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Comment: Re:fMRI? (Score 1) 52

by h5inz (#47523421) Attached to: Empathy For Virtual Characters Studied With FMRI Brain Imaging
"The procedure is similar to MRI but uses the change in magnetization between oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor blood as its basic measure."- so now think about it. Yes it could find false positives in dead fish brain, but it is still a good way to acquire information about the brain activity of a living being. Yes I also do know that a damaged brain area also shows abnormally high oxidation but you can just pick the healthy volunteers for this kind of study. It sometimes seems that some people just don't want to understand things.

Comment: Fuels? Rockets? The cool green explosion stuff? (Score 1) 39

by h5inz (#47450159) Attached to: Chemists Build First "Buckyball" Made of Boron
Any chemists out there? Will it make a nice fuel when the hydrogen is attached? Like this one:
Would it be dangerous like this dude here says (read the tendencies part):
I also read that these fuels were also researched in USSR. It always makes me wonder what didn't happen there. I know a couple of nice stories myself about the things that didn't happen. Things only happened when they were good or meant to be terrifying or when their fallout set off the alarms in Swedish nuclear plant. I did read these bits about boron based fuels when there was some article about green UFO-s. I know these sources might not be adecuate or true, so you might want to add your own.

Comment: OpenEEG? (Score 1) 41

by h5inz (#47228077) Attached to: Open-Source Hardware For Neuroscience
So how does it differ from OpenEEG project? I read the summary and I read a couple of paragraphs from their site, but it was all some round talk. You can get fully assembled 2 channel (uses smt components - it's small) OpenEEG device from Olimex for 99 euros (+electrodes and shipping costs), if you are not into soldering.

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by h5inz (#47210183) Attached to: Biodegradable Fibers As Strong As Steel Made From Wood Cellulose

Yeah, this shit is basically worthless if it rots when it gets wet.

Is that why people have never used wood as a construction material?

What are you implying? Is it something that explains why people have never considered stone, concrete, steel, aluminium alloys or carbon fiber to be better construction materials than wood?

Comment: TDCs (Score 3, Informative) 138

by h5inz (#46978177) Attached to: Electric Stimulation Could Help You Control Your Dreams
It is called tDCS and it has already formed an amateur community, search in Reddit for example, many have bought their devices and many of them have made them themselves. If you are going to try this, then do your research and try to be safe. There are safety guidelines made by some guy here for example:
Also there was a study on rats which found that :"Brain lesions occurred at a current density of 142.9 A/m2 for durations greater than 10 minutes."
Exceeding recommended current will probably give you skin burns long before you reach anything brain damaging. Don't get me wrong though, I don't recommend you anything and I am not a doctor either.

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