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Comment: Re:Recognition (Score 1) 145

by hairyfeet (#48200747) Attached to: 'Microsoft Lumia' Will Replace the Nokia Brand

Uhhh...did everybody forget that Nokia still exists as a company? And that as part of the sale they are only barred from selling mobile devices for 3 years? Why in the hell would they want to build positive rep for a brand they will be most likely competing against in a few years?

Frankly the whole argument is moot anyway because you go into mobile stores and folks don't call it the "Nokia Lumia" anymore than they call it the "Samsung Galaxy" or "HTC Evo" its just the Lumia, Galaxy, and Evo. Working retail I deal with folks and phones all damned day (one of the new services I offer is loading Android ROMs,becoming quite popular here) and I can tell you nobody calls them the full name, they just call it by the model.

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by hairyfeet (#48191347) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork

Well if the rumors are true then RH has been quietly stacking the deck by loading Debian with ex RH employees then a fork is the only possible chance of keeping from getting system'd.

In case anybody wonders why they are trying to ram systemd so hard? Cloud computing, they want systemd to be a "one size fits all" for their cloud computing initiative. Great for RH, not so great for everybody else. In any case it will be interesting if the users can "take the OS back" from Red Hat and the corporate interests like Windows users did when they refused to take Win 8, it will be quite fascinating to see whether Linux users without the power of the wallet can change things simply by protest.

I personally wish them nothing but luck, as it sucks to see an OS you have serious time and money invested in get a big old shit taken on it by the suits...good luck Debian users, may you tell the suits where they can stick their system'd crap.

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by hairyfeet (#48184067) Attached to: If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

I would only add there is a legitimate REASON for it in an ALPHA BUILD, its so that MSFT can find out which ones of the literally tens of millions of software programs that run on Windows need shims,compatibility modes, or be outright blocked for being incompatible. there is no way in hell even a company the size of MSFT can test THAT many programs so they let us try it before it comes out (which benefits guys like me who can see if our customers would be able to use it) and in return you do just as I've done and let 'em find out which programs don't work and give 'em feedback. They tell you exactly what they are doing ahead of time and again it costs you NOTHING to install this OS and try it on as many boxes as you want.

With Apple the cheapest unit is...what $600 for the Mini? And most have Macbooks which start at like a grand...and they are gonna datamine your ass on TOP of the insane amount of profit margin they are making on their hardware? really? There is greedy and there is fucking greedy piggies, it sounds like we have a case of the latter here folks. I wish this surprised me but sadly it don't, I have customers that were hardcore Macbook users and I've seen Applecare go from "If we built it we service it" to "Oh that an older model we don't fix those...wanna buy a new one?" so this really doesn't surprise me, should have known with Cook starting out in supply that quality would go down while monetizing would go up.

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by hairyfeet (#48178735) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Stop PulseAudio From Changing Sound Settings?
Interesting? Just for stringing together memes? Well lets break down his meme spewing shall we? We have living in the past, a very old classic and fav of Pogson, we have the ever popular works for me, and of course blaming the user which brings up its free so you can't complain. Oh and I fucking LMAO that the VERY FIRST POST was the ever hilarious battle cry of the FOSSie masses, the ever popular why do you hate free software, because if you don't slurp every drop of koolaid, including that shoved by an employee of the company trying to jam an SVCHOSTS into Linux for its own gain why you MUST be part of an organized attack on FOSS...ROFLcopter the amount of crazy is just too much LOL!

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by hairyfeet (#48157235) Attached to: Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas
The last "power user" version of Windows was Win2K, sorry. WinXP had the search doggy,starting with WinME they had the "wow we think you are tarded!" wizards, Windows hasn't been for the power users OOTB since business and consumer merged. Does that mean power users couldn't tweak it to get what they want? Of course not but again the topic was what you get OOTB and OOTB has been trying to dumb down since the days of MSBob, that is just how it is and why we have regedit.

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Anyone who contributes money to a Kickstarter project deserves what they get.

I didn't use Kickstarter, but I backed a game while the devs were still asking for funding on both Kickstarter and a few other places. I got a great, worthy game and didn't feel even the tiniest amount cheated out of my money: the game was Shadowrun Returns. Does that mean I deserve great, enjoyable games?

Comment: I posted a question (Score 2) 72

I referenced the following part: The anonabox has been developed and refined for the sole purpose of running the open source software Tor, considered the best and most secure way to access the Internet anonymously. All traffic coming out of or going into your computer or network is encrypted this way. The result is strong, secure anonymity.

