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Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 177

by hairyfeet (#49345575) Attached to: Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow

Now that the FOSSies aren't crapping their panties to mod me down for pointing out their emperor is bare assed I thought you might be interested to know that its NOT a "whistle the other way" deal, its very strict cross licensing. For example AMD has already stated that if you use the free drivers, which they hope to have take over from the proprietary ones? Yeah no HDMI for you EVAR! The reason why is their HDMI is connected to HDCP and HDCP is not AMD's, its Intel's. Since Intel builds non performance (read crappy) GPUs they make their HDCP a separate chip so can hand out their HDMI specs, AMD bakes theirs into the GPU proper so if they were to release the HDMI they would be giving away the HDCP code as well which they obviously cannot do.

But of course that don't change the fact that despite the FOSSie faction, and note there is a reason there are FOSSies and FOSS advocates, one is full of shit religious hypocrites, the other not, claiming they are all about GNU and "free as in freedom" the very second that "freedum" equals less performance? Their much vaunted love of GPL goes right down the shitter.

Comment: Re:Anyone remember Google Web Accelerator? (Score 1) 35

by hairyfeet (#49345431) Attached to: Google Quietly Launches Data Saver Extension For Chrome

Yep and just like GWS you get the "privilege" of giving ALL your info to Google....why not let 'em read your mail and set a cam up in your bedroom while you are at it?

I don't know about everybody else but this kind of crap is why I spread out my Internet services as much as possible, email through Yahoo (my Gmail is strictly for forums), searches through Bing and maps by Google, oh and privacy badger shutting down any of the site tracking crap. I'm certainly not giving all my data to Google just for faster page loads and am glad i use Comodo Secure Chromium so that if Google bakes this in the next release it won't end up in my browser.

Comment: Re:Maybe you should have read more than one senten (Score 1) 254

You have OBVIOUSLY never been there or even known anybody who lived there, otherwise you'd know that many villages are in the middle of BFN and if you are REALLY lucky? You have a bicycle...which your ass will be pedaling 6 days a week to scrape by.

So let us hear it, oh wise EXACTLY is a person in BFN without a motor vehicle in an area where a single month's of Internet access can cost a year's wages gonna do research? I really wanna hear this.

Comment: Re:Most degrees from India... (Score 2) 254

You can blame a LOT of it on the caste system. I worked with a wonderful lady that left India to get away from that shit and she said there if you are from a high caste? You can walk around covered in your own shit and people have to pretend you smell like roses. If somebody from a high caste wants the job, like say teaching? You STFU and give it to them, don't matter if they know jack and shit.

She said in a lot of ways its like Jim Crow, doesn't matter what you know, whether you are smart or dumb, or how hard you work, all that matters is your caste.

Comment: Re:Maybe you should have read more than one senten (Score 1, Flamebait) 254

Why EXACTLY is this a troll post mods? We are talking about poor people whose only access to online info is a Wikipedia under the control of scammers...I don't see how they can be seen as anything BUT innocent victims....yet we see post after post blaming them because they didn't have the wealth to do the research YOU take for granted...want to blame them for being dirty and brown while you're at it?

If anybody should be considered trolls its those jackholes that always blame the victim, which sadly we see here every.single.time. there is a post here where somebody was preyed upon by somebody else.

As for TFA...if Wikipedia has any kind of morals at all they would demand their name be taken off of Wikipedia Zero and the site shut down, since they obviously aren't willing to spend any of the millions Jimbo is constantly begging for to actually police the site, only acting AFTER the article was called out by the Indian press and judiciary.

Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 177

by hairyfeet (#49334225) Attached to: Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow

Because if you have ever bothered going to the forums you find a LOT of Linux users are 1.- Dumpster divers, so the only license they have is now EOLed XP, or 2.- Owners of "Tigerdirect specials" kits which all come without an OS. I've spent some time on most of the major Linux forums and I guesstimate only around 25% are actually "Followers of RMS" that have the money to buy whatever they want but choose to run Linux on GNUgrounds.

