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by hairyfeet (#48476173) Attached to: Kim Dotcom Says Legal Fight Has Left Him Broke

Why not? Bleeding somebody with endless litigation is a time honored practice here in the United Corporate States of America, why do you think so many corps can get away with so much shit that Joe and Jane Average can't?

Hell we even have a word for it when corps do it to shut people up, its called a SLAPP and from what I hear it works quite well. Dotcom should feel lucky he only pissed off the corporate masters, because if he pissed off the 3 letter agencies he could have ended up like Assange, trapped in a tiny room for fear of getting a rendition ride.

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by hairyfeet (#48475855) Attached to: Windows 10 To Feature Native Support For MKV and FLAC

Uhhh...why would you do that? I've been using 320k MP3s for years and I can honestly say I've never run into a situation where you'd need to do that. in fact the only time I've ever done an MP3 recode was for a little 4GB Sandisk MP3 player I got uber cheap that I decided to use when I was walking and in that case I just went 64k as I knew the street noise would make fidelity pointless and in that case? 64k worked just fine, in fact I got one of those little cassette adapters to use in my SUV and it still sounds better than the local radio stations.

But if you are keeping the 320k MP3s the most you are doing is a single recode (320K-whatever) so I really don't see how it would be an issue. After al its not like you are gonna take the 320k, recode to 192k, then recode the 192k to 128k are you? But just for shits and giggles I took a 320k MP3 and recoded to 128k and compared it to the CD where I ripped it as 128k and honestly? I can't tell a difference between the two.

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Uhhh...and the benefit to MSFT would be....what exactly? they have NTFS which works extremely well for their OS and for portables there is ExFAT which again works extremely well, so why would they care to open NTFS when there is no need?

Its not like the FOSSies would ever use anything made by MSFT anyway, hell many Linux advocates like Robert Pogson are so batshit against MSFT they have Voldemort when it comes to the company, they sure as hell isn't gonna use anything made by Redmond, they'd treat it like plague blankets.

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It has nothing to do with hypocrisy, it has to do with getting rid of a shitty CEO that only cared about sticking Winflags on everything to a good CEO that cares about having happy customers.

You look at what Nadela has been doing since getting the big chair and its pretty much tossing out everything the Balmernator stood for, no more trying to force metro down your throat, no more refusing to sell software to somebody because the platform they are on doesn't have a Winflag on it, its almost like....gasp!....a company that wants your business! After all those years of the big sweaty one Nadella is just the breath of fresh air that MSFT needed!

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There ain't no "pretty much" to it, you look at the Social Justice Warriors and they are ALL middle class 20 somethings which makes them right in the middle of the whole "Captain Planet/Special Snowflake" period of education. Well we now know what that kind of education gets you, self absorbed narcissist douchebags that think they are ALWAYS right, that EVERYTHING is black and white (just like Captain Planet where everybody who wasn't a greenie was a monster) and that only THEY, special snowflakes that they are, can "right the wrongs". And of course since many of these "special snowflakes" are finding themselves in dead end careers buried in student loans and of course that couldn't be their own bad choices, special snowflakes remember? Well it HAS to be oppression, somebody is keeping the world from realizing what perfect creatures of God they are!

Living not 6 blocks from a college I've got to speak to many a SJWer and frankly I'd rather be trapped in a room with ANY whacked out religion follower you can name, be it Moonie, Scientolgist, Hari Krishna, hell I'd take all three together over a SJWer, because at least the religious whacko doesn't have the smug elitist attitude turned to 11!

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Yep sorry Audiophiles but FLAC is just another Monster cable, placed against LAME VBR at high quality the experts couldn't tell in ABX testing, same with 44k versus 96k, in fact last test I saw showed 96k getting worse reviews across the board because even on 10k+ gear trying to reproduce sounds only a dog could hear ended up adding distortion to the high end.

So if you want to use FLAC because you can produce 1:1 backups of your CDs? That's fine and dandy, just don't try to claim it gives you better sound, because it don't. The original tests too many try to cite are from the days when an 80GB drive was considered large and MP3s were often encoded at 128k or even 64k and those days are thankfully long gone.

