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Comment Re:And the monster is growing (Score 1) 730

You are certainly right about hate not being helpful at all.

It would also be good if the systemd-proponents would stop accusing anybody that does not like their gadget of "hate". It is just a transparent attempt to discredit
them and actually spreads hate as it produces a counter-reaction. Not good at all.

Comment Re:Massive and stupid (Score 1) 207

It was a knee-jerk panic-reaction that played into the terrorist's hands by massively amplifying the damage. If that is not utterly stupid, I do not know what is. Of course, governments must always appear to "be in control", so they cannot admit any error. And of course, if the FBI had not screwed up so massively before, nothing noteworthy would have happened on 9/11. But again, that cannot really be admitted, and the very agency that made 9/11 possible is still in charge of fighting a repeat, when it should have been disbanded for utter incompetence.

Comment Not actually a problem (Score 1) 207

The thing is (and this is conveniently overlooked by these utterly despicable and repulsive fear-mongers) that there is no effective way to fight terrorism. The only thing possible is after-the-fact identification. Almost all those "terrorists" caught by the FBI are fakes the FBI created itself. Any halfway competent terrorists got to detonate their bombs.

But that means one very important thing (which is really bad for the cause of the fear-mongers and that is one reason they frequently go into hysterics): There are not many halfway competent terrorists. And whether they use cars, planes or backpacks to transport and place their bombs is entirely immaterial, as, due to their small numbers, they do not actually represent an urgent problem. Sure, "law enforcement" loves any and all terrorists, after all they are what keeps them vastly over-funded and "important". That is why the FBI has addressed the terrorist-scarcity problem by growing its own. But the problem itself is so minor as to be irrelevant. And it will not get any larger with autonomous vehicles at all. But again, the fear mongers and terrorist-scare profiteers cannot have that.

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