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Comment Re:More interesting is Age Adjusted Funds (Score 1) 71

You could replace the "age adjusted" fund that charges you 0.40 to 0.65 percent with an automatic stock fund and bond fund allocation, e.g. 70/30, and then just reallocate periodically.

I know splitting between equity and bonds is a typical allocation strategy, but I really feel like any bond holdings are inappropriate if you're not planning on retiring in the next ten years. The rule of thumb was always ten percent more bonds every ten years closer to retirement, but I feel like that's much too conservative.

Comment Advisors? (Score 3, Interesting) 71

I don't understand why the term financial advisor is used when they are just salesmen. What advice do they provide other than, "you should definitely buy our products", or maybe, "I would advise you against closing your account with us"?

I have one retirement account that's managed and another where I self-direct the investments. My self-directed account has been out-performing the one where I have an "advisor". I know I would never in a million years go to him for financial advice and am just about ready to close that particular account.

Comment Sucks for those who prefer to work alone (Score 1) 132

"Participating in an inclusive computing culture encompasses the following: building and collaborating with diverse computational teams, involving diverse users in the design process, considering the implication of design choices on the widest set of end users, accounting for the safety and security of diverse end users, and fostering inclusive identities of computer scientists."

As a very introverted child, this sort of curriculum would have turned me right off from programming. I was attracted to computers precisely because it was something I could do quietly by myself and away from other people.

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 1) 567

Most in the US drive automatics, but worldwide they drive manual transmissions.

Automatics have gears as well, but most people just put the car in drive (or overdrive) and forget about it. You really should put the car in a lower gear if you're driving on slippery pavement or going downhill.

I had a Saturn SL2 with bad solenoids in the valve body (transmission would slam when engaging gears, especially reverse) and it was much more pleasant to drive with the car in 2 or 3 instead of D since I could control the shifting.

Comment Out of Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH Acts (Score 1) 87

The HIPAA and HITECH Acts' Security Rule require hard drives containing personal health information (PHI) to be encrypted at rest.

Why weren't they?

Losing an encrypted drive is not a reportable incident. Losing one with 950,000 records in cleartext results in you getting your name up on the Wall of Shame at HHS' Office of Civil Rights (OCR) along with penalties of $100 to $50,000 _per_record_ up to a maximum of $1.5 million.

In this case, since Centene Corp. is guilty of "Willful Neglect", the penalty should be somewhere between $10,000 to $50,000 per record which puts them at the maximum penalty.

  • http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/security/laws-regulations/index.html
  • http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/security/guidance/index.html
  • http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/breach-notification/index.html
  • https://ocrportal.hhs.gov/ocr/breach/breach_report.jsf

Comment Re:Naughty cannabis (Score 4, Insightful) 232

Lighten up Francis. It may be psychotomimetic for some, but those sensations go away when the user comes down. If you experience this, then the simple solution is to not consume cannabis again.

As for psychological dependency, many things can lead to that. Typically people that become burnouts already had the type of personality to begin with. There are many brilliant people that use cannabis without issue.

Oh, some people are allergic to marijuana to the degree that smelling second hand smoke can kill them.

You need to provide a citation for this. You are not going to be able to find a report of someone dying from inhaling second-hand weed smoke because it doesn't happen.

Comment Re: On the one hand ... (Score 1) 132

Cracker is a word which came along much later. In fact, it came along in the late 90s and suddenly people started claiming there was a semantic distinction.

The 90's?! Try the 80's, maybe even earlier.

A cracker was someone who defeated software copy protection. You'd get cracked games on floppy disks and they'd typically have something added to the startup screen saying "Cracked by CaptainKidd".

Comment What type of Blu-Ray media? M-Disc based? (Score 1) 56

I'm curious as to what type of Blu-ray media they're using. Discs made using photo-sensitive dyes can degrade to the point of being unreadable very quickly. M-Disc based media is supposed to be much more robust, but you pay for it.

A 25 GB M-Disc Blu-ray costs about $3 in smaller volumes. You can also buy 100 GB discs, but they are quite expensive, relatively speaking, at around $15 each. If you value your data, then you probably don't mind paying that much.

Comment Re:Not just google (Score 1) 208

These problems are all solvable with second year knowledge of computer science.

I think that's the problem for a lot of the candidates. They can hack some code together, but they don't have a solid computer science foundation.

That's my big concern with this push for code academies. They are teaching people to code, but are they teaching the underlying mathematics and computational theories?

Comment Re:If... (Score 1) 363

So what you're saying is that the mathematics in the $75 book is different from the math in the $185 textbook, and that students must use the exact same book or else they won't learn the same material as the other sections?

So long as a professor is teaching to the course syllabus he should be free to use whatever training materials he feels is best for his students.

Comment Re:I don't get this (Score 2) 56

  1. 1. Security of credit cards is a non-issue for consumers. You are insured against losses over $50 and most banks will cover the entire loss.
  2. 2. Pulling a credit card out of my wallet is much easier than getting my phone, typing in the unlock password and then launching the app. If I drop the credit card, no big deal. If I drop my phone it's a problem. Also, it's easier to give someone else (friend/family) your credit card to use for a purchase than your phone.
  3. 3. Why do I care about retailers tracking my purchases from them?

Mobile payment is a solution in search of a problem.

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