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Comment: Re:One port to rule them all... (Score 1) 148

Actually, it is not clear whether this does work at all with a regular USB-C cable. At least 40Gbps needs special active Thunderbolt cables, which I guess will not work as USB cables. For 20Gbps, the article is unclear. Talk about the worst design choice possible....

Comment: Re:Annoying (Score 1) 148

Indeed. And from the article I take that at least 40Gbps needs special cables in addition. Not sure about 20Gbps TB, the article is not clear on that.

The absolute worst design you can have is different, incompatible cables with the same connector. That will confuse not only ordinary users.

Comment: Re:This makes me feel safe (Score 1) 309

Complete and utter bullshit. Terrorism is not a crime of opportunity. Terrorism happens when somebody is indoctrinated enough or pissed off enough to "do something about it". That happens so rarely that it is not a safety or security concern. When it happens, it cannot be stopped either. We now have several examples of terrorist attacks from people that already were (!) under surveillance.

Due to its rarity, terrorism cannot be prevented. However, due to its rarity, terrorism is not actually a problem. What is a problem is that those in power use the "terrorism"-meme to establish laws and measures that have an entirely different purpose, namely keeping the population in check against the day when it finds out how it has been screwed over by them.

A prime target, incidentally, for the next air-travel related attack is the waiting lines before the "security" checkpoints.

Comment: Re:Wait a second guys! (Score 1) 309

Dogs have no useful context awareness for the problem at hand. The problem is that you cannot distinguish somebody that fertilized their plants on the morning from somebody that has handled explosives by residue. It just does not work and hence sniffers are a problem at sensitivity settings where they do not yet detect explosives reliably. That is the reason they are not used at airports anymore.

Comment: Re:The good thing is (Score 1) 49

by gweihir (#49824669) Attached to: Tor Connections To Hidden Services Could Be Easy To De-Anonymize

Seriously? Secret laws. Secret courts. Extra-legal prisons. Universal surveillance. End of the rule of law (this means the law does not get applied to the police and those in power). Universal criminality. Etc.

Only those terminally dumb or terminally uneducated do not recognize this pattern from history.

Comment: Re:The good thing is (Score 1) 49

by gweihir (#49824643) Attached to: Tor Connections To Hidden Services Could Be Easy To De-Anonymize

Dishonest governments that see their primary purpose in fucking over their subjects (as the US government does), is always strongly opposed to civil liberties and tries to reduce and negate them wherever possible. These governments see the population as a threat that will fight and remove them if it realizes what is actually going on.

The same thing is happening in most parts of the western world at the moment: Those in power have banded together against those they have sworn to serve.

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