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Submission + - DVD Sniffing Dogs Defend the Border->

guywcole writes: Never fear; Lucky and Flo are here to protect you! The U.S. government brings us the touching story of two dogs (and two replacements sent to Malaysia) that are defending us from the threat of counterfeit DVD's and CD's. The two dogs are specially trained to sniff out optical media concealed in cargo by identifying a polycarbonate chemical, though the article acknowledges "they cannot distinguish between legitimate and pirated ones". They were recently demonstrated on Capitol Hill and to an elementary school in Virginia.

Fun fact from the article: In 2007, the dogs identified "1 million counterfeit discs worth more than $3 million". Please alert the MPAA, RIAA, and the courts: a CD full of music (or potentially an entire movie!) is only worth about $3. By the way, the dogs' replacements in Malaysia (after they left under death threat) were provided by the MPAA.

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Submission + - and Student Attitudes on Privacy->

guywcole writes: It seems that students on campuses around the country are getting riled about, a website where anonymous users can post sexual rumors, among other things. Though the current crop of college students seems to embrace websites like this, a story indicates that students are trying to get the website banned on their campuses. This could be how the Myspace/Facebook generation wakes up to privacy issues and the implications of free speech.
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