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Comment: Re:Bad logic) (Score 1) 639

by gurps_npc (#49800397) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?
You have a bit of a point, but a particularly great one. Yes, bone fractures, poor eye site, weakened immune systems would all be betterr if your cells do not age.

But on the other hand a lot of the illnesses associated with old age are caused by TIME, not by aging. Plaque in the arteries is caused by decades of poor eating habits, not by elderly cells.

Most importantly, aging is in fact a defense against cancer - it prevents cells from reproducing without limits. In fact, some people think that the only reason we ever evolved the process of aging was to stop cancers. Worse, it is cause again by long term exposure to gene altering effects, not natural aging.

I agree that certain disease would vanish, butt others would become far worse. A major risk is that the age reversal process still leaves us with the same risk of seniality. It could very well be that the human mind simply has so much memory available once it is filled up, we are out of luck

Comment: Bad logic) (Score 1) 639

by gurps_npc (#49797441) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?
1. most people don't die from 'old age'. They die from heart disease, cancer, car accidents, etc. Reversing aging won't stop this. At best, life expectancy will double. You might get a few outliers that live to 200 but you will also get people dying at 50 from a heart attack

2. But there are some real effects. Social Security will vanish - no more quitting your job merely because you are old.

3. The real question is what to do with criminals - should we let someone with a life sentence in prison get life extension drugs? What if they are rich? What about long sentences like 70 years? What about people that get out of prison after 10 or 20 years - do we ever wipe their criminal record - what if they've been good for 60 years, should they suffer another 100 years of no job prospects merely because they made one mistake before they were 80

And then there are the mentally disadvantaged. Not just crazy people, but down's syndrome and severely autistic and similarly impaired people. If their parents are dead, will anyone take care of them? Must we give them life extension just to institutionalize them for centuries?

+ - Better ways to take over Texas than Jade Helm->

Submitted by gurps_npc
gurps_npc writes: For those of you that don't know, Jade Helm 15 is this year's US military training that will cross several state boundaries. A bunch of moronic people think it's part of a conspiracy plot to take over Texas and certain other states.

Please note I am calling these conspiracy people moronic not crazy, This is because, while they may be crazy, I am more concerned by how stupid their plan is. A ten year old child could have come up with a better military plan than this one. Please feel free to list better plans to take over Texas than the idiotic Jade Helm theory.

I will start off with a simple one. Drop a nuke in the most Republican county of Texas. Blame the Muslims. Declare martial law and move everyone in nearby counties. But do so in an attempt to gerrymander these refuges so their Republican votes don't matter. Put Hispanic people in Republic territories, put enough (but not to much) Republicans in city centers), and move the rest out of state.

Now that's a plan worthy of a Harvard educated professor.

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Comment: How to NOT put video on the internet (Score 1, Insightful) 302

by gurps_npc (#49728007) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Skills Do HS Students Need To Know Now?
Especially on a restaurant site.

In fact, let's pass a law that requires anyone that ever puts sound or video on a restaurant's web page, to walk around with a giant, bright blue dunce hat on the head. And make it legal to randomly blow boat horns right next to their ear.

I have never ever, not once, wanted to see a video of a restaurant. Nor do I want any music or sounds when I try to get their location, hours, phone number, and maybe check out their menu. Maybe once I looked at a picture to see if it was a dive or not, but that's it.

That is ALL we ever want to know about a restaurant.

Comment: Re:probably good (Score 1) 36

by gurps_npc (#49725501) Attached to: Using Satellites To Monitor Bridge Safety
Do you have any evidence to back up your claim? Frankly given the actual history - with bridges etc. given estimated life expectancies on creation that have now long passed - the burden of proof is clearly on YOU to claim that our infrastructure is not crumbling.

We have a situation where the Federal government built things on the premise that the states would maintain them, but the states - in large part due to people like you - have refused to spend the money the Fed said was necessary from the get go.

This is the reality and easily verifiable historical record.

Perhaps you are right - that the original maintenance recommendations were excessive. But you need to prove it, not just make a blind statement and complain about how much it costs like a greedy idiot that refuses to pay for oil changes on his car and get's upset when it breaks down.

Comment: Re:Driverless is the real threat (Score 1) 287

by gurps_npc (#49721025) Attached to: The Auto Industry May Mimic the 1980s PC Industry
I disagree strongly. When you are the driver, you want the drive to be enjoyable driving. There is a lot of stuff built into cars to let the driver enjoy the drive - even for cheap cars. Good acceleration, torque, feeling the road, all matter even for a simple drive to work. Competition and worry about being late makes you drive faster. Arriving someplace 4 minutes faster means you spend 4 minutes of your life DOING something better than driving.

