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Comment Re:Slow Justice is No Justice (Score 1) 827

I think the idea is that your computer manufacturer (or installation cds) could determine what browser (and presumably other software) goes on your computer.

...and this would be different from what we've got now in what way, precisely? OEMs and users already have the ability to totally hide IE, block its entry points, set the defaults (browser, mail client, java vm, media player, etc) they want. They've had this ability since XP SP1.

Comment Careful what you ask for (Score 1) 827

The point is to make IE separately installable and sell and distribute Windows without it

Which will get you what, exactly? Keep in mind that the last time the EU did this, the product was Windows XP N, (a distribution of windows with no media player). Which nobody, it seems, but the EU regulators wanted- maybe 2000 of them were sold, ever. OEMs continued to purchase and sell Windows versions with media player bundled, and they still do.
If Microsoft was smart, they'd go pre-emptive in the same vein and make a SKU of Windows called EU edition, or Antitrust edition- and it'd have the kernel, maybe a shell, and pretty much jack shit apart from that. It would accomplish exactly what XP N did- sell zero units, but satisfy regulators that indeed, the public isn't being denied choices it really wants.

Comment Re:funding (Score 5, Informative) 388

State governments, especially California, just can't afford $1B projects. But the Feds sure can.

Actually, the difference between states and the Feds is that the states require themselves to balance their budgets. The Feds are actually in worse overall financial shape debt-wise, but are much more liquid by virtue of the size of their credit cards.


Submission + - Harry Potter book theft by an hacker (

PSYOP HARRY POTTER writes: "Harry Potter still unreleased book theft by an hacker news, appeared on 10.000+ blogs, 200 newspaper publications (including BBC, CNN, REUTERS), most of the TV reportage in the world.

All media reported it, but it was an seriously effective hoax.

The success of the hoax depends on the military psycological operation approach used by the guys that made it and reported that all was only an experiment.
The reporter suggested to download and mirror several documents from US government explaining Psycological Operation military methodologies and tactics to modify the informations trough the media. report the email on a mailing list with which the hacker revealed the hack to the company printing harry potter book.

Their reporting after the news diffusion on the psycological operation success and description of what we called, until now, an hoax /2007-June/064163.html .

It's impressive how they did it and how exists tactics to modify the mass media information.



Graduate with Bad Grades or Repeat a Year? 277

An anonymous reader asks: "I'm a CS Student within one year of graduation. Due to financial reasons, I've been working on a full time basis for the past 2 years, and I've worked on an open source project. This has brought me from the B's and A's of my first two years of college to somewhere in the mists of C's and lower. I now have enough money to sustain myself for two years of schooling. I've got two choices: repeat one year, repair all my bad grades and graduate with better grades but with a mark that I repeated one school year; or graduate with lower grades but with no repeated year. I'd like to know the opinion of recruiters out there: if you had two candidates which ranked similarly during the interviews, would you choose someone who repeated classes for higher grades?"

Journal Journal: Study Will Test Stem Cells Against Heart Attack

HealthDay News reports on a new clinical trial using patients' own bone marrow stem cells to attempt to repair heart muscle damage from a heart attack: "In a first-of-a-kind study, patients who've recently had a major heart attack and are undergoing coronary bypass surgery will be injected with selected stem cells harvested from their own bone marrow. The study of 60 patients by researchers at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom will examine whether those stem cells can repai

Submission + - Yahoo! Go 2.0 Released (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Yahoo! Go is optimized for the small screen of a mobile phone, making it easy and fun to access the Internet. Everything about the Yahoo! Go interface is designed to be both visually stunning and give you what you want with the fewest clicks possible."
Technology (Apple)

Journal Journal: Should I let my infant stare at the iTunes visualizer?

Last night my eight-week-old daughter had us at our wit's end; she'd been fed, changed, had slept and my wife was out of breast milk. But still she screamed. And screamed. And screamed. I was in my office and in desperation, I put turned the iTunes visualizer on and turned her face to it. Magic happened; she immediately settled down and was entranced by the images on the screen.I know that infants should be stimulated by sounds and color, but I'm worried that letting her stare at the screen coul

Feed Schneier: The Onion on Terrorist Cell Apathy (

Funny: "We remain wholly committed to the destruction of America, the Great Satan," al-Sharif said. "But now is not a good time for us. The season finale of Lost was such a cliff- hanger that we have to at least...

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