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by hairyfeet (#48474803) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

Thanks for the info. I've been able to hold out for so long by keeping my eye out for sales and stocking up I've been able to find some crazy DVD blank deals, we're talking 12c-14c a pop for everyday use and 14c-16c a pop for backup quality in 100 packs. the trick is in knowing which brands are good at what and using them based on their strengths. For example RiData? Make damned good DVD movie discs. they play in damned near anything and can take some abuse, great for those that have kiddies and need to backup their Spongebob whereas TDK and Memorex make pretty solid backups.

I suppose I'll make the jump to BD in the spring, I gotta buy me a new full size case (my USB ports are finally failing on the front) along with a decently sized SSD before I switch over to BD. Tell me, how well do the burners hold up? Any recommendations? Because I go through a LOT of DVD burners and at $60 a pop I really don't feel like doing the same with BD burners. I've been lucky in that I got a guy that works for the city that brings me a ton of 2-3 year old office PCs I can scavenge DVD burners out of but at the shop I can easily burn a good 200+ DVDs in a month so I tend to wear drives out fast. I figure since so few here have BD I'll be keeping it strictly for my own backups but still I'd like to get a drive that is gonna last. any suggestions?

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by hairyfeet (#48465091) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

I have 1X DVDs going back to 99/2K that still read too, that is what happens when you don't buy crap brands. Just keep 'em in a cool dry place away from light and check 'em every 3 years or so for signs of dye rot (which is easy to spot long before the disc becomes unreadable) and DVDs make a great long term storage medium for documents, pictures, videos, etc. And as a nice bonus nearly every PC on the planet can play back DVDs.I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and get a BD burner soon, does anybody here have exp with using BD for storage? How are they holding up?

As for TFA cost will end up wiping out tape, just not enough tapes and drives being sold, too many are opting for a NAS loaded with TBs of space and the large corps that traditionally bought tape are outsourcing to the cloud. Its a shame as LTO is long lasting as hell but the economies of scale just aren't there anymore.

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by hairyfeet (#48461041) Attached to: Top Counter-Strike Players Embroiled In Hacking Scandal

I have to wonder if they didn't catch 'em using the same trick Vegas uses to catch cheaters, looking at the odds.

It never fails that cheaters get greedy and forget that if they tilt the odds too much in their favor a look at the stats over time will give them away. Sure somebody can have a lucky streak but not THAT lucky, but because they can insure a win they will, or only lose when there is nothing on the line...which again sticks out like a sore thumb.

I remember back in the late 90s when such hacks just started hitting shooters and it would never fail, look at the stats over time of a cheater compared to a really good non cheating player? The ones cheating would become obvious.They always seem to forget that no matter how good they are there will be the occasional "lucky shots" where somebody just happens to be in the right spot at the right time and catch them unaware but that doesn't happen with the cheaters, again they just get too damned greedy.

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Nope, sorry, don't work. Why? No bullet markings on the road, no bits of pavement on Brown,which if he would have been getting down the rounds would have hit the asphalt. Ever seen what happens when a bullet hits pavement? I have as we had a drunk a couple years back shooting the road in front of the apt down the street trying to scare his GF. Even with him shooting a weaker gun than the 9mm that cops carry you still had marks on the road that even I could see.

Remember they hired Dr Michael Baden, of HBO Autopsy fame, to do the autopsy on don't think he went over every crime scene photo with a magnifying glass? If he would have been down or nearly down there would have been transfer, the bullet holes likewise would be at a different angle, going from upper rear to lower front....stand up, point your finger like a gun at an object on the ground a couple feet in front of you...which way would the bullet go? From back high entrance to front lower that what we have here?

Don't take MY word for anything, look up the autopsy drawings, they have been online for awhile. Look at where each entrance and exit is and ask yourself "at what angle would Brown have to be at to get these?" and you will see that what I'm saying is correct, that the only way to get shots that line up would make brown too high to be standing and the wrong angle for him to be on the ground.

