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Comment: Re:So why is Uber is in difficulty? (Score 2) 50

by hEpen (#49044909) Attached to: Seoul City To Introduce Uber Rival Premium Taxi Service

They are missing many points about Uber. Two big ones are: It is fast because of their driver ubiquity. And their drivers have a reputation that matters because it follows their profile which has customer feedback. These are good.

The downside is that this is austerity sock-puppetry saying, "We are not going to be building anymore public transit. Share your shit among the techno-poors instead."

Comment: Re:Remember the down side (Score 1) 190

by hEpen (#49030513) Attached to: Smartphone Theft Drops After Spread of Kill Switches

The racist red herring statement at the top of this post really goes does great work to avoid this subject about the "kill and wipe switch". Smart phone owners have now agreed that they are responsible enough or smart enough to own their phone or the contents on their phone ... for security!

Comment: Re:If all goes well. . . (Score 1) 228

by hEpen (#48885993) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Our Perception of the Internet Will Fade

General Petraeus was busted in an affair because he and his paramour thought that if the two of them shared a login on gmail and the wrote each other by leaving emails in the drafts folder and never "sending them" ... that that would keep them safe because the information "never went anywhere".

Stupidity and general misunderstanding of how the internet and internet applications work aside ... it did not change things. It will be seen as a new tool for marking enemies and aiding one's self.

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.