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Comment: Re:"Or Tor?" (Score 1) 253 253

Indeed. And TOR warns you that it is not enough to use it to ensure privacy wight there on the first page of the TOR check and gives references what you need to do in addition.

By now I am convinced that there is a systematic, paid-for campaign to bad-mouth TOR in order to make less people use it. The telling thing is that they always use the same old lies and misdirections, i.e. they are working from an anti-TOR propaganda manual.

Comment: Re:You know it's not going to work (Score 1) 253 253

It cannot be done. This has been proven conclusively in the last crypto war. What you always can to under the officially sanctioned crypto is to add an additional layer of non-sanctioned crypto. Unless they decrypt and check everything, they are not going to catch this. That is infeasible, as you would have to have more people working on it than the population which is being surveilled. And when you just add an additional layer that encodes the second layer encrypted data in something that looks genuine, they have completely lost.

Comment: Re:At least he included warrants (Score 1) 253 253

It seems rather obvious that all this spying is about preventing the population from raising up against those in power. That it has zero effect against Terrorism has now been demonstrated conclusively and repeatedly. Hence the chilling effect is very likely what they are aiming for. People will start to self-censor when they think somebody is listening and recording. There is enough experience with fascism in various forms to know who this works and how to keep a population under control that is being screwed over time and again by those in power.

Of course, fascism universally ruins the economy, so Britain is headed for the 3rd world. From what one hears, many people already have problems feeding themselves.

Comment: If there ever is a real collision risk... (Score 1) 76 76

Humanity will perish squabbling over who pays and who is responsible and and the cheapest contractor will keep reporting additional delays because the bean-counters there noticed that they will not actually have to deliver anything if they miss the deadline.

Whenever I see such discussions, I get the very strong impression that as a group humanity does not deserve to survive. Swarm-stupidity at work.

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