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Comment: Re:plastic is for junk (Score 3, Insightful) 249 249

by ShieldW0lf (#50009931) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: For What Are You Using 3-D Printing?

Have you ever had a LEGO brick turn squishy on you? Because that's what they're made of, ABS plastic.

It's a plenty tough enough material that I used it to manufacture parts for a geodesic dome for outdoor use as a greenhouse, and it held up fine. I also manufactured gears for a friends high end RC car after the manufacturer had gone out of business. Those gears see a lot of stress, and they held up fine.

ABS is a great material, and so is PLA.

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Journal: Number Five 2 2

Journal by mcgrew

I just sent off for the fifth and, I hope, last pre-publication copy of Yesterday's Tomorrows. I was sure it would be finished a month ago, but there were problems printing it due to some of the illustrations being too high of a resolution. It took a month to get the fourth printed.

Comment: Re:Feinstein as usual (Score 2) 164 164

by Archangel Michael (#49941049) Attached to: Near Misses Lead To More Consumer Drone Legislation

Being a dick isn't against the law.

Assholes and Dicks always skirt around the edges. Yelling at the top of your lungs, hate filled slogans laced with profanity shouldn't be against the law. On the other hand, punching that asshole in the face also shouldn't be against the law ;)

Comment: Re:I want my division by zero errors to be errors (Score 1) 1064 1064

Sanity check before averaging. If the number of items in a set to be averaged = 0 then don't run that code as it is useless.

I prefer preemptive sanity checks before processing to avoid errors in the first place. You check for 0 BEFORE you divide, as it usually points to some other problem (besides math), in the case above, a null set.

Comment: Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1064 1064

I actually recall someone bemoaning that it is undefined, and thus causing confusion. The proposal, was to create a definition, a symobol/word, to describe a result that is x/0, and leave it at that. Because it does have meaning, we just haven't quite figured out how to wrap it up nice and neat.

MY example is (1+(x/0))*2 is what? Does the fact that x/0 mean that it is not solvable? We have other terms for other numbers that seem impossible. SQRT(-1)

Comment: Re:This was always going to happen (Score 1) 288 288

However the entire abanding of the social safety net is something that only very stupid civilizations do.

All or nothing right? Black or White? No Shades of grey ever.

Government mandating, and then extracting, and then deciding who is worthy of a "social net" has bankrupted more lives than it has saved. There is no way a BIG FAT government can decide if a person is deserving, so they do mass selections that include people that are not, while at the same time exclude others that are.

So the path of Social Services is a slowly spiraling death trap of destruction of willpower into dependance.

Broadcast is a great example of something that has lived past its industrial age lifetime. I rarely get my news from MSM/MassMedia. The internet has broken broadcast, Disney, TWC/Comcast etc are ALL in serious trouble if they continue to fight for maintaining the status quo.

Monster Cable DOES offer perceived value, and to be honest, it does offer a standard quality product (over priced). Having ordered cheap knockoff crap cables, that do not work, is not a value proposition. There is something to be said for "trust".

Very few cables are worth the money they are set at

This is probably true. I used to sell computers back in the day (early 90s) and I made more money (commission) on a $14.99 Cable than I did on the $500 printer it was attached to. Profit on those cables, $14.49, the printer, $4-5. People shop for value on expensive items, but pay no attention to the $14.50 markup on a $14.99 cable. You make money where you can.

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