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Comment: Re:They should pull a Trent Reznor (Score 1) 283

by gwynevans (#28053405) Attached to: On iPhone, Searching For Kama Sutra = Porn

They should pull a Trent Reznor and re-submit the app.

He did, but it looks like the same reviewer bounced it for the same reason, without taking on board any of his comments about it not itself having any content itself... He did later get a request to remove "this particular section" of his app, which suggests the reviewer still didn't understand what the app did (i.e. provide a search/download/read interface to PG).

Comment: Re:Neat, but misses the biggest problem (Score 1) 101

by gwynevans (#23942075) Attached to: Researchers Demo Flippable-Page E-book Reader
None of the 6" readers handle 'standard' PDF well, but that's down to the nature of PDF and it's reproduction of a page. The native formats are reflowable, so don't assume a particular page size. As for the 'proprietary' formats, Sony's include TXT & RTF! In addition there are a number of free/open apps to create & convert from other formats such as HTML, or MS Reader's LIT format -

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