Mark my words when the jury starts saying what swayed them its gonna be the autopsy, there is simply no way for Wilson to fake that evidence.

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by hairyfeet (#48456817) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

According to the autopsy he was shot FROM ABOVE which means that either 1.- the cop got on top of the car and jumped so he could shoot a 6 foot plus robber in the top of the head or 2.- the robber was charging at the cop in a football tackle stance (which just FYI is consistent with every wound on Brown).

Now which do YOU think is more likely? That a cop with NO history of abuse jumped on top his car so he could pop a guy trying to surrender, or that a 6 foot tall guy who had just robbed a store charged at the cop in the hopes of taking him down before he could get arrested AGAIN while he was already awaiting court on another charge?

Oh and you might want to look up his grand jury testimony which several news sites have published as it is pretty enlightening and fits with the physical evidence. According to Wilson "he saw the suspect walking down the middle of the street and when he told him to move it to the sidewalk, Brown used an expletive and ignored him (told him to go fuck himself or fuck off from the sounds of it but the press won't publish the words used)" and that is when he noticed a fistload of cigars in Brown's hand and put two and two together about the recent robbery and called for backup, stopping in front of Brown. When he tried to get out of the cruiser he was first hit by the door and then punched (bruises on Wilson published from ER photos back this up) and at that point he "believed another punch would knock him out" so he reached for his gun which Brown them shoved his way into the driver's window and attempted to wrestle the gun away (the blood stains in the car as well as the secret witness recording immediately after the shooting back this part up) and it was only after he managed to get control of the gun that Brown ran for a bit. The only evidence we have to back up the last bit is the autopsy but considering what happened up to that point and Brown's history of strong arm crimes it does fit his criminal pattern. According to Wilson after he yelled halt Brown stopped with his hands in the air, only for him to lower them when he turned around and say something to the effect of "you are too big a pussy to shoot me" following which Brown charged in a football tackle. Wilson tried to use a stopping shot but he kept coming (again consistent with the wounds) and that is when he unloaded on him.

Yeah...sorry, if you published that word for word but simply made Brown's skin color white? Not a single word would have been said, just another criminal that thought their brute strength could beat a bullet. The only reason anybody said a word is because Brown was black, simple as that. I'm only shocked the press didn't start running photos of him in third grade like they did with Martin.

As someone with a scar on the back of his head from a cop that didn't like a "fucking hippie riding with a nigger" I'm all for busting cops who think they are above the law, that poor woman getting beaten on the side of the road is a perfect example of that but Brown? Nope, sorry, he was a strong arm robber that thought he was the big bad, which is why he walked down the middle of the street instead of doing what any sane crook would have done and beat a hasty exit from the scene of the crime. One can really only draw one conclusion from him walking down the dead center of the road right after a robbery and that he was itching for a fight. Well he got one and found out the hard way that brawn don't beat bullets.

Comment: Re: Not resigning from Debian (Score 1) 550

What I love is they are saying "this is for the desktop" when reality can't be farther from the truth as multiple tests showed ZERO gains from systemd for desktop users and a LOT of downsides!

And I know about the Debian fork, sadly they have NO chance as the old guard will use their money and influence to crush them like a bug. We are talking about a corp in bed with a bunch of 3 letter agencies, the only way you defeat that is to 1.- Create such a stink so publicly they can't change the narrative and 2.- get some seriously deep pockets on your side so they can't just bury you with endless press articles against you. While I see they are trying #1 (and failing frankly, look at how few even knew about the voting, much less the incestuous relationships of those involved) I haven't seen any indication they have enough funds to keep even a dozen devs on for a single year, much less enough cash to fix all the shit systemd is about to take a steamer on while keeping any kind of buzz going.

So while I wish them nothing but luck I have the sinking feeling that the days of Linux being anything other than just another corporate OS are ending, it'll be Apple, Google/RH, and MSFT, and Debian and the rest will end up like the pile of Ubuntu forks are now, where they change a few window dressings but its just a Taco Bell distro, rearranging the same tired ingredients and pretending that makes it something new.

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