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Comment: Re:XPS 13 works great (Score 2, Insightful) 92

by hairyfeet (#48949309) Attached to: Dell Continues Shipping Fresh Linux Laptops

Of course it is because when you get Windows you don't have a "MSFT tax" you have a "MSFT tax BREAK" that so few FOSS users seem to be able to grasp!

Look its REALLY simple, 1.- Somebody who buys bulk (in the case of MSFT bulk is defined as over 10K licenses) gets Windows MUCH cheaper, last figures I saw was between $0-$50 depending on version and device, 2.- the OEMs then GET PAID to put trial versions (or in the case of Google their toolbars and browser) on the install image, 3.- When combined with the discount this can often make putting Windows on the system a money EARNER instead of a cost,4.- You have the economies of scale on the Windows side which Linux doesn't and finally, 5.- LINUX COSTS MONEY to the OEM because they have to keep their own custom version of a distro (which they have to pay developers to maintain) because otherwise updates can shit all over their drivers. Before any FOSSies poo poos this idea because "Linux doesn't shit on drivers, you're a liar Hairyfeet" I would point out Dell has been having to deal with the piss poor Linux driver model for many years and just as i have seen how badly the driver model really is and therefor has NO choice but to keep their own distro, at a not inconsiderate cost, just to keep users from screaming "update foo broke my drivers!"

So this is why Linux will ALWAYS be more expensive than Windows, because if you look at total cost to the OEM for going with Linux over Windows? Windows is the cheaper alternative. Its less brittle, doesn't require you to have your own fork, the OEM doesn't have to pay a dev team to update its drivers constantly, it can place trialware on the system. Linux is only "free" if your time is worth nothing and for OEMs this is simply not the case.

Comment: Re:Amazing work.. (Score 1) 109

by hairyfeet (#48946941) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0

Dude the moron KILLS KIDS to "save his love" and after all this shit to save her, turning to the dark side, killing kids, being the lapdog the dumb fucktard just up and force chokes her ass while she is carrying his kid!

The ONLY good in that movie is the first 10 minutes, those first 10 minutes actually felt like a Star Wars movie with the friendship and adventure...then the second the emperor shows up? Dumb shit ahoy, more "plot requires characters to be booger eating tards" than you can count, more scenes of Lucas writing "romance" dialog that sounds like dinner theater romance writing, more pointless battles that you don't give a single fuck about anyone involved....nope, still fucking terrible, it just had 10 good minutes at the front.....which come to think of it even then there was at least 2 "plot requires dumb because reasons" along with just dropping you in the middle of a battle with 2 factions that is so chaotic you don't know WTF is going on.

Seriously man go look up "Confused Matthew Star Wars Prequels" for a look at just how fucking HORRIBLE these flicks are written, how even the most basic questions like "Who is this person, why are they here, why should I care" are NEVER even hinted at, much less answered, he explains better than I can ever do what went wrong and why and its entertaining (his review NOT the movies) to boot!

Comment: Re:Amazing work.. (Score 1) 109

by hairyfeet (#48928949) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0
Oh lord, she liked the third one? man just shows you women will eat the most dumb stilted "romance" dialog if its delivered by a pretty boy, because the whole "love has blinded you?" scene was so damned tone deaf and unlike actual interaction by...well anybody not doing a line reading for dinner theater it just made me cringe the entire way, fucking terrible!

Comment: Re:Wiped my Grub though. (Score 4, Informative) 208

by hairyfeet (#48928843) Attached to: Latest Windows 10 Preview Build Brings Slew of Enhancements

.Jesus Tap Dancing Christ on a damned cracker are the FOSSies on this site so dang ignorant that they are actually gonna bitch that when A NEW OS IS INSTALLED it actually gives you a motherfucking way to boot the damned thing? Really? Does Grub ask if you wanna keep the Windows bootloader? FUCK NO IT DOES NOT so have some damned common sense and realize when you install a new OS you need a fucking bootloader! For fuck's sake the FOSSies is getting as bad as the damned knee jerk partisan political hacks, rushing to cheer or fucking boo without even understanding WTF they are cheering FOR or booing AGAINST, its just "us VS them" with no damned brains involved!