Relating to the above, I asked exactly how can they make such claims when proper anonymity requires the users to also understand the concept and to actively avoid doing things that would compromise that anonymity, like e.g. logging to Facebook or checking e-mails. I did say that they are very specifically making it sound like the box can just magically make you anonymous even when you do your usual stuff over Tor and they should either rephrase their sales pitch or I'll assume they don't even want people to really understand the concept. My question has gone unanswered, so take what you will!

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by Gaygirlie (#48154907) Attached to: KDE Releases Plasma 5.1

If you prefer Gnome to KDE, why?

Well, I just dropped KDE today after trying it briefly. I noticed my system slowing down to a crawl after a while and after digging into it I noticed kded4 eating nearly 14GB RAM due to some memory-leak. Googling for the issue it seems to be an issue that's been around since 2010 or something. The suggested workaround -- disable power-saving service called "Powerdevil" -- didn't work, and no one on KDE's IRC-channel even tried to assist with the issue, so yeah, I dropped it.

Comment: Re:As it is designed to do (Score 2) 138

by hairyfeet (#48154099) Attached to: Data From Windows 10 Feedback Tool Exposes Problem Areas

Oh horseshit, you are just a power user and Windows has NEVER EVER been set up for power users OOTB. Remember the damned search dog in XP? Clippy? MSFT has been trying to make things simpler and friendly since the days of MSBob and ya know what? regular Joes LOVE that shit!

I've had the Win 10 TP running on my netbook at the shop since its release so folks coming in can play with it and folks LIKE it, they LIKE having their little chat or headlines in the little start menu out of the way but easy to check, they LIKE being able to search for anything from that one little search box (which just FYI was started waaay back with XP and the Bing desktop program which did the same thing) and they LIKE how its simpler to use yet is familiar enough they don't feel lost. As for the rest of us? You can spend a whole 5 minutes in regedit and make a single reg file that will switch off everything that you as a power user don't like.

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by hairyfeet (#48147113) Attached to: Firefox 33 Arrives With OpenH264 Support

Riiight, because everyone is gonna throw away the billion and a half PCs on the planet so they can get assraped by the MB to surf on a fucking phone. PC sales have slowed because PCs are uber powerful so there simply is no need to throw them away every year like most do with the shitty phones.

Google is losing over a billion a year on Android and shows NO sign of EVER making a ROI, in fact the only one making bank on mobile is Apple thanks to their boutique pricing and even they are having trouble keeping that mobile gravy train rolling, see the company going against Jobs wishes by making the iPhablet Now that phones are running into the power wall you will see sales continue at current rates for maybe a year and a half as all those with older phones get new multicore units but after that? Just like the PC the OEMs are gonna be grasping at straws trying to come up with features to lure buyers, because short of a new battery tech AND a new programming language that makes scaling cores as easy as taking advantage of raw MHZ? they just don't have anywhere left to go.

As for TFA? Firefox has become the Metro of browsers so this won't help stop the bleeding, you go to any forum talking about browsers and you find that FF users are bailing for PaleMoon or IceDragon or Waterfox because they HATE the ersatz Chrome UI, all you read over and over is "If I wanted Chrome I'd have took Chrome!" and I have to agree, give me PaleMoon any day, at least it looks like itself and the UI is stable.

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by hairyfeet (#48137867) Attached to: VeraCrypt Is the New TrueCrypt -- and It's Better

"Torture is not effective"...sure it is, you are just doing it wrong. What you have to do is the way the cops do it which is NOT to torture and threaten the subject but instead go after their families and you'll get whatever you want quite easily.

The cops do this kind of shit all the time and the reason why is because it often works without even having to do the deed, just the threat of the action is enough. You tell a parent you are gonna send their kids to the nightmare that is the foster care system, if they have a relative in trouble threaten to bury them in charges, and of course if they are on any kind of aid its quite easily to threaten them with homelessness.

Rubber hoses are 1950s tech Daddy-o, mental anguish works a LOT better and doesn't leave any marks that will come back to bite you in the ass.

Comment: Help for women with no sex drive? (Score 4, Interesting) 216

by Gaygirlie (#48127369) Attached to: Oxytocin Regulates Sociosexual Behavior In Female Mice

There are a lot of women out there who have very low or no sex drive and nothing seems to work, so I can't help but wonder if oxytocin would be useful in this area. Especially in a relationship the woman wouldn't be the only one reaping the rewards as the partner would likely also be quite happy with increased sexual activity around the house.

Disclaimer: I admit to being totally ignorant of what oxytocin really is or what it does and I have no idea if it would work the same in humans.

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