Why do you think it seems like a good quarter of the Linux articles on everything from websites to YouTube are all based around a theme of "save that old junker using Linux"? Its because a lot of the users of Linux are there for free as in beer and are too afraid to go hit up TPB for the pirate edition of Windows and use it as their OS. Mark my words the numbers will start dropping when Win 10 comes out, since they can just grab TPB version of Win 7 and immediately upgrade to Win 10 for nothing.

Comment: Re:Quitting coffee? (Score 1) 7

by hairyfeet (#49322413) Attached to: Strange way to quit drinking coffee

Its sounds like you are merely experiencing what most of us call a normal life. Life isn't a "10", most will be lucky if they get a "10" moment once every couple of years, most of the time life is a 5 at best.

Believe me I know where you are coming from, I have permanent damage to my hands because I was so addicted to the rush of being on stage I would push myself beyond my physical limits to keep getting that "high" and ended up with 2 knuckles stuck in the playing position from trashing the joints, but real life just isn't a 10, no matter how much you want it to be, the secret is to cherish the few 10s you get, learn to enjoy the 5s, and live through the 3s as best you can.

And please, for the sake of those around you...stay on your meds. My sister had manic depression and schizophrenia and we went through this from the time she was 19 until she died at 37. the side effects drug her down so she would quit, end up manic and delusional followed by suicidal depression and being committed. Over and over we went through this and it was a living hell on the family,destroyed several relationships, I even had to give up my career for the better part of a decade to raise her 2 boys because the cycle made her incapable of doing it herself.

I know the side effects suck, but without the meds things won't just end up badly for you but for all those that care about you, try to remember that when you are tempted to give them up.

Comment: Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 572

by hairyfeet (#49321039) Attached to: Greenpeace Co-Founder Declares Himself a Climate Change Skeptic

Nooo bringing in the same bunch that wrote the credit default swaps house of bullshit makes it a scam, along with having carbon indulgences for the worst polluters like the guy that owns the coal power plants on the east coast (who has actually bragged about how it won't do shit to him) makes it nothing but a reverse robin hood.

Did you bother to actually READ any of the links, or did you just come to wave your flag? Because if you would have actually bothered to read TFL you'd have seen the people they have hired are about as honest as your average infomercial huckster.

Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 1, Troll) 177

by hairyfeet (#49320921) Attached to: Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow

Thank you. And you notice how many just gloss over the fact that despite all their "GNU" talk when push comes to shove they throw their convictions right out the windows for better performance?

This is why I think Linux is gonna bleed users after the Win 10 release, I have a feeling most aren't giving as shit about free as in freedom, just free as in beer and with Win 10 being the latter all those bullshitters talking FOSS and GNU are gonna quietly slink away and get their free Win 10 and see the proprietary is faster without all the BS and just not come back.

Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 0, Troll) 177

by hairyfeet (#49318209) Attached to: Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow

Meanwhile both companies cards work great in Windows LOL. Oh and if Torvalds wasn't such a shit coder maybe they wouldn't HAVE TO constantly futz with their drivers to fix HIS messes, think of that? I have a first year release driver for an HD4650 and its running great in Win 10, that is why having a functional driver ABI matters, its because you DO NOT NEED to beg companies to support old cards for eternity, they "just work". I mean for fucks sake I can take WinXP WDM drivers and run them in Win 7, that is fourteen years of working drivers, and you think its perfectly acceptable to take an OS that can't even run a driver from 2011 without shitting? WTF man, tell Torvalds to quit fucking shit up and come up with a driver model that is newer than the SNES!

BTW did you try the FOSS drivers? Since you seem to not realize that AMD turned support of their older cards over to the FOSS team, even hiring a couple devs to help them out and handing them the docs.

At the end of the day you simply can't gloss over the rampant hypocrisy. What did the community say? "If you just open up your docs we'll support ourselves!" well you got your wish...and you run to the locked all the fuck down nvidia when push comes to much for that belief in GNU, huh? I bet RMS sure as hell wouldn't be supporting a company that refuses to share code like Nvidia over a company that does like AMD but at the end of the day lets cut through the bull, aye? Most of you don't care about free as in freedom, all you care about is free as in beer and will happily take all the proprietary code if it don't cost ya nothing.