And FYI you are previewing a build of a CONSUMER OS, its NOT made for those that load custom bootloaders, ok? its NOT FOR YOU so don't bitch when an OS designed for the masses doesn't assume that you know about loading custom bootloaders and leaves you to deal with it, that is Linux way of leaving the user with their ass flailing about in the dark, NOT the Windows way, again don't like the Windows way? ubuntu is just a hop to your left, enjoy the biannual update deathmarch and drivers getting crapped on,the rest of us will be enjoying an OS with 10 years of free updates WITHOUT reinstalls (which now even Ubuntu advises you to do, even Canonical couldn't fix the clusterfuck that is the Linux update process) where the drivers work from RTM to EOL as my Hairyfeet Challenge has shown, now celebrating 8 years of FOSSie fail.

Now for those that actually care about Windows 10 and isn't just here to bleat on about ubuntu prostituting porcupine or whatever the fuck the latest one is called, or the "new hotness" distro, Mint? Elementary? Who the hell knows, more damned distros than bad coffee in a food court these days, but back to Windows 10...for those that do not know the way I like to test a beta OS is as follows, which I think gives us the best idea how it will run, I call it the "If it can run on that" test as I take the weakest system I current have (oh and for the guy who didn't understand CPUs on the last Windows 10 article...a first gen Core 2 Duo is NOT, I repeat NOT slower than an AMD E350, the E350 was to compete with ATOM and gives the performance of the Atom+Nvidia ION chipset so even if you have the shitty Intel IGP when it comes to raw CPU power your C2D curbstomps an E350) so here is the specs followed by my impression..

AMD E350, 8GB of RAM (the only thing that could be considered not below average, but fuck I scored 2 4GB sticks for $30, how could I pass that shit up? Does NOT affect the performance of the OS enough to consider it a major factor, as Win 10 is pretty RAM light) with a 320GB 5400 RPM drive, currently running the latest build, whatever the fuck that number is...Cortana...cute idea, pretty voice, SUCKS on accents, will probably not use if I can help it as it just doesn't seem to be there yet. Reminds me of Dragon Naturally Speaking as it seems like something you will have to "train" and I can type faster than I can train the damned thing. New Icons....OMFG will SOMEBODY pretty please hire somebody with damned taste to work on icons? It reminds me of a bastard child of KDE 3 and those tablety Windows Mist8ke flat shaded abominations, blech. I see an icon themepack for my netbook in the future, yep those be fugly.

Now for the important does it run on hardware so slow? WOOOO HOOO YEAH!!!! Don't ask me how they did it but this thing boots crazy fast, it seriously gives my Windows 7 desktop which is several orders of magnitude a run for its money on boot time, battery life? Meh, I'd say its added maybe 20-30 minutes maybe with the new battery saver on, but its an old battery so really not surprising. When you are dealing with ULV SOC like Intel Atom and AMD E series they either idle or go full bore, not really much tweaking you can do there, would probably do better on one of the new mainstream lappys like a Haswell or Vishera chip.

Control panel...I'm REALLY mixed on this one, as the default that comes up when you hit PC settings just sucks, its the "category" noob style that NEVER seems to have what you are looking for listed, but on the other hand you can tell its designed for you just to use the search to get where you need to go. problem I have with that is...what if you don't know WTF the setting you need is called? Then again if you know enough to go digging in control panel they figure you know how to google so not sure about that one. Networking is GREAT, the new wireless subsystem really kicks it up a notch, in the apt on Win 7 it could be hard for Win 7 to keep good throughput and I don't know what they changed but my speedtests have gone up and its not some bias, the wife's Win 7 laptop is still getting the lower speed like I was. Wired it works even better, damned good networking, thumbs up there!

