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Comment: Re:7.1 million is pathetically low, so ya I believ (Score 1) 721

by guru42101 (#46717195) Attached to: Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?
I don't know which numbers include children/dependents and which ones don't. That is an important bit of information. If the 60 million is individuals and the 7.1 million is plans, which is how it reads then the total coverage could be significantly higher. If it's the other way around then it is significantly worse.

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I think you're saying the same thing. Government is interfering in the wrong ways because it has been overly influenced by corporations and financial institutions. Due to this it is not acting in the best interest of the general populace but those few that have enough cash to game the system.

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Ya, it would be nice if there was a Amazon app for Android so I could watch it on my Nexus. We only got it for two reasons: free shipping (as we had just moved into our first house) and I had been gifted a Kindle 7 HD. Now we've also acquired a Nexus 10 and the only option to watch Prime videos is via the browser with flash enabled, which is a non-trivial task.

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From what I've seen the problem is not Computer Science as a curriculum but the precursors to someone pursuing computer science as a career option.

Much as girls were not encouraged to help their dad's tinker about the car in the 50's and 60's I don't see them tinkering on their parent's computer as much as boys. I don't know if it is a society induced thing due to commercials and stereotypes or an actual difference in preference of interaction. Most CS majors I've known had significant interaction with computers as a child and developed an interest in them with their peer groups of like minded children. This also falls true with the few girls I've known in CS. A small number of them came into CS from other angles, usually sciences where they had to use computers significantly. I would say the percentage of women coming in that angle is larger than men as they were not exposed earlier in life to discover that it is their interest.

As for race, I see it more as a economic/exposure factor than race. Children who grow up poor are less likely to have home computers to mess around on and develop an interest from. Among my friends' children I've seen a strong divergence in CS interest from those who have an actual desktop/laptop versus those whose only exposure is a gaming console, smart phone, or even tablet.

My take away from these observations are that computer science in schools is important and that low income area schools deserve greater funding than higher income area schools as they have to compensate for the lack of exposure/education the children are likely to receive at home.

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The NIDDK was aware of this years ago and had commissioned a feasibility study on creating a storage mechanism that all grant paid research would have to use. Unfortunately after a successful feasibility study the reviewers for the follow up real grant responded with "I do not see the scientific value of this research" and the grant went away with Vanderbilt as the only applicant. I've heard through the vine that someone picked up a new similar grant to work on it, but I haven't seen anything from it yet. The big problem is that researchers do not want to share their unpublished research. From what I've gleamed they want to keep things in their back pocket for future grants/publications.

The site was

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I think your right and with many of the religious rules spouted by "Christians" I think they're more closely related to fundamentalist Jews. They seem to forget the entire portion about Jesus being the New Covenant with God. After a quick search this seems to be a decent explanation:

+ - Two Million Passwords Compromised by Keylogger Virus

Submitted by Ocean Consulting
Ocean Consulting (584094) writes " CNN is reporting that over two million passwords from web service companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo have been captured via a key logging virus. The story is based on information released by security firm Trustwave. The report critiques how bad people are at making secure passwords, but does mention the use of Pony Botnet Controller. The identity of the malware used was not mentioned. Changing your password is nice, however, useless if your network is still infected."

+ - Two million passwords stolen: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter accounts affected->

Submitted by roubles
roubles (716740) writes "Trustwave's "ethical" hackers have uncovered a massive world wide key logger hack that is phoning home website login credentials, email account credentials, ftp account credentials, secure shell credentials and remote desktop credentials.

An analysis of the stolen password data shows the most common password to by 123456, by far."

Link to Original Source

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I'm surprised it's still around. It was dieing when I was assisting administrating one in college 15 years ago. All they used it for was DNS, DHCP, some web hosting of minor services (DCL Script ugh!!!), and forwarding of employee addresses ( to

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I've been doing Oracle SOA development for the past six months. The BPEL and XSLT transformation tools are supposedly business user friendly however I have to drop into the source code several times on every project to perform simple tasks and to make corrections to the assumptions that JDeveloper makes. Even things as simple as defining you want the value from the Nth occurrence of a repeating element have to be done in the source code. God forbid you don't want to use oracle as your namespace I have to open up several source files in order to uniformly use our URL as the namespace for everything that we've defined.

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