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Comment Re:And the point is... (Score 1) 326 326

I do not actually agree. It is a bit more complex though: Any good engineer and technician is responsible for delivering good work and if the working conditions do not allow that to leave and look for a different job. That is called "professional ethics". Either these coders have no such ethics or they are bad coders that cannot easily get a different job. Hence the coder is a central and critical part of the problem. I agree that in many cases, management will also be a central and critical part of the problem, and in order for something to be really screwed up (as, for example hackable car drive control systems) it is always several involved parties that have to screw up badly. But the coder is in no way off the hook here.

Comment Re:AdBlock+ does less, eats more & 'souled-out (Score 1) 355 355

I think this person has some pretty bad mental defects that make him do this with compulsion on the level of an automaton. Maybe his psychiatrist recommended communicating with other people or something like it.

Fortunately, the style is an immediate warning to any non-insane person as to what is going on here.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 326 326

Oh, yes, that happens sometimes. There are also people that really understand what they are writing by way of code without any coding education, because they are bright, educated and careful. It is rather rare though, and the opposite is the norm, i.e. people with respective coding education messing it up.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 2) 326 326

I do agree on that. Just in order to get here, you actually need to know a set of tools. Many programmers these days seem to be single-language coders and that is just not enough, at least when you are deciding about what tools to use. It is just as with spoken languages: Once you have a second one, you begin to notice a lot about the restrictions your first one place on you.

I also agree that going for the highest abstraction level that still gives you the control needed is the way to go. Sometimes that is C (or C++ restricted in parts to C) though. Fortunately, besides specialty stuff like some drivers, you can usually get away without using assembler at all these days. Although I did enjoy MC68k assembler. Intel is horrible ;-)

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