Final verdict? If you are on Win 7 this is not a slam dunk, there are some things that are better, faster speed, better networking, some things that are worse like the fugly icons, reliance on search and I personally liked Windows Media Center and DVD maker and will probably keep my C2Q on Win 7 just for those, but if you are trapped on Windows Mist8ke its a no brainer, its better than that Metro POS in every single way! All in all I'd say its a worthy upgrade to Win 7 and if they can get the pricing right so they don't encourage piracy (I'd say have Home in the $25-$40 range, they can always charge more for pro and Ultimate if there will even be an Ultimate) and it could wipe the stench of mist8ke out and be a worthy replacement for Win 7.

Comment: Re:Three-month-old Continuum screenshot (Score 1) 376

by hairyfeet (#48922539) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

You REALLY don't know anything about hardware, do you? the E350 is the first generation of bobcat, AMD's answer to Atom. And while it stomps the Atom that is pretty much ALL that it stomps, with performance around that of a 1.3GHz Celeron dual...and it still runs great!

And as I said I got the RAM stupid cheap, but just FYI just to test I popped it out and popped back in a 2GB stick I had lying in the RAM drawer. Now even though the 2GB ran at 1066 instead of the 1333 my 8GB runs on it STILL ran just fine, it just took a little longer to load. Honestly I don't even know if I can blame that on the memory as I had a little over a GB that was just being used for a cache and when dealing with a 5400 RPM drive instead of an SSD (I'd put in an SSD but this model requires major surgery to get at the drive, I dread the day I need to change it) but the only way to rule out the HDD would be to run a dozen boots and average the thing out and sorry Charlie, you ain't paying me so if it takes more than 10 minutes tough luck.

Comment: Re:Three-month-old Continuum screenshot (Score 5, Insightful) 376

by hairyfeet (#48907209) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

I'm running it on the weakest system I have ATM, an AMD netbook with an E350 APU, 8GB of RAM (yes I know that is overkill, I scored the RAM on sale crazy cheap) and a 320Gb 5400 RPM drive. I figured that if it ran well on a system this weak it'll run good on anything...the verdict? Even with all the drivers running in compatibility mode it runs BETTER than Win 7 on the same hardware, it even has hardware acceleration for video that is smoother than the Win 7 that came with it!

Anybody whose followed my posts know that I don't talk nice about a version of Windows unless it deserves it, I HATE Windows 8, thought it was a frankentard of an OS, hated everything about Vista except for the cool black theme (which I still use on my Win 7 systems) and think Win 7 is the best OS they've made since XP X64 so when I say Win 10 looks like its gonna be a GREAT OS I don't say that lightly, in fact the only way I see them fucking it up is on the pricing side, the OS itself? its damned good. Takes just a couple minutes to get rid of the social crap (which I can't even get mad at that, lots of people like to be tweeting twits taking social shits) and once I added 8 gadgetpack to get back my CPUMeter and NetworkMeter? I was a happy camper.

And I would just like to say how happy I am to see the death of the "Charms" bar, that thing was retarded! But then again damned near everything about Ballmer's Folly was shit design from the start so the fact that charms was stupid really isn't a surprise. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Comment: Re:Avoiding responsibility? (Score 1) 158

by hairyfeet (#48900645) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10
Blame Ballmer and his "Herpa de derp, gotta ape everything Apple does herpa derpa" bullshit. Its part of a pattern, along with MSFT Kin, rushing the 360 to market, Surface RT being released with no software and a half assed market....its really not surprising, history will judge Ballmer as the MSFT version of the Pepsi guy at Apple.

Comment: Re:fglrx sucks, but it sucks less in this case (Score 1) 109

by hairyfeet (#48900549) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: GPU of Choice For OpenCL On Linux?
Very much a troll as AMD has been paying for open source developers to speed the turn around of the FOSS drivers in the hope to get them to parity with the proprietary release and eventually replace it, and when it comes to GPGPU its not a secret Nvidia pushes CUDA while AMD pushes OpenCL (which this ask Slashdot is specifically asking for) so the choice seems to be pretty cut and dried.