But when you become the passenger you suddenly no longer care at ALL about acceleration, feeling the road, etc.. Driving slower is perfectly OK - because you are already doing something - reading, watching a movie, etc. Arriving someplace 4 minutes slower is no big deal, not even if you are late to work.

In your specific example, the Corolla has much more back seat space, but much LESS torque. Because it doesn't have the torque, it "feel'" weak and slow when you drive it. Which is a major reason why the Taurus is so much more expensive.

Comment: worthless technique (Score 1) 335

by gurps_npc (#49719015) Attached to: Stock Market Valuation Exceeds Its Components' Actual Value
Take a pimped out car. Let's say it's worth $50,000 on the open market. But if you break it apart and sell the pieces, you can probably get $80,000 or more - even admitting they are used. People don't like to do that, inpart beause it's a lot of labor - sometimes more than $30,000 to do dismantle the car and sell the pieces, even online.

With corporations, it often works the other way around - the whole is worth a lot more than the parts. Sum of it's parts is not a reliable way to price something. A prime example would be Apple corporation. If you were to break it up, so that the phone, music players, computers and tablet were all held by different companies and they would be worth a LOT LESS than the whole. It is the integration, the compatibility, that makes those things valuable.

Another good example is Amazon. Break it up into 3 different companies - a book company, an electronics company, amazon prime video, other physical products, and an internet fee processing company and it suddenly becomes far LESS valuable. Amazon makes it's money in large part by being the 'one stop' shopping location.

Management is also either worth something or a drag on the earnings.

Sum of it's parts is not a reliable method of pricing. It is at best, a 'ballpark' method, where things should be worth no more than 3 times that value, and no more than 1/2 that value.

Comment: Driverless is the real threat (Score 2) 287

by gurps_npc (#49717805) Attached to: The Auto Industry May Mimic the 1980s PC Industry
The dashboard crap is not relevant to the discussion. Once we have driver-less cars (and I assure you, teens and people 70+ NEED driver-less cars already, so they will come), then the industry will change.

Once that happens, then the industry will entirely change. There will become three basic kinds of vehicles:

1. Recreational vehicles that do not have a computer. Further segregated into speed, off-road, and specialty classes.

2. Cheap. Probably focused on low gas useage, low speed, simple transportation designed to get you to work and the store at a reasonable rate, all while you read, listen to music, or watch videos. Power, speed, appearance will pretty much be ignored here. You want to show off, pick a girl, you get yourself a recreational vehicle.

3. Cargo. People will still need to haul stuff. Minivans/SUV types for parents, trucks for workmen, the main difference will be whether the cargo area is designed for people or for goods, and if for people will it have a minibar stocked with high end liquor, or a Videobar stocked with cartoons.

The idea that the dashboard will become the all important feature only applies to Mommy-mobiles. It will be a relatively small portion of the market.

Comment: Space will have a drone carrier carrier (Score 2) 90

by gurps_npc (#49707929) Attached to: On the Taxonomy of Sci-Fi Spaceships
Assuming light speed communication, the huge distances involved drone-carrier-carrier will probably become the killer ship. Lets call it the Super Carrier.

This combat technique sends drones out to attack. But they will be too far away from the main ship directly communicate soon enough. So you have a slower, hidden super carrier that transports drone carriers most of the way. Say, from Earth to within 20 light seconds of the target (Mars for example). When combat arrives, it launches smaller drone carriers while the super carrier goes dark for the duration of the battle. It never sends any electrical or heat signal, after launching the drone carriers.

The drone carriers will do the final approach, within a couple of light seconds of the target (Earth's moon is 1.5 light seconds away from the earth). Then they launch a bunch of attack drones, which are directly controlled by the drone carriers. Assuming an equal opponent, the drones will attack their opponent's drone carriers. Once all your opponent's drone carriers are taken out, you re-task your remaining drones as scouts looking for your opponent's super-carrier. Unless of course they surrender.

This allows the majority of your military support crew to be a safe distance from the battle until you have won/lost. It minimizes your own losses, while maximizing your opponents.

Comment: Illogical (Score 1) 294

by gurps_npc (#49700665) Attached to: The Solution To Argentina's Banking Problems Is To Go Cashless
The government that abused the hell out of Argentina's currency doesn't want to fix it. They are the ones that intentionally abused it in the first place.

Any government that was willing to not abuse the currency could simply STOP ABUSING the currency. They would not need to go cashless.

Going cashless would at best be a meaningless symbol.

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