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Comment: One word: (Score 1) 466 466

TechTV Or is that two words? Yeah, call me jaded, but every time I hear "we bought X and we'll keep X running the same way forever!", I know it means "we'll merge the product and slowly kill it off as we take the few pieces we do like and roll it into our own product." And yes, I choose this to be my first post on Slashdot. Despite being registered for a while, and even lurking since 2000 (not a typo) before that. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some old DVD's of the Screensavers I want to re-watch as I archive old Slashdot threads...

Comment: low-res images are the best! (Score 1) 336 336

How can they possibly be misinterpreted! https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Cydonia_(region_of_Mars) The human senses are the least reliable form of identification. They're programmed to see certain things, and to fit an image into their expectations when they're not.

Comment: The quantum state of piracy (Score 1) 120 120

Apparently it exists in two states at once. On the one hand, pirates are unlikely to ever buy their products when they have access to pirated content On the other, pirates are likely to buy their products if presented with "fake" pirated content to whet their appetites. But no no, its not "advertising"...

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