Spin it any way you want, you buy Nvidia and use proprietary drivers? You ARE a hypocrite so don't be tossing that "open the code" crap because AMD did and found out what I've said for years, you take free coders ya get what ya paid for LOL.

Comment: Re:Nothing new (Score 0, Troll) 177

by hairyfeet (#49318021) Attached to: Gaming On Linux With Newest AMD Catalyst Driver Remains Slow

Can I LMAO at the blatant hypocrisy of the Linux crowd? All of the talking of FOSS and GNU and when push comes to shove what do they take? The proprietary locked down all to fuck nvidia drivers because wadda ya know, proprietary drivers run better.

Bitch and mod down all you want, that is EXACTLY what you are doing. AMD has opened up their drivers, Nvidia is so locked down Torvalds flipped them the bird, but guess what every forum and TFA says? Buy Nvidia. The hypocrisy is so thick and rich LOL.

Comment: Re:Shouting patient notes? (Score 1) 49

Man you ain't never even dealt with thieves, have you? There was some city laptops here that was street worker ORANGE...guess what? Stupid fucking junkies stole 'em, they ended up being found in some meth dealers house a year to two later loaded with porn.

Thieves are like magpies, does it look expensive and shiny? they are gonna steal 'em, end of story.

Comment: Re:Shouting patient notes? (Score 2) 49

But as others pointed out it'll be stolen so fast they'll be lucky to get a week out of 'em when there is a frankly more obvious solution...disposable tablets.

You can buy dual core tablets straight off the boat from China for like $45 and that is single unit prices, and I've seen single core ones go for $27 and again single unit prices. For what they are doing I'm sure they could buy in bulk and I wouldn't be surprised to see 7 inch single core tablets in the $14 or less range and then they can just send the data to a wireless microtower set up outside the zone and if they have to trash 'em or some get what?

Waving around expensive tablets in THAT area of the world? Like waving fistloads of cash in the ghetto, they ain't gonna have that for very long, not long at all.

Comment: Re:Why isn't public transport 'free'? (Score 2) 198

They could pay you a couple bucks and it wouldn't work down here in the southern USA as the few places that actually HAVE public transport like buses have lines that goes from the 'hood to downtown and back. Don't want to deal with junkies, fights, thieves, or go to the hood? tough luck.

This is why i want to just slap any US political hack that says "oh we'll just jack taxes and they can use public transport"...yeah don't fucking exist and I don't see YOUR ass cutting the defense budget in half to pay for one, do I?

Comment: Re:Who cares? (Score 3, Informative) 572

by hairyfeet (#49310285) Attached to: Greenpeace Co-Founder Declares Himself a Climate Change Skeptic

Which checks would those be? The checks from Goldman Sachs for pushing the AGW reverse robin hood credit default swaps...err I mean ":carbon credits". Or would those be the checks from Al Gore who is in bed with Goldman Sachs and has set himself up to become carbon billionaire if he and GS get their giant scam that won't do shit but make them even richer made into the law?

Dude if you believe EITHER side gives a single fuck about the environment? I have some genuine Arkansas anti global warming crystals I'll be happy to sell ya, only $499.99 so act now! BTW if you actually DO give a shit about the environment? DO NOT BUY THE SCAMS, talk to somebody that actually walks the walk...Ed Begley Jr. unlike Rev Al who lives in a McMansion whose indoor basketball court uses more AC than a family home? He lives in a modest 3 bedroom, Rev Al drives a fleet of SUVs to his one man Lear jet? Begley drives an electric car to a commuter flight.But if you were to look up Begley's thoughts on the subject? You'd find an overdose of COMMON SENSE, make it easier for folks to use electric cars, promote renewables in places like AZ where solar works really well, invest in tech that will let us do more with what we have and recycle easier...its ALL common Goddamned sense!

But of course you can't become a billionaire with sensible logical approaches which is why you are getting pounded with "ZOMFG teh sky is fallin! You HAVE to do this thing (which won't do a damned thing because we filled it with more loopholes for our 1% pals than a Coke has HFCS) because we have to SAVE TEH EARF!"

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.