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Comment: Re:It's not Vista; it's W7 and beyond (Score 1) 383

by gwk (#23211988) Attached to: Macs Gaining a Bigger Role In Enterprise
I agree completely, I have been very critical of Macs in the past but I recently switched from OpenBSD on my desktop (switched from linux to that in 2003) and don't know why I didn't switch when OS X came out. I see it at work as well, I work at a CS department and Macs are *very* popular, and some of the other science departments are completely dominated by Macs.

Bill Bans NSA Eavesdropping 424

Posted by Zonk
from the stay-out-of-my-head dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The US house of representatives today passed a bill outlawing illegal domestic wiretapping by the government. Now government agencies are only allowed to access your private communications under terms of FISA. 'As the Senate Report noted, FISA "was designed . . . to curb the practice by which the Executive Branch may conduct warrantless electronic surveillance on its own unilateral determination that national security justifies it." The Bill ends plans by the Bush Administration that would give the NSA the freedom to pry into the lives of ordinary Americans. The ACLU noted that, despite many recent hearings about 'modernization' and 'technology neutrality,' the administration has not publicly provided Congress with a single example of how current FISA standards have either prevented the intelligence community from using new technologies, or proven unworkable for the agents tasked with following them.'"

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