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Submission + - Google Brazil executive "detained" for refusing Youtube takedown order (globo.com)

h00manist writes: The police executed an order to detain Google's top executive in Brazil, Fábio José Silva Coelho. Google refused an order to remove a youtube video which accused a mayoral candidate of several crimes. Police say he will be released today; Brazilian law for the case allows for a one-year max sentence. Streisand Effect, anyone?

Submission + - Chinese mob provides half of world's rare-earth (nytimes.com)

h00manist writes: Reporters visit was greeted with a “We’re going to carve all of you up, slaughter all of you and burn your car!” — The gangs reap profits that can rival drug money, while leaving pollution and violence in their wake. [...] Rogue operations in southern China produce an estimated half of the world'(TM)s supply of heavy rare earths, which are the most valuable kinds of rare earth metals. Heavy rare earths are increasingly vital to the global manufacture of a range of high-technology products — including iPhones, BlackBerrys, flat-panel televisions, lasers, hybrid cars and wind-power turbines, as well as a lot of military hardware. China mines 99 percent of the global supply of heavy rare earths, with legal, state-owned mines mainly accounting for the rest of China’s output. That means the Chinese government’s only effective competitors in producing these valuable commodities are the crime rings within the country's borders.

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