Comment: Re:This reminds me... (Score 1) 145

by hairyfeet (#48896693) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

Sorry but while you are telling folks what it was called what you are NOT telling them is the bs marketing that Nvidia used back then, which was they would market them as "128GB cards" or 64GB cards" and then in teeny tiny print it would tell you that this was "the total memory including system cache". IIRC back then ATI wasn't doing that, they just sold them as 64Mb or 128Mb cards that could "go up to 256Mb".

Of course at the end of the day it didn't matter as both turbo and hyper blew ass so I told my customers if they wanted a discrete get the dedicated and avoid the crap cache like the plague, but I remember HP was bad about selling those crap cache Nvidias.

Comment: Re:Hey! I've been gypped! (Score 2) 145

by hairyfeet (#48896577) Attached to: NVIDIA Responds To GTX 970 Memory Bug

Because it can't actually USE all the RAM? Its like saying "Windows XP can have up to 4GB of RAM" which while TECHNICALLY true is bullshit because of the way 32bit Windows works the max you'll ever be able to get the OS to use is around 3.5GB, with most systems only hitting around 3.2GB-3.4GB.

If they were selling this as a 3.5GB card? I'd say fine and dandy, card makers often will disable parts that either don't work or to have different tiers at different price points but in this case they are advertising and selling it as a 4GB card when its really only a 3.5GB thanks to the way they gimped the chip.

Comment: Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 158

by hairyfeet (#48893921) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10 DO know MSFT didn't actually WRITE that software, right? That all they did was stick their brand on it, yes? The Zune was nothing but the Toshiba Beat that MSFT licensed and just stuck their name on it. Its no different than how a "Korean Fender" is nothing but a Samick with a Fender sticker slapped on the neck.

Comment: Re:Amazing work.. (Score 1) 109

by hairyfeet (#48893867) Attached to: <em>Star Trek Continues</em> Kickstarter 2.0

They LIKED Phantom Menace? Really? Were they high? I don't see how even a kid could like all those boring as paint drying senate meetings or not cringe at the "Meesa steppin and fetchin, I step in the dookie!" bullshit! My two boys were kids when those came out and they thought they were absolute shite and its not like they hate sci-fi or are immune to nostalgia, the oldest loves anything related to Aliens and AVP and we know how much those stank, but even as kids they thought PM and AOTK were just painful.

At least somebody enjoyed them, one of the worst movie watching experiences I ever had, hell they weren't even "so bad its good" they were just "so bad its awful". Hell I even enjoy some bad sci-fi, I loved the fuck out of the cheese fest that was battleship (c'mon he drifted a WWII battleship like it was a 70 Mustang, how can you not enjoy that cheese whiz goodness?) but the first 2 prequels weren't cheese, they were just rotten, boring, and as racist as somebody's grandpa, just sad.

Comment: Re:Translation: (Score 1) 158

by hairyfeet (#48893803) Attached to: Surface RT Devices Won't Get Windows 10

Depends on what you require to move from your definition of "toy". if its IPS? Give it up Chuck, the simple fact is IPS screens are expensive to build and it doesn't look like they will ever get the economies of scale on their side. i have a feeling they will end up going the way of plasma and all you'll get sub $600 is TN.

But as far as performance goes? Hell my 2011 AMD 12 inch netbook does 1080P over HDMI and before MSFT stupidly killed the platform with Windows pricing I picked that up for like $230 and the nice thing about those are its trivial to upgrade them to 8GB which I did. I have also messed with ARM quads with 1GB of RAM in the $120 range that were great performers and there really is no reason they couldn't make the same thing with an Atom quad for the same price and have an Atom dual version sub $99. Frankly the only thing in the BOM that is keeping sub $99 tablets from being toys is the high cost of RAM ATM, the price of RAM falls again and that major bottleneck could disappear overnight. I've tried virtually identical tablets with 512mb and 1GB and it makes all the difference in the world but LDDR 3 ain't cheap.

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