vehicle by playing matches or spending golden eagles, doesn't matter if you buy every premium vehicle in the game or just take the vehicles you get from research, at the end of the day you have to play well, keep your head on a swivel, be aware of where friendly and enemy forces are, and know the strengths and weakness of your plane/tank and that of the enemy or you are just gonna get wrecked. I have seen a tier 1 biplane just demolish a tier 3 BF109 who tried to get in a turning fight with it, watched the reserve tanks you get for free at the start just slaughter premium tanks (in fact the Soviet BTs are quite popular even with seasoned pros for how fast they are) whose drivers obviously thought that it was pay to win, because it all comes down to playing well. The same goes for paying for premium time, it lets you earn more XP and add more stickers to your tank but if you suck? You aren't gonna go anywhere fast.

So I think most if not all that you listed is doable, it just has to be done well. Make the content available to everybody, make real money not be a deciding factor in the game, allow the player to see they are progressing towards their goal,reward playing well, and if you are gonna go with a mix of FTP and subscription do it so both sides are on equal footing play wise.

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